Podcast: Reviewing '22 Jump Street', Going Post Apocalyptic with 'Rover' & 'Snowpiercer' and More

Plus a HomeDepot.com story and Laremy has beef with Twitter

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As with all Friday episodes we have reviews for you today including 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2, plus some comments after Brad saw Snowpiercer and The Rover. On top of that we have a HomeDepot.com story for you, more chatter regarding today's movie stars, your questions, games and even a voice mail.

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  • 00:00-1:50 - Introduction
  • 1:51-2:47 - Show notes
  • 2:48-7:54 - Tracy Morgan crash video
  • 7:55-15:01 - Brad has a Home Depot story
  • 15:02-21:05 - Post apocalyptic genre by way of The Rover and Snowpiercer
  • 21:06-23:59 - [Listener Question] Have you ever watched a documentary about an injustice or social issue and felt so incensed, you took action afterwards? [andyluvsfilms]
  • 24:00-27:25 - [Listener Question] Saw X-Men: DOFP and loved it, One question I have that might venture into spoiler territory is this (Spoilers): Near the end, when everything comes to a climactic end, and the sentinels are killing everyone in the future, bearing down on Kitty Pride, and we're basically waiting for Wolverine's consciousness to slip into his future body, that bugged me. It felt like forced tension that happens in every movie. it was just too much of a coincidence that things in the past were lining up perfectly with things in the future and it was a countdown that was supposed to make us tense, but it's OBVIOUS it's all going to turn out right. Do these forced tension situations bug you guys? or is it just something we should come to expect from most movies, especially Marvel? Loved the movie overall, but that situation frustrated me. [Mitch]
  • 27:26-31:13 - [Listener Question] The element of surprise is no doubt one of the great things about seeing a new movie. As such, I find that watching films multiple times in a relatively short period sometimes leaves me feeling a bit underwhelmed by the film, since everything moves a little slower the second or third time around -- this seems to occur most often with blockbusters. However, I saw Edge of Tomorrow again Wednesday night, just 4 days removed from seeing it for the first time (loved it), and it felt just as swift and exciting the second go-round as it did the first. What do you think explains? Is it the fact that the film is largely character- and story-driven as opposed to being almost exclusively action-focused? [Jordan B.]
  • 31:14-32:02 - [Listener Question] How often do you pay to see a film again in theaters if you've already seen it at a press screening (or any other type of screenings you princely folk are invited to)? [Jordan B.]
  • 32:03-33:24 - [Listener Question] How long do you typically wait between viewings to see a film again in theaters, when you decide to do so? [Jordan B.]
  • 33:25-35:48 - [Listener Question] I keep hearing people talk about Channing Tatum being a legitimate movie star. While 'Magic Mike' was good, do either of you think he's a genuinely good actor? I look at his IMDB page and don't find any of his other performances to be that great. [Jon Sullivan]
  • 35:49-46:58 - 22 Jump Street review (read Brad's review here)
  • 46:59-51:44 - How to Train Your Dragon 2 review (read Brad's review here)
  • 51:45-57:22 - Laremy's concern over a Twitter comment
  • 57:23-1:02:44 - Box-Office Challenge Update (chart below)
  • 1:02:45-1:12:26 - What sequels are better than the original?
  • 1:12:27-1:16:08 - Some comments on Werner Herzog's Lessons of Darkness
  • 1:16:09-1:22:00 - [Listener Voicemail] Richmond - Trailers
  • 1:22:01-1:27:12 - Over / Under
    • 500 is the number of explosions in Transformers: Age of Extinction [Magill Foote]
    • B grade from Brad Brevet on Brad Pitt's Tank movie, "Fury" [robotsrule]
    • C for Dumb and Dumber To [Laremy]
    • $193 million worldwide for Sin City 2. This is what the original did (adj) [andyluvsfilms]
    • $143 million on home video for How to Train Your Dragon [Laremy]
    • $18 million opening domestic weekend for Jersey Boys [B-Rye]
  • 1:27:13-1:31:59 - Buy or Sell
    • Within the next three years, Cruise takes a supporting role in a drama and nabs an Oscar nom. (Greg Mariotti)
    • Judge Dredd will get either a sequel within 5 years or reboot in 10 [andyluvsfilms]
    • Much like Edward D Wood Jr., the films of John Waters will be held to a higher standard after his death [andyluvsfilms]
    • Richard Linklater's Boyhood will lead to another multi-year narrative effort in the next 15-20 years by another director. [B-Rye]
    • Batman vs. Superman will be the number 1 film of 2016. [B-Rye]
    • Clint Eastwood ever directs and/or acts in another Western [robotsrule]
    • There will be more movies in Pixar's Planes series than in the Cars series [Magill Foote]
  • 1:32:00-1:37:04 - Playing the Percentages
    • % chance Top Gun 2 gets made [BishopSummers]
    • % chance the fourth wall breaking in Jersey Boys annoys Brad [Laremy]
    • % chance of Armond White Likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Magill Foote]
    • % chance Apollo Creed's son will fight Ivan Drago's son in speculated Rocky offshoot, Creed [andyluvsfilms] (question reboot)
    • % of Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For that will just be women dancing or people blowing smoke rings [Laremy]
  • 1:37:05-1:41:10 - [Listener Question] How do *you* know if an actor is "good" or not? Who would you say is a bad actor? Many people will say someone is a good actor or a bad actor. Many people will disagree about whether an actor is good or not. I myself don't feel comfortable evaluating whether an actor is good or not. For instance, I have enjoyed every Keanu Reeves performance I've seen him in (The Matrix, Constantine, Speed, Bill & Ted). I wouldn't say he's a bad actor at all. However, he wouldn't be suitable for every movie role. Would you say that any actor could be good in the right role? [Classic Wingers]
  • 1:41:11-1:43:46 - [Listener Question] Would it be possible in today's world for JJ Abrams to keep a lot of secrecy surrounding Episode 7? For people who enjoy keeping up with movie news, will we inevitably run into spoilers before the movie is released? [G-Man]
  • 1:43:47-1:45:36 - #GoodTweets
  • 1:45:37-1:46:50 - Closing

