Simon Pegg Seems Convinced J.J. Abrams Will Direct 'Star Trek 3'

Simon Pegg / Star Trek 3Of course, one of the things that fans all over the Internet were wondering as soon as J.J. Abrams agreed to direct Star Wars: Episode VII was whether or not that meant he wouldn't carry on with the Star Trek franchise following this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness and also direct the inevitable Star Trek 3. Speaking with Simon Pegg, who stars in the Trek films as a young Scotty, on the BAFTA red carpet, he confidently says, "He will do Star Trek 3," before rushing off.

Considering Star Wars: Episode VII is targeting a 2015 release date I'm not sure how likely that actually is with Trek 2 hitting theaters this summer. I would think a likely release date for a third Trek feature would be late 2015 or Summer 2016, but it would be a bit silly to think Abrams would rush from one to the other.

I'm sure this is just another one of those off hand comments that will get the Internet chattering for a second, be denied or massaged soon enough and then forgotten down the line, but I thought I'd share since it is a Sunday and there isn't much else going on.

  • Winchester

    These things are more a matter of scheduling. But both would be big commitments one after the other.

    I'd rather see him complete a Trek Trilogy as director rather than the Star Wars pic then hand the franchise over to a new director but on balance I would say it would be unlikely.

    I wouldn't mind being wrong, however.

  • Tom Knoblauch

    "Just to be clear, contrary to reports in the press, I have no idea whether or not JJ will helm Star Trek 3."
    - Simon Pegg's Twitter from 2 hours ago

    • Newbourne

      It's silly that he says "contrary to reports in the press" as if the press are completely mistaken when in fact there is video footage of him saying "He [J.J.] will do Star Trek 3".

      He should have begun that sentence with "contrary to statements by me" instead.

  • Ryan

    The last Star Trek movie was released four year ago. They allowed JJ that break in between. If they are willing to wait, it shouldn't be any more than another four years until the next one. That is as long as he can finish Star Wars by the end of 2015 (completed, not necessarily released), I don't know why he couldn't release a third Star Trek by late 2017.

  • ethan

    Ryan, I understand from another thread that 2016 marks the big 50 for TREK and the die hard fans are expecting TREK 3 to be released for that year.

  • ethan

    I hope Jar Jar Abrams bring some darkness to Star Wars too. Don't get me wrong, I love both Trek and Wars but Wars seems so Cartoon Network material than Syfy.