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80 minutes of movie banter to fill your time

Rope of Silicon PodcastNow with three segments -- Over/Unders, Buy or Sell and What This, Watch That -- it's all we can do to fit in listener questions and recent news as this Tuesday podcast runs a solid 80 minutes and also includes the latest DVDs and Blu-rays, a Box-Office Challenge update it would seem no one saw coming, a brief look at the state of today's cinema and the idea of movie star vs. celebrity and just other random nonsense to fill your ear hole.

As always, I have broken down this episode on a minute-by-minute basis if you would like to skip ahead and below I have featured the information on how to download the podcast, find us on iTunes or merely just listen in your browser.

  • 00:00-3:03 - Introduction
  • 3:04-8:57 - Box-Office Challenge Update (chart below)
  • 8:58-19:03 - New DVDs and Blu-rays
  • 19:04-29:23 - Movie stars vs. Celebrities
  • 29:24-38:24 - #GoodComments
  • 38:25-46:23 - Over / Under
    • 5 years until a 3-D movie wins best picture. [Driver]
    • 6 months until Laremy comes up with the fourth most beloved podcast section. [Driver]
    • 20 percent chance that for the 100th, Kevin, Cinemascore, Cheetara + a new guest show up. Come On! :-) [D'Artagnan]
    • 5 years before there will be something better (that's physical) than Blu-ray [Cordia]
    • 3 films made between 2000 and 2015 will be in the Sight and Sound top 10 in 2052 [Cordia]
    • 1.5 hosts the Oscars have hosts in 2013 [Cordia]
    • 1.5 oscar noms for This Is Forty [Drew]
    • 5.5 nominations for Michelle Williams before winning an Oscar [ToniX]
    • 4.5 episodes where the words Dark Knight are not uttered [Elijah]
    • 2.5 number of Oscar nominations for any one of the five major categories (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenwriter) from movies released in summer 2012) [G-Man]
  • 46:24-50:53 - Buy or Sell
    • Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Johnny Depp, one of these actors never gets an Oscar.
    • Brad and Laremy on Movies will become a 2 hour podcast by the time we get to Episode 200 because of the amount of comments, news, reviews and new segments.
    • Laremy makes a YouTube audition video for a singing contest
    • Clint Eastwood will never retire making movies
    • Warner Bros. biggest Oscar campaign will be for Cloud Atlas
    • Terrence Mallick gives an interview for To the Wonder or attend a premiere or awards 'ceremony'
    • Leonardo DiCaprio wins 2 Oscars in the next 5 years
    • Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon team up for the next Bourne movie
    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets nominated for an Oscar for directing or writing but not for acting (in his whole career)
  • 50:54-1:01:04 - Watch This or Watch That
    • Star Wars Episode 1 or Indiana Jones 4
    • Wrath of the Titans or Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
    • Wrath of the Titans or Sucker Punch
    • New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day
    • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves or Robin Hood
    • War Horse or Coriolanus
    • Showgirls or Striptease
    • Dante's Peak or Volcano
    • Piranha 3DD or Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  • 1:01:05-1:03:22 - Good Tweets
  • 1:03:23-1:05:23 - [Listener Question] Since Secret World of Arrietty is out of contention, Brave doesn't sound too great, and ParaNorman sounds pretty decent but not a potential winner, where's the Best Animated buzz leaning toward? [Elijah]
  • 1:05:24-1:07:22 - [Listener Question] Do you think Joss Whedon should just shoot 2-3 Avengers movies in a row (like The Hobbit)? Let's face it, some of the actors involved aren't getting younger and it'll be tough to pull everyone back together every 3 years or so…so why not make multiple movies and release them yearly? It's a monumental task but seems like a logical move given the limitations out there. [adu]
  • 1:07:23-1:09:09 - [Listener Question] If it's so easy to deliver great action sequences, how come 90% of the hundred million dollar action films fail so miserably at choreographing action? [AS]
  • 1:09:10-1:12:27 - [Listener Question] In regard to your thoughts on a female Bourne: I like the idea, but unfortunately, in this genre, it's just not believable. This was an issue I had with The Dark Knight Rises. There was no way I was buying the skinny, dainty Anne Hathaway beating up guys twice her size. The reason it looks believable when Damon and Renner do it is because they have pretty impressive biceps. In order for it to be believable, you'd have to get someone like Gina Carano, and actresses aren't really built like her so you'd have to get a wrestler-type and the quality of the performance would suffer as a result. [AS]
  • 1:12:28-1:13:04 - [Listener Question] Since The Bourne Legacy functions like a Bourne Ultimatum mini episode, do you think it would have been better off as a web or TV series? [Kai Sacco]
  • 1:13:05-1:14:03 - [Listener Question] Can you name a film you are embarrassed for liking? [Driver]
  • 1:14:04-1:14:32 - [Listener Question] What is the definite movie to watch drunk? [Driver]
  • 1:14:33-1:20:00 - Closing