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Summer 2014 Box-Office Draft
Brad vs. Laremy

Laremy's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
A Million Ways to Die in the WestMay 30$40m$53.2m-$46.7m
Edge of TomorrowJun 6$175m$149.1m-$288.3m
22 Jump StreetJun 13$50m  
Think Like a Man TooJun 20   
Step Up All InJun 25   
Transformers: Age of ExtinctionJun 27   
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesJul 11   
The Purge: AnarchyJul 18   
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAug 8   
LucyAug 8   
The Expendables 3Aug 15   
Brad's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
The Amazing Spider-Man 2May 2$250m$699.1m$74.1m
NeighborsMay 9$18m$225.7m$180.7m
GodzillaMay 16$160m$396.2m-$3.7m
X-Men: Days of Future PastMay 23$200m$622.9m$122.9m
MaleficentMay 30$180m$349m-$100.9m
The Fault in Our StarsJun 6$12m$79.3m$49.3m
How to Train Your Dragon 2Jun 13$145m  
Planes: Fire and RescueJul 18   
Sex TapeJul 25   
Jupiter AscendingJul 25   
Guardians of the GalaxyAug 1   

The Summer 2014 Movie Box-Office Draft competition involved both Brad and Laremy "drafting" ten films each in hopes of scoring the largest net total by taking a film's worldwide gross subtracting two-and-a-half-times the reported budget. The film must be released in May through August 2014. The draft took place on April 29, 2014 during the RopeofSilicon Podcast which you can listen to right here.

Listed above is all the most recent data as of this post. Budgetary information is not necessarily accurate and will most likely not be accurate until closer to or after each film's release.

The outro music on this episode is Clint Mansell's "In the Wall Side 2" courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Company.

  • http://www.theuncool.com Greg Mariotti

    The timeline works great inside the paid app. Thanks Brad.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Nice, thanks for letting me know. I was about to fire it up to check, but not longer need to. :)

  • andyluvsfilms

    Buy Sells
    Mark Webb will not be the director of Amazing Spider-Man 3 [andyluvsfilms]

  • Mitch

    I was listening to the pod. Today and you guys started to review 22 jump street. My wife said "you're going to listen to that before we go see it?". I guess I never really thought about it. So my question is: I know you guys don't read to many reviews, but if you do do you find yourselves reading them more before or after you've seen the movie? (Mitch)

    Playin Dem percents:
    % chance The Amazing Spider-man 2 does not get made (mitch)

  • Justin Golding

    Sad to hear you guys didn't like 22 Jump Street but happy belated birthday Laremy!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/JoshP./ Josh P.

    Brad's rendition of the blue hairs getting ready to see Jersey Boys had me dying of laughter. Best moment of the episode, and certainly felt like I got my money's worth.

    Listener Question:
    What was the last book to screen adaptation where you felt the movie actually improved upon the source material? [Josh P.]

