Sequel Round-Up: 'Salt 2,' 'Expendables 2,' 'Wolverine 2' and 'Black Dynamite 2'

As the summer movie season begins to wrap up, the sequel train has begun rolling for a few of the summer's big hits. Here are some updates on those projects and a few other interesting nuggets:

The Expendables 2: As mentioned here last week, a sequel to The Expendables would likely be queued up if it had a successful opening weekend. After opening in the #1 spot with almost $35 million, it must be safe to consider it a success considering the wide variety of financiers for the $82 million budgeted feature. Ben Fritz at the Los Angeles Times broke down the financing saying:

The Expendables cost $82 million to produce, of which a little more than $50 million was covered by foreign pre-sales through financier Avi Lerner's Millennium Films, about $10 million from his NuImage Films, and about $20 million from Lionsgate, which bought distribution rights in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Independent studio Lionsgate also spent nearly $40 million on domestic marketing as pre-release surveys and screenings indicated the film had big box office potential, a bet that appears to have paid off. Though male-oriented action films tend to disappear from theaters quickly, Expendables should end up grossing at least $80 million and generate some much-needed profits for the studio's theatrical business as management fights a takeover bid by investor Carl Icahn.

So $80 million domestically and considering Rambo did $70 million in the foreign market I'd say we have a success. As for that sequel, Stallone went as far as to call The Expendables one of the most exciting moments in his career so he's definitely ready. Here's what he told The Hollywood Reporter's Carl DiOrio when asked if he already has a script written for the sequel:

It's plotted out in my mind's eye. I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can't become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges.

So, it sounds like at least a few new badasses will be joining the crew for the sequel. Who would you like to see as the next expendable? Dwayne Johnson? Kurt Russell? Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson? Let's hear some creative suggestions in the comments.

Salt 2: The ingredients are starting to come together for a sequel to the Angelina Jolie spy thriller as writer Kurt Wimmer is said to have some ideas for advancing the story. Director Phillip Noyce is also reportedly interested in returning, but was the audience hungry enough for the first installment to warrant a sequel?

Worldwide grosses are sitting at a respectable $186 million ($103 million domestic) with the film still to open in several foreign markets (including the U.K. and Germany), but they're working on a lofty budget of $110 million. That budget will likely go up for the sequel (unless a lot of it had to do with development and rewrites after Jolie replaced Tom Cruise), but with an established name a second installment should also draw a larger audience assuming it satisfies the appetites of the home video audience. The tough part (launching a new franchise) is seemingly done, but they'll have a hard time coming up with a tagline that draws as much intrigue as "Who is Salt?"

As for Jolie's involvement, she told press at Monday's London premiere when asked if there will be a sequel, "I hope so, for everybody - if they want to see more of Salt... I love doing action. I love to punch things, jump off things and shoot, so I'm lucky I got the job." [The L.A. Times]

Wolverine 2: Hugh Jackman has backed out of his lead role in the comedy Avon Man, opting instead to concentrate on getting in shape for Wolverine 2. Jackman will still serve as producer on the Kevin Lima (Enchanted) directed comedy about laid-off auto workers who resort to becoming Avon salesmen. This news could indicate that Fox is getting Wolverine 2 ready for production next year. No director is attached, but Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) is writing a script that tells a samurai story set in Japan. Jackman will next be seen in the robot boxing movie Real Steel and could still make a stop in Selma, where he would play sheriff Jim Clark, who arrests Martin Luther King Jr. in the Lee Daniels (Precious) Civil Rights drama. [Deadline]

Black Dynamite: Writer/star Michael Jai White has plans for a sequel that will pick up right where the 2009 cult comedy hit left off. "You know how Black Dynamite just grows in ridiculousness? Well, this will be a fitting sequel" he explains. For those unfamiliar, Black Dynamite is a spoof/homage of 1970s blaxploitation films and a bit of a passion project for White since these are the types of films he grew up on. I loved the original's devotion to authenticity, so let's hope he can come up with a sequel that feels as fresh and funny. [Mirror]

  • Nick

    Black Dynamite 2.

    The first one was one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen.

  • Kevin

    Black Dynamite 2! My life is complete.

    "Ha-ha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!"

  • Winchester

    I wasn't sure of Salt had been considered successful enough to warrant interest in a sequel actually, but I'm seeing the film on Saturday so I guess I'll be able to tell then!

    Then again, the second Tomb Raider cost less than the first so maybe the long development accounts for some of that $110 million outlay.

    (Question - Has Salt become the most 'technically' successful of the summer action films? It seems it will beat A-Team, Knight & Day and maybe even The Expendables by the time all reciepts are in. Is that a boost for Angelina in summer 2010?).

    I'm still not sure about Wolverine 2 though.........

    • Leandro Dubost

      If you don't count Iron Man 2 or Inception as action films, then yes.