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Summer Movie Box-Office Draft
Brad vs. Laremy

Laremy's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
The AvengersMay 4$220m [*]$1.46 billion$911.8m
BattleshipMay 18$209m [*]$302.8m-$219.6m
Men in Black IIIMay 25$225m [*]$620.9m$58.4m
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedJun 8$145m [*]$548m$185.5m
Rock of AgesJun 15$75m [*]$50.1m-$137.3m
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterJun 22$69m [*]$78.1m-$94.3m
The Amazing Spider-ManJul 3$230m [*]$690.5m$115.5m
Total RecallAug 3$125m [*]$71.6m-$240.8m
The Bourne LegacyAug 10$125m [*]$45.9m-$266.5m
The CampaignAug 10$56m [*]$26.5m-$113.4m
  $1.47 billion$3.89 billion$199.2 million
Brad's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
The DictatorMay 16$65m [*]$167.6m$5.1m
What to Expect When You're ExpectingMay 18$40m [*]$74.5m-$25.4m
Snow White and the HuntsmanJun 1$170m [*]$389.1m-$35.8m
PrometheusJun 8$130m [*]$310m-$14.9m
That's My BoyJun 15$70m [*]$47m-$127.9m
BraveJun 22$185m [*]$374.3m-$88.1m
Ice Age: Continental DriftJul 13$95m [*]$764.1m$526.6m
The Dark Knight RisesJul 20$250m [*]$834.8m$209.8m
Step Up RevolutionJul 27$33m [*]$62.8m-$19.6m
The Expendables 2Aug 17$100m [*] 
  $1.13 billion$3 billion$429.7 million

The Summer Movie Box-Office Draft competition involved both Brad and Laremy "drafting" ten films each in hopes of scoring the largest net total by taking a film's worldwide gross subtracting two-and-a-half-times the reported budget. The film must be released between the months of May-August 2012. The draft took place on May 4 during the RopeofSilicon Podcast which you can listen to right here.

Listed above is all the most recent data as of this post. Budgetary information is not necessarily accurate and will most likely not be accurate until closer to each film's release. I have include links to the source for each budget report and all box-office numbers come courtesy of Box-Office Mojo.


Who do you think will win the 2012 Summer Movie Box-Office Draft?

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  • Good Grief

    Random thought: I haven't listened to today's podcast yet, but I think that as you have both been subjected to the scatological humour of the Filmdrunk Frotcast, you should get Vince on the Brad 'N' Laremy on Movies podcast for a serious film discussion. I think it would be most interesting.

  • Drew

    A Bug's Life or Antz
    Once Upon A Time in America or Once Upon A Time in the West
    The Incredibles or The Avengers

  • Travis

    Les Mis is Universal, not Warner Bros. (and is still my most anticipated of the year)

    Watch This or Warch That:

    Cop Out or I'm Still Here

    • Travis

      Buy or Sell: Since Joss Whedon is known for his love of killing off popular characters (including you know who in Avengers-to avoid spoilers), in order to deal with being much older than the other actors in the series, Whedon kills off Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark? (whether they pass the Iron Man mantle on is irrelevant to the question)

  • Stephen

    "Are you going to see Sparkle?" "Fuck..No" Woah Laremy! Haha.

