Podcast: 'Lockout' and 'Cabin' Reviews, 'Catching Fire' Director Debacle, HBO's 'Veep' and More

It's a good day to listen to a podcast don'tcha think?

Rope of Silicon PodcastLaremy is in California and joins today's podcast from a FedEx Kinko's as we bring you the Friday edition of the RopeofSilicon podcast in which we (well I) review The Cabin in the Woods and Lockout (since Laremy didn't see either of them) on top of all the recent news including The Avengers premiere, the Catching Fire director issues and your questions and over/under suggestions.

On top of that there are several random bits thrown in here and there including my thoughts on the first three episodes of HBO's "Veep", which premieres on Sunday, April 22.

As always, I have broken down this episode on a minute-by-minute basis if you would like to skip ahead and below I have featured the information on how to download the podcast, find us on iTunes or merely just listen in your browser.

  • 00:00-1:12 - Introduction and Laremy is at a Kinko's in California
  • 1:13-8:19 - Laremy was on FilmDrunk.com's Frotcast and did a Summer Box-Office Draft
  • 8:20-10:12 - New iTunes reviews
  • 10:13-15:23 - Early reviews for The Avengers (read 'em here)
  • 15:24-20:12 - Who will direct The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire
  • 20:13-21:21 - What if Forrest Gump had an end credits scene and he was lying the whole time?
  • 21:22-27:52 - What's the purpose of reading? (and people didn't know the Titanic wasn't a real thing)
  • 27:52-29:52 - [Listener Question] Why do you think there is such a disparity sometimes between critics and general moviegoers opinions of a movie? [G-Man]
  • 29:53-31:10 - [Listener Question] With so many blockbusters during the summer, what is the movie with the best chance to "win the weekend" 3 times in a row this summer? [Sean]
  • 31:11-31:47 - [Listener Question] Does the failure financially of John Carter make The Lone Ranger an even bigger risk for Disney? [darnoc]
  • 31:48-35:41 - The Cabin in the Woods Review (my review here)
  • 35:42-38:10 - Random potty joke aside
  • 38:11-46:22 - Lockout Review (my review here)
  • 46:23-48:14 - Weekend box-office predictions
  • 48:15-49:38 - [Listener Question] When taking notes, what is the first thing you look for in a movie? [Chris]
  • 49:39-49:53 - [Listener Question] How did you guys get be movie critics? [Driver]
  • 49:54-50:57 - [Listener Question] Do you find it easier to properly express your opinions on a given film by writing a full review, or simply by doing so in a conversation, such as when you discuss it on the podcast? [Mason Williamson]
  • 50:58-52:16 - [Listener Question] Do you feel that most long movies (generally 3+ hours) could be shorter, or that they deserve their long running time? [Criterion10]
  • 52:17-1:04:20 - Over / Under
    • B- the lowest grade Brad gives to a movie that ends up being nominated for Best Picture Oscar at next year's ceremony. [The Colleague]
    • B (A-) Cinemascore for The Avengers [Drew]
    • 12 Number of years after The Dark Knight Rises is released that a new Batman franchise goes into production [G-Man]
    • 0.5 Non-Avatar James Cameron movies that gross more than $1 billion worldwide in the future [G-Man]
    • 1.5 oscar wins for Paul Thomas Anderson. [Ben]
    • .5 oscar wins for Joseph Gordon-Levitt [Kyle Coley]
    • 2 more years for the podcast to continue [Mason Williamson]
    • 13 years until Wes Anderson gets nominated for Best Director? [Sean]
    • 2 weeks until Laremy's wife makes him cut his hair. [American Thighs]
  • 1:04:21-1:07:16 - #Good Tweets - Laremy's egotistical Twitter thing
  • 1:07:17-1:07:59 - Sin City 2 gets the greenlit
  • 1:08:00-1:09:44 - "Arrested Development" movie may begin filming this summer
  • 1:09:45-1:13:02 - Brad watched the first three episodes of HBO's "Veep"
  • 1:13:03-1:15:22 - Closing and prize winner
  • 1:15:23-1:17:00 - Epilogue and Laremy's singing

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  • adu

    Sorry about repeating the question Brad, I totally missed that.

    As for my address, what's the email to send you that on? or should I wait for your email?

    Thanks guys!!

  • Criterion10

    Boy, it'll be a sad day for me when physical media no longer exists :(

    What are some of your favorite movies that you feel most people have never heard of?

  • adu

    I know it's quite early, but do you guys see 2013 being even bigger than 2013 in terms of blockbuster releases?

    Hobbit 2, Man of Steel, Star Trek 2, Monsters Inc 2,Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Catching Fire, Enders Games, Lone Ranger, World War Z

    P.S: please send me an email for my address for the prize Brad.

  • adu

    Which movie studio do you guys like/respect the most?

    WB always seems to have the most impressive movies it seems.

  • http://timeforafilm.com Alex Thomas

    Agree so much on the rankings, people have no idea. I say a movie was a B- and they think it was crap. Inflation indeed.

    Saw Battleship two nights ago, was fairly average but not as crap as I thought it would be.

    Do you guys think eventually movies will be released worldwide within closer date ranges? I say this because Avengers/Battleship come out a week earlier in Australia, but we don't get Cabin in the Woods until July for example.

    I was thinking about how much I love Christopher Nolan movies (Have seen 6/7 of his feature films and love them all). Who are your favorite directors and would Nolan be up there?