    Brad's attitude about what articles to write has changed since the premium subscriptions. [Josh P.]

    Laremy makes a short film that will be Oscar nominated [Josh P.]
    David Goyer will eventually direct a DC comic book adaptation [Josh P.]
    United States v. Paramount Pictures is ever overturned [Josh P.]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/jess/ jess

    Hey Brad. Can you right an article about why critics are losing their jobs? I've read an article about it at indie wire. http://blogs.indiewire.com/criticwire/are-critics-losing-their-jobs-because-reviews-are-money-losers And i do think it's interesting. I'm curious about what you think.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Hudsucker/ Hudsucker

    $635 million total gross for How to Train Your Dragon 2 [Hudsucker]
    Ellar Coltrane continues acting in major roles [Hudsucker]
    Dem' Percentages
    % chance they do a 20 Jump Street as a prequel [Hudsucker]

  • Nardog

    Actually All You Need Is Kill, or Ōru Yū Nīdo Izu Kiru is the original title. The book is considered as one of the "light novels" which is sort of the Japanese equivalent of YA novels, so basically there are two YA adaptations competing in the box office now.

  • http://www.the-back-row.com Magill Foote

    Damn, you guys totally called me out on refering to Planes as a Pixar property. I need to do my research before posting these things.

    - $20 million opening weekend domestic box office gross for Eli Roth's The Green Inferno [Magill Foote]
    - B grade from Brad for Birdman [Magill Foote]

    Buy or Sell:
    - All members of the Justice League will be introduced in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice [Magill Foote]
    - Taken 3 makes more money than Taken 2 [Magill Foote]

    - % chance of Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem being as good as Brazil [Magill Foote]
    - % chance the attempted reboot of the Hitman movie franchise will result in another single movie with no sequels [Magill Foote]

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Ha, not at all, I doubt you're the only one that makes that mistake and I think it's a mistake Disney wants you to make.

  • http://filmemignon.blogspot.com/ Corbin

    Listener Question: I was looking through release date changes as I normally do, and I saw that Puss in Boots 2 is coming out in 2018. The first Puss in Boots came out in 2011, and I doubt that much of the audience that saw the first one will see the second. Add to the fact that the first one is a forgettable movie, the minimal increase in opening weekend for Dragon 2, and it leaves me wondering, how long is too long for an animated sequel to open?

  • ClassicWingers

    Question Preamble: I am moving from Canada to England for a job. I have limited space to bring stuff I will need. However, in my limited space, I am taking some treasured DVDs: PTA's "Magnolia" and all five seasons of "The Wire".

    Question: What would you take if you were in my shoes?

  • Stephen Feldman

    Buy or Sell:

    The majority of Robert Pattinson's fanbase will hate The Rover. [Stephen]

    Let's Be Cops will be a surprise summer hit, much in the same vein of We're the Millers success. [Stephen]

    Lucy will be Luc Besson's comeback film, critically and commercially. [Stephen]


    15 million opening domestic for Jersey Boys. [Stephen]

    Playing the Percentages:

    % chance Dumb and Dumber To gets a R-rating. [Stephen]

  • Ryan M

    7 Oscar nominations for Foxcatcher [Ryan M]

    2 Oscar nominations for The Fault in Our Stars [Ryan M]
    3 weeks Transformers: Age of Extinction is Number 1 at the Box Office(Domestic)[Ryan M]

    Buy or Sell:
    A 24 hour long Podcast for paid subscribers by the end of the year [Ryan M]

    People will start losing interest in Game of Thrones after next season[Ryan M]
    Marvels Phase Three will not live up to Phase 1 and 2 in terms of money and general positive fan reaction[Ryan M]

    Playing the Percents:
    % chance The Rover is Brad's Top Ten Movies of 2014 [Ryan M]
    % RT score for Father of The Bride Part 3[Ryan M]
    % RT score for Lucy [Ryan M]

  • robotsrule

    I looooooooove that you turned the "Cathy!!!" theater woman into a drop. But am missing some classics like "say-da-ba-da-boo-doo" and the other singing Laremy drops. I guess time marches on.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/AlmostFilmCritic/ AlmostFilmCritic

    My wife works at a big box electronics store part time. On Sunday, she came home with THE WAY WAY BACK on BluRay. Cost: $5. Is physical media dying a slow death?

  • robotsrule

    Buy or Sell: Barkhad Abdi is cast to be the voice of Paddington Bear. [robotsrule]

    Percents: Percent chance Tuesday's illness was in fact Laremy being sad about the Miami Heat [robotsrule]