  • Alex L.

    Laremy...great taste in music.

  • AS

    The show-runner left Dexter after the 4th season, which is why it now sucks. Same thing with True Blood.

    As far as the poor action choreography I was talking about, here are some examples of what I mean:

    Something you will often find in poorly choreographed/edited scenes are extras supposedly fighting in the background, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that they are just trying to look like they're fighting. They throw slow punches that look so fake its absurd and they often seem to be going out of their way NOT to hit each other. The best examples of this that come to mind are Planet of the Apes and Machete (watch the extras during the Trejo/Seagal fight at the end). Of course, you're not supposed to be paying attention to these people, which is why this stuff goes mostly unnoticed.

    The intensity of impact (whether we are talking about gunshots or punches) is also a major issue with most action films. This is mostly due to poor sound mixing. Examples of movies that get it right are The Bourne Ultimatum and most any Michael Mann film. Mann seems to have a knack for staging and editing shootouts that pack a punch. The goal should always be to make the audience feel as if the person on screen has actually been shot. Sound effects are very important here, but the actors must also move their bodies in a convincing way that is in sync with the gunshot. A great example of this would be the alleyway sequence in Collateral when Tom Cruise guns down 2 guys trying to steal his briefcase. Mann decided to shoot the whole thing in one simultaneous shot, which is very effective. Pay close attention to the moment when Cruise realizes that one of them is still alive and finishes him with a shot to the head. The actor moves his head in perfect sync with the gun shot (we also hear the echo of the gunshot, as the sound moves down the alley). This is stuff that most people don't even notice, but it makes all the difference when breaking down an action scene.

    One of the other biggest issues most actions movies face is something I call "accountability." If you have a big shootout sequence with a bunch of extras, it's very important for the director to keep track of every extra that's shown on camera. If at the beginning of a scene, we see 10 bad guys, there shouldn't be anymore random extras that show up out of nowhere. The director should be able to keep track of everyone in the scene. To use Collateral as an example again, take a look at the nightclub shootout. At the beginning of the sequence, we know who all of the players are, and where they are in relation to the main characters and we see each of them dealt with, one by one. At no point do random goons appear out of nowhere. Everyone is kept track of. An example of this done poorly is Fast Five.

    There's also the issue of cutaways. This is when we see characters fire into a group of soldiers without ever seeing the soldiers getting gunned down. This is usually done to secure a PG-13.

    Lastly, there's the issue of explosions with no result. This is when an explosion is activated, you see people fly into the air, but no one actually dies. This also ties into a common problem found in PG-13 "action" movies. The best example of this is Iron Man. Take a close look at the beginning of Iron Man when Downey fights his way out of the cave with the help of a flamethrower. If memory serves correct, we never ACTUALLY see anyone die. People are pushed back by the flames, explosions go off, but no one actually dies. Also, you see the same extras getting "wounded" more than once. This is the fault of bad editing.

    As much as I love Christopher Nolan, I'd say his one weakness is staging action sequences. Case in point: Alps sequence in Inception. People come out nowhere, they're killed with ease (which removes all danger and suspense from the equation) and more bad guys keep coming, only to service the plot. Another sequence in Inception that bothered me was the guy who was shooting at Yusuf as he was trying to drive the van over the bridge. The guy had a clear shot on him the whole time, with nothing obstructing his view, but for some reason he had terrible accuracy. Again, he can't successfully shoot Yusuf because then the mission would be a failure. The point is that if Nolan couldn't have come up with a more convincing scenario, he shouldn't have written that shooter in at all. It just ruins the believability of the scene.

    An example of a big, multi-extra action set piece done well would be Kill Bill Vol. 1. While there's a huge amount of people involved in the House of Blue Leaves sequence, you never get the sense that there are people just coming out of nowhere. From the beginning of the sequence to the end, it never feels like there are more dead bodies at the end then there were live bodies at the beginning. A bad example of this would be The Killer (1989). As you watch the final shootout in that film, it's obvious that people just keep piling into the church out of nowhere only so that our heros can quickly kill them off so that they can get to the next wave in order to fill Mr. Woo's carnage quota.