    Loved the first three good tweets Laremy! Not going to lie, I don't know who Nicholas Sparks is. Arrested Development movie/series is super duper exciting!

    Sorry for the super long comment, so much great stuff in the podcast this week!

  • Snicket

    I'm glad Laremy and I are on the same page on Joe Wright for Catching Fire.

    If you had the resources to get one of Charles Dickens novels adapted into a major AAA Hollywood production what would you pick?

    Also, I'm very much looking forward to Brad's Wes Anderson marathon, all the news about Moonrise Kingdom has me really excited to see it, I wish I could go to Cannes. I live in Utah so I get Sundance but thats like the B-team of indie films.

    My favorite part of the podcast this week was imagining Laremy sitting by himself at Kinko's as people walk past him and give him bizarre looks as he is talking to himself.

  • Rod

    Hey there,
    Just FYI my real name is Drew, I just used Rod because there is another person who goes by Drew that comments on this site and Rod was the first name that came to mind. Sorry for any confusion

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Yeah, we sorted it out and Laremy was the slacker, not,me, which is always nice to know. :)

      • adu

        Hey Brad,

        I sent you an email with my address (not sure if the email address I sent it to is the one you normally use for these things)...please let me know if you received it.

        Thank you.

  • the colleague

    An excellent podcast, guys. :-)

    Here's a bunch of Nolan related O/U's, plus a Laremy one.

    - another 1.5 chances of Laremy podcasting from Kinko's or some other place during the podcast's lifetime
    - .5 films directed by Chris Nolan if/when Hollywood completely stops making movies on film
    - .5 movie franchises Nolan directs once he's done with Batman. Bond, perhaps?
    - 2.5 actors with whom Nolan's worked previously appearing in his next film after TDKR, whatever that ends up being

  • http://timeforafilm.com Alex Thomas

    Also guys, I'm sure you don't watch South Park but the latest episode basically rips into the whole "Bully" rating saga and the 'this must be scene by all kids' argument. Quite funny knowing what the ep was about when I'm sure a lot wouldn't!

  • Sean

    Terrible that critics would spoil a movie's ending...who does that? Saw someone spoil a key part of Game of Thrones one time. Always have to be hesitant.


    Who would be your Mount Rushmore of bad actors that consistently get roles?
    With so many sequels constantly topping the box office, which is more likely 10 years down the road: More sequels at the top or reboots?


    8 years until Johnny Depp is no longer a bankable actor in Hollywood?

    Also, if it comes around town, I'd love to know if either of you are interested in seeing Blue Like Jazz. I know it probably won't go wide, but it seems like the alternative Christian-esque movie (to the cheesy Fireproof/Kirk Cameron films). Would love to hear your take on it.

  • Mikey Sylwer

    Hey guys, great job. One question.
    Do you guys think the title "The Dark Knight Rises" seem to similar to "The Dark Knight"? Cause, it's pretty confusing to me.

  • darnoc

    question !!!!

    when will the USA studios start making blockbuster sequels where any US box office is viewed as a bonus and is not the main reason for a sequel

    wrath of titans 66m usa 151m overseas
    john carter 68m v 195m that almost makes a sequel viable surely?

    journey 2 99m v 214m journey 3 therefore a no brainer
    chipwrecked 132m v 205m

    and the one that really really stands out Tintin 77m v 296m overseas the studio can just greenlight the sequels know they will be in profit merely from the overseas income and reap any benefits from us market...

  • darnoc

    after the so called success of yogi bear , the impending arrival of top cat and the occassional dabble with flinstones, casper etcmby hollywood

    which old school 60s 70s 80s cartoon series would you love on the big screen be it animated or live action

    personal choices NO NOT JEM !!!!!

    thundercats or could you imagine a live action wacky races :)

  • Roberto925

    Are we looking at a changing of the guard in Hollywood do to the success of the Hunger Games?? Do you guys think Jennifer Lawrence got the ball rolling and will see many more blockbuster films lead by a female protagonist??


    250 million overseas for Titanic 3D

    • Roberto925

      p.s If this question has already been asked sorry, i've missed a couple podcast's so i was unaware.

  • G-Man

    Nice podcast, guys.

    Suggestion - Have you ever thought about doing a ROS Film Pantheon? Basically a list of your "must-watch" favorites for regular readers.


    What makes a movie "classic"?

    Can great direction and acting save a lousy script?

    Over / Under:

    0.5 - Cumulative acting Oscar wins for Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, and Adam Sandler in the future

  • Ben


    When it comes to reviewing a film; whether you are a pro critic or a regular film goer is there anything that you guys consider unfair criticism?

    Do you guys think a film like Battleship is actually a risk for an investor/studio; and more of an risk than something like Drive?

    Are there any actors out there that you think would make a good director?


    8 of out the next 10 best picture winners are period pieces.
    .5 chances that TDKR is the most overrated film of the year.
    .5 oscar noms for Shia Labeouf next 5 years.
    50 millions box office for Only God Forgives

  • Kristen K.

    Recently there has been a bit of cross-cultural casting: (ie Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher, Henry Cavill playing Superman)
    Do you think it affects/will affect the success or failure of the film? Could it be seen as offensive for someone to play a national icon completely outside their given culture? For example: Casting someone british or australian to play Martin Luther King Jr?


    2.5 Movies that come out this year that remain on must watch lists 10 years from now

  • TJ

    Yet another entertaining podcast guys!

    Just a few over/unders today...

    1.5 films featured at Cannes that is nominated for Best Picture
    5 weeks Dark Knight Rises stays #1 in the box office