RMR: Posters Galore, 'Ponyo' On a Boat, 'Avatar' Tix and Pics and More

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Anne Thompson reports Angelina Jolie is reading the new Wanted 2 script. Will she spark to the idea of her character's resurrection? [Anne Thompson]

Tom Cruise apparently flew into New Zealand to take a meeting with Peter Jackson leading some to speculate whether Cruise and Jackson will be teaming for a future film. Of course, Cruise's involvement with MGM most likely involves further production work on The Hobbit as a script is rumored to be completed with the casting of Bilbo also underway. [Sydney Morning Herald via IGN]

If you haven't read it yet, The Onion has a fantastic satirical piece written by a faux Meryl Streep headlined "Name One Masterpiece Of Cinema That I've Starred In". It's an entertaining read.

The "Los Angeles Times" has posted an interesting piece looking at Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and asking "Do Tarantino's 'Basterds' jibe with Jewish beliefs?"

Box Office Mojo reports Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet will now release on December 17, 2010 instead of the previously announced July 7, 2010 date. HitFix.com got in touch with Rogen regarding the change and it seems the move is purely a marketing strategy allowing for the film to have a Comic Con 2010 appearance. [Box Office Mojo / HitFix]

Talk of Neill Blomkamp returning for another District 9 film continues. [CHUD]

Take a good hard look at Ponyo On a Boat directly below, but beware, the language is not safe for work.

Bloody Disgusting has learned that Matt Venne completed a screenplay for Mirrors 2, a sequel to 20th Century Fox's film from director Alex Aja. [Bloody Disgusting]

After the recent talk of The Green Lantern having trouble with the rising Australian dollar there is now a rumor stating the film "will shoot in the States next year, likely in or around New Orleans. Does that mean all the work is going to happen here? Not necessarily, but it is a sign that WB at least has a contingency plan." [Slash Film]

There's a bunch of talk surrounding the possibility of Dakota Fanning starring in a new take of The Wizard of Oz. Apparently this is the "darker and more action-packed" take that was first discussed back in August of 2007 involving Todd McFarlane's vision of the L. Frank Baum books. [Guardian]

Life and Style reports Megan Fox will be the first host of "Saturday Night Live's" 35th season on September 26th. [Life and Style]

Fathom Studios is going to embarassing lengths to shill their box-office flop Delgo by issuing a press release saying they are "reviewing what legal options" they may have with regards to comparisons online websites are making between their film and James Cameron's Avatar. I think once you begin quoting someone by the name "JoBlo" rather than actually learning the commenter's real name you should begin hiding your face in the sand. Of course, the idea originally came from S.T. VanAirsdale's piece at Movieline headlined "The 7 Eeriest Parallels Between Avatar and Delgo"

Photo: Empire

Speaking of Avatar, tickets are already on sale at Fandango and there are a few new images from the new Empire Magazine issue right here and here, and you can see the cover directly above.

The Playlist has a pair of articles discussing the future of classic film releases from Criterion, which originated based on this interesting article from Macleans.ca. The first article discusses the state of DVD and the second article discusses their upcoming slate, which includes the possibility of Criterion getting their hands on the Charles Chaplin catalog, a release of John Ford's Stagecoach and even a 25-film Akira Kurosawa box set due this holiday season.

Featured below is a fantastic clip from Mickey Rourke's appearance on "Inside The Actor's Studio".

And now... seven new posters, five new images from Twilight: New Moon and if you click here I also have three new photos of the Volturi in action and at the end are two motion posters for Halloween II and Pandorum. All of the poster images can be clicked on for larger versions.

  • Kash

    What is wrong with these people? has anybody actually really read that article??
    Those so-called "eeriest" similarities between Delgo and Avatar can be attributed to almost every movie EVER made.
    I mean how can you even consider legal options when only the trailer has come out.
    I know this is only done to get the name out there (never even heard of the film until now) but why to people have to act So completely stupid about it?

  • Kash

    And why do we have to take a good hard look? i don't get it, it was funny but did i miss something else?

  • hypergirl

    @Kash: I agree.
    There are similarities between many fantasy movies and books. It's just ridiculous to think that Delgo is unique with their dragons, warriors and aliens. To me, they're just two colorful movies that are similar because they're both fantasy movies. I haven't seen the movie Delgo, so this is just based on the photos I've seen. But the movie Avatar's not even out yet and they're claiming this. I think Delgo looks more similar to Shrek than Avatar, so why do they not sue Shrek? I think I will see Delgo after I've watched Avatar, just to see what similarities they're talking about (similarities that doesn't exist in every other fantasy book or movie). Avatar also looks similar to Pocahontas and Ferngully - two movies that I loved. So I think I will definately enjoy watching Avatar as I love both sci-fi and fantasy, and James Cameron!

  • http://thekingbulletin.blogspot.com Danny

    I have that Mickey Rourke interview recorded for tomorrow night..I want to watch it start to finish. Tapley also did a Streep masterpiece article at InContention, I wonder if it's the same type of thing, but it was a very good article.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VincentCollateral Eli

    Wow, absolutely hilarious about Delgo's studio. Just pitiful really.

    Also, still not convinced about The Green Hornet movie, the specs just don't make sense to me. Gondry directing a Seth Rogen action movie? I appreciate Rogen trying to do something new but still not interested for now.

  • Seiko

    I'm suprised nobody's said anything about the similarity of the Bruce Willis movie "The Surrogates" and "Avatar." The only real difference I can see is that one is about using alien bodies and another using human bodies. Otherwise, they look like near the same thing going in different directions I would imagine. But if the red flag should be thrown up everytime two similar movies are around then this time is it.

    Yet, it never did seem to happen when Edward Norton's movie "The Illusionist" came out just two months before "The Prestige." So maybe this doesn't always happen...

  • http://amodestoscarblog.blogspot.com/ JAB

    those twilight costumes look awful, other than sheen and fannings.