    It's important to note that it is not impossible to create believable and intense fight scenes in a PG-13 film. Blood is not important at all, actually. Ultimatum and Taken are perfect examples of this. People are shot, it looks real and it feels intense and violent.

    Female action star discussion: One of the points you guys made repeatedly is that you've met many women that could easily beat you up in real life, regardless of how big your biceps are. Of course that's true, but perhaps it's my fault for not making the important distinction between real life and movies. In movies, it's extremely important for the action star to have an impressive physique. In real life it's all about technique, not pure brute strength, but in movies it's very different. One of the things that works so well in Kill Bill is that we never see Thurman face off in a hand to hand fight with another man. She only does that with Foxx and Hannah. Every other fight is with a sword. This isn't gender specific btw, I wouldn't buy it any more with a skinny guy than I would a skinny girl.

    • Criterion10

      You bring up a very good point with accountability in action sequences. Nolan definitely has some trouble with this issue. I agree with the same notion that you have, that being that if a convincing scenario can not be devised, then the scenario should just be avoided entirely.

      BTW, the ending battle at the church in The Killer is spectacular. That film is easily my all time favorite action film. I can understand why you do have some flaws with that specific scene, and the film is definitely not perfect. But, I think to call that scene unrealistic and whatnot is a little pointless. That scene is so over the top that it is impossible to take it seriously. The two heroes never run out of bullets and even after they are shot they are only barely hurt. The scene is just mean to be 10+ minutes of kick ass action, which it is.

      • AS

        No, I agree, it's an enjoyable scene, but I just used it as an example of what I was talking about. I just watched that film for the 1st time btw, and I'll do my little review of it on Sunday.

        • Criterion10

          Excited to hear about it. The film's a cult favorite of mine. I first saw it when I was about ten years old on a bootleg of the now OOP Criterion disc and was absolutely blown away. A few years ago, I found an authentic disc that I purhcased and it now sits proudly in my collection. =)

    • http://www.the100review.com Mason Williamson

      Regarding your take on the whole female action star topic, as a black belt myself - and a pretty skinny guy with a less-than-impressive muscular build - I can definitely confirm that there are small women that train in martial arts that could and have destroyed me and much, much bigger guys. In fact, some of the really big, strong men that have wrestled in the club I was a part of went down pretty easy because of their over-confidence and belief that strength is the most important facet of fighting.

      Of course, you acknowledge that that's true whilst also bringing up the fact that the dichotomy between real life and that seen in films makes it look a little bit more strange when a skinny person takes on others twice their size on screen, and I don't think I can argue that. But I do kind of like the realism in seeing that, and I'm a sucker for diversity in my action stars. What bothers me and takes away from that realism when both men AND women fight in movies is that they always seem to maintain their perfect hair and makeup throughout, but that's an entirely different conversation.


    • maja

      Thanks for writing all that AS - great read!

  • http://cineenuruguay.blogspot.com Driver

    What is you favorite James Bond intro song?

    If you could have a prop from any movie, what would that be?

    Maybe people have asked this before but I will like to know how did RoS started Brad, did you were a blogger first? Did you said one day, I wanna start a movie site, did someone encourage you?, how did it start?
    The history about Rope of Silicon, I don't know, I'm kind of curious about the way things started.

    Watch This or Watch That:
    The Town or Gone Baby Gone
    Planet of the Apes (1968) or Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    Casino Royale or Goldeneye

  • Criterion10

    Actually, Clint Eastwood originally said that Million Dollar Baby would be his last time acting, but then went onto Gran Torino and said that would be his last time acting. So, basically I don't think he's ever really going to retire as long as more projects come up that he's interested in.

    There are no films that I am embarassed for liking, particularly because I should never have to feel embarassed for liking a film. One film that I love that most people don't is Gummo, which is also the picture for my Gravatar.

    Listener Questions:
    Do you think you would like 3D if you did not need to wear glasses in order to experience it?

