Another 'Prometheus' Extended Three Minute Trailer

Prometheus three minute extended international trailer
Photo: 20th Century Fox

As long as they continue punching out significant trailers for Ridley Scott's Prometheus I will keep on posting them, but you better believe I won't be watching them. I have seen more than enough and word from some parties suggests this newest three-minute trailer from the international arm of 20th Century Fox, Fox Star India, is that it hits very close to spoiler territory.

After so many trailers, featurettes and viral tidbits, not to mention the abundance of pictures from the film, I think we already reached that point, but just in case you don't quite have enough information yet, feast your eyes on yet another extended international trailer.

Prometheus hits theaters on June 8 and stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green, Guy Pearce and Patrick Wilson.

  • Chris138

    What's next, the entire movie?

  • Khaira

    Nope....not watching a single second...

  • Winchester

    Oh for crap's sake - why not just put the whole frigging movie on during an ad break. So much for the secrecy, Ridley.

    I'm still into this and not watching it but the marketing is starting to piss me off now.

  • John-PT

    That is a HUGE spoiler! WTF!?

  • MrStark

    Seriously Fox. you are effin up. it's Ridley Scott...people will go see this...that is unless you keep on the path to spoiler box office death. After seeing way too much on the last trailer...I will now be avoiding all Prometheus promos like the plague.

  • Driver

    Enough is enough; I've had it with these... ┬┐Prometheus trailers?
    As much as I love trailers, enough is enough, really.

  • Seiko

    Hello, this is totally alien zero.
    "Their changing!" They probably hosted on something else and thus looked different.
    "Their going to earth!"
    Earth is destroyed as seen in Alien Ressurection.
    "They found something!" Followed by eggs and people's chests being pushed up.
    Well that's about all you need to know.

    So much for the secrecy, and what the hell was the point? This just expands the alien world and made it not all about the alien itself. None of the alien films were "all about the alien" anyway. Oh and for all the AVP hatred there using the same storyline with the pyramids from AVP 1 to set-up the film.

    • Tom

      I dont recall earth being destroyed in Resurrection, just one of the characters saying it was a "Sh*t hole".

  • adu

    Not watching it :)...I follow a relatively strict watch-one-trailer-only policy.

  • stinky magoo

    Decades ago, Alien brought us two of the most horrifying, truly alien creatures ever dreamed up by the human imagination: Giger's xenomorph and the Cockpit Pilot whose derelict ship housed the egg its facehugger sprang from. Today, in 2012, we at last discover Giger's chilling, Freudian life forms have even more bloodcurdling origins: a small white snakelike thingie, downsized humanoid hologram space jockeys running like they stole something, and a flipping flopping giant green snail-whatzit. Silent demonic grandeur replaced by state-of-the-art 2012 "naturalistic" nasties. (--The movie's best monsters surely aren't being shown!--)

  • Jeff

    I can only assume they're pushing it a little too much out of fear that they'll have a big budget R rated film to sell to people and they don' quite understand that irritating people is not the answer.

  • Rob

    Wait a minute - "extended" 3 minute preview?? This must be the Age of ADD. I remember when ALL previews in the theatre were 3 minutes long - not 2:30, not 3:30, but 3 minutes exactly. It wasn't really THAT long ago.

  • Rob

    This preview is good; it gets you hooked and keeps you biting your nails without telling you how you're gonna die when you see the movie. Only problem is references to aliens in stomachs and long skinny tendrels for arms - I thought we were past the gore. What ever happened to scary? Gore should be it's own category. "This movie is Gore! Yea!" Scary movies don't have to be gory to be good. Besides, gory movies are "B" movies and used to be shown in drive-ins only, not in indoor theatres. They only showed "A" movies(and sometimes "B" movies on a Saturday midnight show).
    In short, if a movie is good, the preview will be 3 minutes long and tell a story. If the movie is crap, the 3 minutes will tell you ALL about the movie's BEST parts and you will go to see the crap and understand previews better. These 1 and 2 minute thingys are really crap no matter how good a movie is and you never want to watch them. They will then disappear, along with stupid reviews lavishing over gory movies that are crap too (no reference to Prometheus meant: it looks good, if not more expensive than the GOOD John Carter movie that was crapped on by movie critics.