Predict Tonight's 2013 Directors Guild Awards Winner

2013 DGA Award nomineesTonight, some time around 10:30-11 PM PST, the Directors Guild of America (DGA) will announce the winner of the 2013 Directors Guild Awards and should it be Ben Affleck you will see all that currently favor Lincoln for Oscar's Best Picture finally run to Argo as the presumptive winner. However, should one of the other four nominees -- Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty), Tom Hooper (Les Misérables), Ang Lee (Life of Pi) and Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) -- take home the guild's Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film then it will be another story entirely with various scenarios in play... particularly is Spielberg takes home the award.

One thing the DGA prides themselves on is that only six times since they began handing out awards in 1948 has the Feature Film winner not gone on to win the corresponding Academy Award. Well, should either Affleck, Bigelow or Hooper take home the award they can change that stat to seven.

I know who I think is going to win and I have actually already prewritten my DGA award winner post with said winner in mind. I'm not going to tell you who that is, though I'm sure you could guess. Instead I want you to vote in the poll below and hash it out in the comments. Who do you think is going to take home the award tonight?

Who will win the 2013 Directors Guild Award?

  • Ben Affleck (Argo) (346 Votes)
  • Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) (111 Votes)
  • Ang Lee (Life of Pi) (42 Votes)
  • Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) (30 Votes)
  • Tom Hooper (Les Misérables) (3 Votes)

Total Voters: 532

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  • Anthony_X

    NGNG- Ang Lee, Life of Pi

    I hope that Affleck doesn't win just because I think his work is not outstanding and because I would like to actually have a race for Best Picture at the Oscars

  • Driver

    Bigelow deserves it, but you got go Affleck...right?

  • Xarnis

    I'm voting for Affleck, for that seems to be the trend going on. Critics, Globes, actors, and producers, why not Directors? And if Argo wins this, it's a lock.

    If Spielberg wins, Lincoln's chances just got a bit better

  • Xarnis

    I really want Bigelow to win (but as I said, she won't). Zero Dark Thirty was brilliantly executed.

  • Kessler

    I voted for Affleck only because the SAG and PGA both went to Argo. And also because I want him to win :). Also, if Affleck takes it, the Oscars will be even more interesting. It's refreshing to have an unpredictable show this time.

    • Marie Jespersen

      But this is directors voting. The very same directors didn't love Ben Affleck enough to nominate him for an Academy Award and suddenly they should make a 180 and vote for Ben Affleck to win DGA?

      • Kessler

        Good point, but back in 1985 Steven Spielberg won the DGA and wasn't even nominated for Best Director. As Laremy would say, "that's an outlier", but if it happened once it can happen again.

      • Aleonardis

        WAY more people in the DGA than in the Directors branch of the Academy. The DGA includes TV, film, commercial, music video, etc directors. Academy is just film.

  • Josh P.

    Even before PGA and SAG went with Argo I had a feeling that the DGA was going with Affleck. He's the only nominee that hasn't won this award already, and the director omission at the Oscars would make this seem like a consolation prize. Spielberg could very well win, and Bigelow should, but I'm predicting Affleck.

  • AS

    It would be great if Affleck didn't win. The race would become much more interesting.... but that's not going to happen. Affleck is a lock.

  • Frank

    I hope Spielberg or Lee wins the DGA and Oscar. While I think Affleck did a fantastic job directing and deserves to be nominated, I don't think it was the best. Spielberg's direction was him at his best and Lee's direction was something else. I feel those two are the most deserving.

  • Fox

    I want Bigelow to win, but I think Spielberg will win.

    Disclaimer: I've picked Lincoln for every major awards show this far, so in all probability it's Affleck again. . .

  • navaneethks

    Honestly Ang Lee is being underrated for this category. Aflleck might win and I will be happy. But voted for Ang Lee because he is being over looked.

  • David Gaillardetz

    I really want anyone but Affleck. I think he did well, but it wasn't the best, and everyone jumping on the Affleck wagon right now is getting tiresome. I would like to have an interesting race, so I am rooting for Spielberg, or even Lee.

  • Winchester

    I think I have to go with Affleck and then either Spielberg or Bigelow. I suspect that Lee and Hooper are distant fourth and fifth.

  • Criterion10

    Still don't think Affleck is going to win here tonight. *Fingers crossed for Bigelow*

  • Garrett the Mad

    The DGA is by and large made up of the same people who put together the list of Best Director Oscar nominees. They did not include Affleck in that group, so at this point I don't expect him to win the DGA trophy either. I think Spielberg will win and also get the Oscar.

  • navaneethks

    10:30-11 PM PST? That late? Sucks for me in the east coast.

  • Paul Lynch

    The DGA is not the same as the directors branch of the Academy. The DGA consists of thousands of people who work mostly in TV. The Academy is about 370, many of whom are European, older and more "high-brow". Affleck wins tonight.

  • JAB

    Bigelow should win, but if either Spielberg (who I think will win despite "Argo"'s current hot streak) or Affleck win then it wouldn't be a big wrong.
    Is the DGA influenced by yellow journal senators --I'm talking to you Fienstein, McCain & that guy from Michigan & 1st Amendment bashing idiots like Clennon & Asner? Do do they think her recent victory is "good enough" (even though ZDT is a better film than the excellent "The Hurt Locker")?

  • Aleonardis

    Bigelow is the most deserving I'd say of the nominees here. Then Lee, Hooper, Spielberg, and then Affleck. Everybody else is just LEAGUES better than Affleck. Argo doesn't look like a movie that challenged Affleck at all. That's a movie he could have directed in his sleep. The other 4 are movies that actually feel like movies that they labored over. Especially Lee, Hooper, and Bigelow. An Affleck win here is how I go as well but I'm not happy about it. Heres hoping for a surprise.

    • navaneethks

      Hope for a surprise here too. Rooting for Lee first. Argo can win as a movie for best picture but I don't think its a great directorial achievement.

  • Dale

    I think Affleck will win because there's such a feeling in the air of his having been wronged by the Academy that many DGA voters will feel it something of an "obligation" to set things right. And it doesn't hurt that he really deserves to win.