    What films do you like that most people seem to not? (or vice versa)

    What films have you been meaning to see for a while that you just haven't gotten around to? (I know a similar question was asked podcasts backed, but that question pertained to directors rather than specific films)

    Are you guys big movie collectors? Like, do you enjoy owning rare, out of print DVDs, or do you just care more about owning the films that you love?

    Watch This or Watch That:
    Goodfellas or Casino
    Paths of Glory or Full Metal Jacket
    Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction
    Kill Bill Vol. 1 or Kill Bill Vol. 2

    I thought I'd kind of give my own spin on this new segment. Instead of offerring two really bad films, I thought I'd offer two similar films (i.e. same genre) by the same director. I hope this was okay...

    • Travis

      Yes, my brother just saw your picture and burst out laughing. When I asked him why, he showed me your film. I wouldn't say most people don't love the movie, it's just...well, you know

      • Criterion10

        LOL Gummo is that type of film that will be loved by some and hated by others. I fall in the former camp.

  • http://timeforafilm.com Alex Thomas

    Sounds like you might have liked Cosmopolis Brad, surprising. But I do agree Pattison put in a good performance.

    Looks like Brad might win the Box-Office after all! Enjoyed the good tweet winner this week. Also I've had 'It's 3AM, Brad must be lonelyyyyyy' pop into my head randomly during the week... thanks Laremy!

    A- for Looper

    Watch This or Watch That
    The Sapphires or Bourne Legacy
    (A legit q as I'm not sure if I can be bothered watching both!)

  • http://www.the100review.com Mason Williamson

    Solid episode, though I was disappointed by the lack of a "Battleship" discussion.

    Watch This or Watch That:

    Over Her Dead Body vs. Something Borrowed (for Brad only, I'd imagine)
    American Reunion vs. The Babymakers (for Laremy, to even it out)

  • Dj

    800 million brad the dark knight rises is closing in

  • Mr-Mercury


    JGL is in 3 more of Christopher Nolan Films?

    Lister Question:

    Laremy, I am also a big PTA fan. However I Love There will be blood, and think it is his best and most sophisticated film. What about There Will be Blood make it one of his less films???

    Love the show!!!

  • AmericanNoir

    Watch This or Watch That:
    Kangaroo Jack or Snow Dogs
    Big Momma's House or Tyler Perry's Madea (any of them. pick your poison)
    Flubber or Jack

    Random Comment: I feel like you guys always forget about A Nightmare Before Christmas when talking about Tim Burton's best. I was just wondering if you hate this movie or what?

    Over/Under: .5 Oscar Nominations for Tom Hardy this year (best supporting)
    .5 Oscar Nominations for Seven Psychopaths (my guess would be screenplay)

    Buy/Sell: Within 10 years of George Lucas' death, someone will try to reboot Star Wars
    David Fincher wins a best director Oscar for his (arguably) weakest film.
    Sam Raimi is actually going to try to remake The Wizard of Oz. (and your thoughts on this)

  • AmericanNoir

    For the Fincher question, I don't count Alien3, which is barely a Fincher film.

  • ToniX

    Well boys, Michelle Williams has already 3 nominations, so it would be just either 2 or 3 more for the over/under...

    Do you really think Michelle is going to win in her next nomination? They love her but never enough to give her the win. Hell, I think she is going to become the next Kate Winslet (in terms of nominations before a win)

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      The Winslet comparison is interesting, but I feel Williams was able to gain more attention for her early noms compared to Winslet. Looking at it, I completely forgot she was nominated for Titanic and I don't think many remember Iris, but with Williams her performances that she's been nominated for are at least, arguably, a bit more memorable.

      This doesn't mean much and you may actually be onto something, but if Michelle had one more, say for Wendy and Lucy, then I'd probably say you definitely had something here.

  • Cordia

    with such a good line up at TIFF this year, could it be possible that movies that would have played really well in other festivals will be looked over here because of the competition from so many other movies that people want to see?
    almost every movie we want to see this fall is there, do they have so much confidence in their movies or do they just follow the rest?

    just like somebody else already mentioned, Lez miserable is Universal and i btw also think it will be the number 1 contender this year with the master.


