Shane Black Says His 'Predator' Movie is Not a Reboot, but an 'Inventive Sequel'

Predator sequel with Shane Black
Photo: 20th Century Fox

News broke yesterday saying Iron Man 3 director Shane Black was teaming with Fred Dekker for a new Predator film at Fox and word was it was a reboot. Black would be writing the treatment, Dekker would write the screenplay and then Black might decide to direct. Well, a twist to that story has arrived courtesy of Collider who spoke with Black and asked about the film being a reboot, or is it?

"[No, it's not a reboot as] far as Fred and I are concerned anyway," Black said, adding "Why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine?" Black said he doesn't like reboots generally, but can "really get behind inventive sequels", noting that he likes "the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button."

I can't quite decipher what exactly makes something an "inventive sequel" rather than just a standard sequel and I can't remember enough about Robert Rodriguez's lackluster Predators to know where that would go and even the Danny Glover-led Predator 2 fades from my memory. Perhaps they'll get Arnie Schwaranegger back. Who knows, but apparently it will fit within all we've seen so far.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    What's so hard to understand about what an "inventive sequel" is? Dude. It's a sequel that doesn't rehash the original template e.g. Predator 2, and to a more literal extent, Predators.

    Predator 2 didn't really expand anything, just changed the setting and gave the predator some cool new weapons. Predators was an homage-fest.

  • Ron

    The most important thing in a movie like this is that they get the team right. You need a group you root for, with distinctive characters that make you hope they all make it. The first one did this fantastically, the others not so much. Of course, the first one was also the superior action movie.

  • Newbourne

    I thought Predators was good, although it did get a C+ CinemaScore.

    • ♴ Major Omniscient ♴

      Not good......not good at all.

  • andyluvsfilms

    Nah, it's a reboot.

  • ♴ Major Omniscient ♴

    It really shouldn't be that hard to make a decent movie involving predators. The 1st movie did it brilliantly. It's really amazing how they managed to f up this franchise since then.

  • Timothy Clark

    I was an impressionable young lad when I saw Predator & Predator 2. Thusly, the nostalgia I have for those films was always ripe for the plucking. Predators was too much like the original...despite the foreseeable double-crosses. Those who remember the final moments in Predator 2 may recall Danny Glover emerging from the spaceship with an old cap and ball musket...with an inscription.....why Hollywood hasn't cashed in on that set-up is beyond me. It's a camp GOLDMINE! Predator helps the minutemen kill all the redcoats - or more appropriate, Predator helps Squanto kill all the settlers - or Pirates of the Caribbean 8 - Jack Sparrow VS Predator VS Aliens (cue Michael Bay Explosion)!!!

  • yrabadi

    I think he just means, 'good sequels'. Wishful thinking for his run at the franchise.

  • James Meiers

    I hope he adapts the Cold War comic, which features Dutch's younger brother. I vote for Channing Tatum. He filled the McClane role well in the otherwise execrable White House Down. Let's see him take a shot at the champion of '80s action flicks.