      Since that's debatable (Inception do have some action sequences but I can't say it's an action movie per se), it's interesting to think that the action movie of this summer has a leading LADY.
      Who would've though, Angelina Jolie winning a box office battle against Tom Cruise and Stallone in their own territory!!

      • Winchester

        Well, yep, I didn't include IM2 because I suppose I would personally place it in the 'superhero' category, though it could be argued to be in the action field as well.

        I'd probably call Inception a sci-fi based action film, but again I suppose you could also include it.

        But I was looking more at the traditional straightforward action based summer film. Because I was struck as well that it seemed it was the leading lady who brought in the (or one-of-the best depending on what maybe people want to include) best box-office returns of the 2010 action contenders!

  • Josh Z

    I think Karl Urdan would be a good fit for expendables 2 and maybe Carl Weathers

    • AJ

      They need to rescue The Rock from kiddie films.

      • Kevin Blumeyer

        I don't remember the exact quote, but I believe The Rock said he was done with children's movies for a while (hence his participation in The Other Guys and Faster).

      • G. Clem

        You'd think the Rock wanted him name synonymous with Hamlet or something. I can understand not wanting to get typecasted but look where he came from. The WWE? Really Rock, it's like you forgotten what chair you smashed over the head with.

  • m1

    Salt deserves a sequel. PERIOD.

  • Chris138

    The only sequel I would look forward to at all mentioned here is Black Dynamite 2.

  • TS

    I think that Danny Trejo should be in the expendables 2.

  • Bustray

    Black Dynamite 2 would be most anticipated movie ever.

  • ERIC

    THE EXPENDABLE'S WAS A FUN MOVIE. I would ask Sly to focus more on script development this time, add an extra 13 - 17 minutes and GET ON HIS KNEES AN ASK CLINT EASTWOOD TO DO A CAMEO.

    Other suggestions;

    Carl Weathers
    Thomas Ian Griffin
    Kurt Russell
    Burt Reynolds

    • Ismal Ishak

      Eric, I couldnt agree more on script development and characters' development as well. We have to know more bout these caharacters to love them. i suggest a prequel instead of sequel ;P

      but anyhow, i am satisfied with script for mickey rourke and how he carried it in the expendables. i just love this comeback kid!

  • Tommy

    It'd be awesome if they could get Chuck Norris to be in Exp. 2.

    Salt 2, hell yeah. I'm on board.

    Wolvie 2? Samurais? This is gonna rock! Ken Watanabe for Silver Samurai!!!

    Black Dynamite 2? F*CK yeah, lol.

  • mutt84

    I would like to see vin diesel and the rock in expendables 2

  • Dave

    Black Dynamite 2?! DY-NA-MITE! DY-NA-MITE!

    The rest? I'd take 'em or leave 'em.

  • bARNEY

    Mr.t !!!! the expendables 2

  • mss

    van damme , vin diesel!!!! the expendables 2

  • scott

    carl weathers, jean claude van damme, and jesse the body ventura


      JESSE IN PREDATORS "this'll put hair on your chest you slack jawwed fa**ots... classic vandamme & jesse definately have my vote! or donnie yen WOW! he kicks some ass

  • Jeremy McCrimmon

    For Expendables 2..... WE NEED Scott Adkins(Undisputed 2&3) Michael Jai White(Universal Soldier 1&2, Blood&Bone, Undisputed 2) Lateef Crowder(The Protector&Tekken) and VAN DAMME(Bloodsport&Double Impact)

    Hell Yes for Black Dynamite 2
    Cool with Salt 2
    Need a Blood and Bone 2

  • http://facebook D.S

    van damme?he was once offered for a role in this movie but hes not interested.maybe he thinks that he`s still a hot one.thou its really a good idea to see him even its a small role on this rather wanna see KURT RUSSEL,MEL GIBSON,JOHN SENA,DWAYNE JOHNSON and JACKY CHAN.

  • brandon

    i think mark decascos keith cooke from china o brien john cena the rock and wot about putting cynthia rothrock in as well as she is great

  • Spider

    Looking forward to "The Expendables 2" Here are my suggestions:
    Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Steven Seagal
    Michael Dudikoff
    Ralf Muller
    Miles O' Keeffe
    Ken Wahl (he's out of the acting loop, but could use the gig)
    Daniel Bernhardt
    Mark Dacascos
    Mathias Hues
    Kurt Russell
    Jack Scalia
    Nick Mancuso
    Ray Park
    Scott Adkins

    I'm sure Sly can get several of these guys for the price of The Rock.

  • sandra


  • JolieFan

    Salt 2 will be AWESOME MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny r

    i love anything that angelina jolie is in so yes on salt 2 but i hate mr jackman also chuck norris already signed on for a cameo in expendables 2

  • Myco

    Vin Diesel in exp2?! That's hilarious!!! You are on crack, not the good kind either.

  • Anita Chapman

    Michael Jai White, the rest of old actors can't fight anymore!