    5 movies with a lower grade than a B- at tiff from brad
    Bourne legacy will make over 250 million international
    expendables 2 makes 300 million worldwide
    Brave gets 2 oscar nominations
    avatar 2 is released in 2015
    next PTA film will be released in 2014


    we will see Selena Gomez and Vanessa hudgens naked in Spring Breakers, it's not that i want to see it, just the fact i don't see them doing it makes the question interesting.

    Christopher Nolans next film is the howard hughes thing.

    great expectations will be bad.

    Liam Neeson is mad at himself for not taking the role of Lincoln in Lincoln.

    daniel day-lewis makes a bad film after Lincoln, just like he did with nine.

    Looper will surprise and be awarded with more than 1 oscar nomination

    wathc this or watch that

    the olympics on NBC or the newsroom

    spider-man trilogy or the matrix 2 and 3.

    green lantern of the green hornet

    i btw don't think you should do a lot of these watch this or watch that, it is fun but it's just not good for me to hear al these bad films come up.

    • AS

      Nolan has said that the Hughes biopic is dead.

  • Jeff

    I challenge Brad and Laremy to Box Office Challenge, you get the top 20 picks and I get 10 of the leftovers. I take:
    Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    Magic Mike
    Moonrise Kingdom
    Chernobyl Diaries
    Madea's Witness Protection
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Safety Not Guaranteed
    Katy Perry: Part of Me
    Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

    By my count total budget on those movies is:
    50m + 10m + 7m + 16m + 1m + 20m + 1.8m + 0.75m + 12m + 10m = 128.55m
    With 2.5x multiplier = 321.4m
    Total Cumes of those movies (as of 8/13):
    323.0m, 130.8m, 112.2m, 55.9m, 18.1m, 64.7m, 7.1m, 3.6m, 29.9m, 7.9m. Sum = 753.6m

    TOTAL = 432.2m
    I'm slightly ahead of Brad.

  • Snicket

    Great show! I was on a family vacation so the podcasts were just the thing I needed for the long car ride.

    Brad mentioned that the VOD Hunger Games was the most popular on Amazon, I'm not sure how amazon calculates this but because they can't do release date shipping on Saturday (Hunger games is out saturday not Tuesday as was reported on the podcast) they are giving all preorders a VOD copy to make up for it. So that may explain it.

  • the colleague

    - Would you agree the so-called unrated/extended cuts, and to some extent a large number of director's cuts, are nothing more than a cash grab? There are notable exceptions, of course, like Kingdom of Heaven, or Blade Runner. Could you give a few more examples where your opinion of the movie changed significantly after watching the later-released cut?

    - Why do so many people in this day and age treat their favorite forms of entertainment so seriously, as evidenced by death threats over not-so-glowing TDKR reviews, or this whole Twilight circus? Has it always been like this but, with the advancements in Internet and social networking, people who would generaly be in the minority are now the loudest?

    - Would you ever avoid watching a movie because of the way it was made? Like Laremy, I have a problem watching scenes involving killing animals, which is why I will never see Cannibal Holocaust. If you do, where do you draw the line?

    - Brad and Laremy podcast from Toronto in between screenings

    - rights to Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four will eventually revert back to Marvel, leaving X-Men and Spider-Man as the only two outsourced superhero properties

    Watch This or Watch That (sadly, I've seen them all):
    - Doom or Max Payne
    - Van Helsing or Red Riding Hood
    - Battlefield: Earth or Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever
    - Skyline or Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

  • Jeffrey

    If we take Mr. Brevet's position that replacing the cast for the Twilight movies wouldn't affect the box office of the sequels, then Lucas should have recast Han Solo for Return of the Jedi because it wouldn't have mattered (I recall there was a contract issue leading up to that film). Same thing with the Harry Potter movies, just recast the leads after their contractually obligated films. The Harry Potter franchise is a better comparison because it is also based on a prior known work. I think recasting the leads would have an impact because fans begin to associate the role with the actor/actress playing the part.

