Poster for David Chase's Rock & Roll Drama 'Not Fade Away'

David Chase is a name we know as the creator of "The Sopranos", but very soon we may know him as the director of Not Fade Away, a film about three friends that decide to start a rock band after catching the Rolling Stones on television in 1964.

The film doesn't hit theaters until December 21, but will play the New York Film Festival this Saturday, October 6, and today Rolling Stone has premiered the first poster for the film.

Chase told the mag, "It's about anybody who has ever had a dream and about what it takes to actually realize that dream... Rock and roll is at the heart of the movie because for some of the characters, rock music is the gateway to transcendence, but it doesn't end there." Here's the synopsis:

Making his feature directing debut, David Chase's ("The Sopranos") coming-of-age movie is set in New Jersey in 1964 where a group of friends are inspired to form their own rock band fronted by a gifted singer-songwriter (John Magaro). The film masterfully captures the era’s conflicting attitudes and ideologies, all set to a dynamic soundtrack produced by the legendary Steven Van Zandt.

I expect a trailer will be online shortly, here's the poster.

Not Fade Away poster
  • Aleonardis

    That's quite classy. If the movie's good I would love that on my wall...

  • maja

    Not sure how great the movie sounds from the synopsis but that is an awesome poster.

    • MajorFilmFan

      If ANYTHING, it'll be a movie where the music outweighs the story itself. It definately sounds like Chase wants the story to be driven heavily by the music. Time will tell

  • SP1234

    Can I just say that Bella Heathcote is a stunning creature. :)

  • Criterion10

    That is an awesome poster! This movie was actually filmed nearby, and I even got to go down to where they were filming, which was an awesome experience. It's cool to see that the film is actually getting significant attention. I'll definitely be catching this one.

  • Candi

    Poster look like ONE DAY, the Hathaway drama from last year.

  • MajorFilmFan

    This actually looks really really good. The poster is one of the classiest and best looking posters I've seen in a LONG time. Really CAN'T Wait for this movie.

  • Tony

    Trust me guys, been saying it all year, this will be a huge Oscar contender.