PODCAST: Episode #2

The All Rude Review drops deuce style!

Back again as the All Rude Review drops Episode Deuce on your head! Is it better than the first? I say yes, but you decide. Below you will find instructions on how to download the full podcast along with a topic guide to lead you along the way.

SPECIAL NOTE: Just so you know, for those of you out there that get offended easily, don't listen, this is obviously not for you. There is profanity, and this is all in the name of fun. So, if you can't handle that there is no need to go any further.

For the rest of you, the babbling will cease... ENJOY! Oh yeah, and if you don't enjoy it let us have it.


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Even though I (Brad) don't watch "American Idol" except for the initial episodes in which everyone under the Sun is ridiculed and lambasted for their singing talents or lack thereof we felt it was time to dig deep into the bowels of this show and see what shit we could uncover. How about a few related articles?

Oh yeah, not sure if you heard this bit, but this is from the "There's disorder in judge Paula's court" article:

Sources close "Idol" yesterday dismissed an Us Weekly report that angry producers were looking to replace Abdul with Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, and also nixed the possibility that Spears or Simpson could appear on the show as a guest.

Randy Quaid ain't happy, does he have a leg to stand on?

Randy Quaid signed up for a gay cowboy movie, not a universal love story.

That's the gist of a new lawsuit by the familiar-faced actor who alleges in a $10 million lawsuit that he was the victim of a "movie-laundering" scheme by the studio division behind Brokeback Mountain.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles, accuses the filmmakers of getting Quaid to cut his seven-figure asking price by portraying Brokeback as a "low-budget, art-house movie with no prospect of making money." Only later, it says, did Quaid learn Brokeback was a Hollywood-backed production with a budget worth "millions more" than he'd been told.

SOURCE: Yahoo!


The Daily Dish at the SF Gate has scored a couple of Jennifer Aniston bits worth checking out.

First off she is bashing the hell out of her box-office flop Rumor Has It... as she is quoted saying it was the

"...worst experience of [her] life, the worst experience, the worst film.

"It sounded like a great idea, an interesting backdrop for a romantic comedy. But it was never fleshed out, never fully realized.

"And for me personally, I was going through a horrible time.

"I wasn't at my best as an actor. I was unmotivated by it. Why talk about it? We can let that little train go by."

So she bashes Rumor Has It..., why not take a stab at Derailed?

"I feel like I'm doing OK. I'm happy with where it is. Derailed didn't shine. It kind of … derailed. Thrillers are tough. I'm glad I did it, but I don't need to do those kinds of movies. It's kind of like caviar. I don't need to have it again."

The story continues the following day as she contemplaits moving out of Hollywood... GASP!

The 37-year-old plans to share a home with boyfriend Vince Vaughn in Chicago, Ill., after falling for the city when the pair filmed "The Break-Up" there last year.

She says, "It makes sense for me to leave. I can live outside L.A. and fly in for work."

The topic title pretty much says it all as we take a look at the state of movies in regards to the window in time in which movies go from theaters to home video.


"The Simpsons" have found themselves in the news a lot lately, but are they really all that interesting any more? This week the ploy was that there is going to be a live-action opening to the show. On top of that we will discuss their new two-year contract, which will take them into their 18th and 19th seasons as well as the Simpsons movie.

The first full-length trailer for United 93 hit this past week, get it here, but that isn't the only news worthy item here.

I never really understood how Charlie Sheen could let a hottie like Denise Richards go, but after this quote I get the feeling he may have pushed her away with comments such as the one attributed to him in PageSix in regards to his theory in the September 11 attacks:

"It seems to me like 19 amateurs with boxcutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions,"

"A couple of years ago, it was severely unpopular to talk about any of this. It feels like from the people I talk to, and the research I've done and around my circles, it feels like the worm is turning."

"Just show us how this particular plane pulled off these maneuvers . . . It is up to us to reveal the truth. It is up to us because we owe it to the families, we owe it to the victims, we owe it to everyone's life who was drastically altered, horrifically, that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened."

There is more in our rant, but Sheen went on to say that the collapse of the Twin Towers looked like a "controlled demolition."


Gwenyth Paltrow has decided she doesn't care what kind of ridicule her kids suffer. She kick started the game by naming her first child Apple, but that wasn't enough as she took it another step further by naming her unborn baby boy Mortimer, after her godfather Steven Spielberg. The news was reported by PageSix after being picked up from RossMatthews.net.

Ross Matthews is an intern on The Tonight Show and Gwenyth answered a series of questions, here is the result of the one being discussed:

5 - If your next baby is a boy, have you considered the name Ross? If you have a girl, what do you think of Rossina? Rossetta?

If my next baby is a boy I am going to name him Mortimer.

In honor of our discussion and the topic at hand I did a little searching and found a site chock full of celebrity baby names, many of these are under mass scrutiny in our rapid fire game of "HUH?"


This is entirely rumor and I have no way of validating any of it, but this must be discussed:

Last night, Mr. Kevin Smith a.k.a. Silent Bob a.k.a. director of "Dogma" and "Clerks" and "Jersey Girl" (!!!) spoke at my escuela and, in the midst of a huge amount of profanity and cock jokes, he pulled out some stories about his compatriot, Jason Mewes (Jay). Jay used to be a hardcore heroin addict, but when he finally officially cleaned up about 3 years ago, he started getting way more ass.

"I fuck a lot more," Smith said Mewes said, "and remember it more. But I fuck a lot shorter too." Apparently one of his remembered sexcapades was everyone's favorite walking stick, Nicole Richie, who, and I quote, "pulled Jay into a bathroom and just sat on his dick and started going at it." While he ejaculated in approximately 30 seconds and it was "running all over her back," she didn't notice because she "had had a few drinks or something." By "drinks," I'm sure he was meant "blow" but didn't say it since that would have been a confusingly false sex pun.

In that first 30 days of total sobriety, Jay claims to have banged 28 different girls. I'm sure Nicole didn't rank too high, but I am aware you all were waiting for this (old) news on the edge of your seats. And now you know... the rest of the story.

(I don't knoooow if it's true; it's what he said. Also, I don't know exactly when this was, but I imagine it was at least a year or two ago.)

FROM: LiveJournal and The Superficial

This may or may not become the final topic for each week as we will take a look at the films from the past week as well as those hitting theaters this week. As always, if you like it let us know, if you don't like it let us know, if you want something else LET US KNOW!