    This / That
    That's My Boy or The Babymakers

    Over / Under
    2.5 additional James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig (after Skyfall)

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Just so I know we are dealing with the question appropriately, you are saying the Twilight movies are on the same level as the first three Star Wars films and the Harry Potter franchise in terms of quality and fan base given the time in which they were made. Am I understanding you correctly? As for the contracts, they were renegotiated for the actors to get higher salaries. That's a key point I think you are missing.

      • Jeffrey

        No, I'm not comparing the quality of the three series. My understanding of your comment on the podcast was that in the Twilight series they should have replaced the leads at some point in the series to save money because it wouldn't affect the amount of fans showing up. I feel that a fan base would have a difficult time seeing someone new in a role after it had been played by another actor. If they had recast the three leads of the Harry Potter franchise after Goblet of Fire (to get cheaper replacements if a contract wasn't in place or for fear that they were ageing too quickly) I think the fan base would have rejected the change and it would have hurt the box office. I feel that changing the leads in the Twilight series would have also had a negative impact.

        If your point was that it doesn't matter who they cast in the roles then I can see that, but once someone has played the part I feel the fan base has an attachment to the actor as that character.

        • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

          I'll address this briefly on the podcast, but my personal opinion is that the Twilight fanbase is not the same kind of fanbase you find for almost every other movie.

  • Good Grief

    Listener question -

    With Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" shooting for both an R and NC-17 version, is it safe to say that NC-17, in this instance, is purely a gimmick? Does NC-17 have a true place in cinema as anything but a buzz stirring gimmick and, more importantly, will a modern NC-17 film get true critical acclaim?
    Finally, as critics, are you more interested in seeing the R rated version or the full, uncut version of Von Trier's latest?

    Watch this/Watch that -

    Magnolia or Memento

    Machete or Death Proof

    Goodfellas or Casino

    Lethal Weapon or Die Hard

    Seven or Fight Club

    And one just for Laremy...

    Paranormal Activity or The Ring

  • D’Artagnan

    Watch This or Watch That:
    - Flash Gordon or Dune
    - Cutthroat Island or Pirates 4
    - Wild Wild West or GI Joe

    - 20 years before someone has won both Best Director and Best Actor/Actress Oscars (not necessarily for the same film; one may have been won already) - Nobody has ever won both
    - 1.5 years before IMAX replaces 3D as a means for studios to make more money
    - 25% chance Christopher Nolan directs Bond 24 OR Bond 25
    - 2.5 more Bond films for Daniel Craig

  • http://stopthinkingforyourself.blogspot.co.uk/ Rohan Morbey

    ''Lock it up'' is from Wedding Crashes...

  • Grissom

    Here's a Watch This/Watch That:
    Batman & Robin or Howard the Duck

    Listener Question:
    (a revisal of my previous question) If a director you enjoy (Anderson, Kubrick, Tarantiono, for example) were handed a risque project, for example Andrew Dominik getting hired for Justice League, would you have faith they could pull it off?

  • Drew

    Buy or Sell: Ridley Scott changes his mind and releases a director's cut for Prometheus.

  • G-Man


    - Is it challenging to review movies at film festivals when you're watching so many (I'm guessing sometimes back to back)? Personally, if I watch more than two films a day, it's difficult for me to fully appreciate and comprehend what I watched - especially for intellectually stimulating titles that are commonly shown at festivals.

    - What is one movie character you would least want to run into randomly at night by yourself?

    - Is the piracy-related security intense at film festivals given that they're commonly showing movies far in advance of release?

    Buy / Sell:

    - There will be at least one podcast while B&L are at TIFF

    - Remakes aren't as bad of an idea as many people make them out to be, in general

    - Nolan will direct a horror movie

    Over / Under:

    0 - dollar impact of the K-Stew/Pattinson scandal on domestic box office for the final Twilight(under meaning it would have been more money if the affair hadn't occurred)

    8 - number of movie directors the average American could name off the top of their heads

    Watch This / Watch That:

    - Infernal Affairs vs. The Departed

    - Deep Impact vs. Armageddon

    - Con Air vs. Face/Off

    - 3 Ninjas vs. The Next Karate Kid (old school Swank)