Podcast: 'Iron Man 3' Casting, Superhero Box-Office Battles, Laremy's Irish Surroundings and More

We have some stories to tell

Rope of Silicon PodcastA successful Tuesday edition of the podcast as Laremy comes to us from Dublin and we spend a little time discussing what was going on last week around Laremy in his Ireland castle environment before getting into Iron Man 3 casting, superhero box-office battles, new DVDs and Blu-rays, your questions, over/unders and I have a little story to share at the end that you won't be able to predict.

We pull all of this off in a matter of 82 solid minutes so I hope it makes up for Friday's truncated episode.

As always, I have broken down this episode on a minute-by-minute basis if you would like to skip ahead and below I have featured the information on how to download the podcast, find us on iTunes or merely just listen in your browser.

  • 00:00-4:42 - Introduction and Laremy explains his Ireland situation from last episode
  • 4:43-6:56 - iTunes reviews and a concern that was raised
  • 6:57-10:05 - Jessica Chastain and potentially Andy Lau to join Iron Man 3
  • 10:06-13:59 - The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers vs. The Amazing Spider-Man box-office
  • 14:00-15:21 - New DVDs and Blu-rays
  • 15:22-17:33 - [Listener Question] What do Movie theaters such as regal have to do to get back in good graces, with you guys or just in general? [Kyle Coley]
  • 17:34-22:49 - [Listener Question] Is there really an clear "best comedy of all time" due to people's taste? In fact, why is there one single best film of all time? [Harry Fuertes]
  • 22:50-25:19 - [Listener Question] What "Best Films of All Time" list do you believe is the most true? [Harry Fuertes]
  • 25:20-26:35 - [Listener Question] What would film be like if Citizen Kane was never made? [Harry Fuertes]
  • 26:36-28:50 - [Listener Question] Do you think a studio will ever greenlight a sequel to a book-to- movie franchise without the original author writing it? [Rach]
  • 28:51-30:12 - [Listener Question] Supposedly, The Dark Knight Rises should have over an hour of IMAX footage. It's been over 40 years since the format was first introduced, and still there are great challenges in working with it. Do you think we'll ever get a completely, 100%, made-in-IMAX movie? Not documentaries, but a major motion picture. [the colleague]
  • 30:13-37:54 - [Listener Question] Assuming The Avengers is as good as early reviews make it out to be, do you see Marvel bringing Joss Whedon back for the sequel or will they hire someone else, like they've done with all their other movies, sans Iron Man 2? [the colleague]
  • 37:55-49:17 - Over / Under
    • 3.5 years until HBO starts charging a separate fee for HBO-GO so people can subscribe to use only their online service. [Kristen K.]
    • 1.5 years until we see J.K. Rowling's new book "The Casual Vacancy" adapted for film (Book release date: Sept 27, 2012) [Kristen K.]
    • 10 years until a gay-themed film wins Best Picture [Elijah]
    • 27 Number of weekends for the remainder of 2012 that Laremy predicts the #1 weekend domestic box office movie (36 weekends remaining) [G-Man]
    • 0.5 Wide-release Toy Story sequels we will see in the future. [G-Man]
    • 4.5 years before a Japanese animated feature is nominated again in the animated category [salaryman]
    • 0.5 Best Actor nomination for Ryan Gosling in a Nicholas Winding Refn film [salaryman]
    • 0.5 Marvel movies starring only Hawkeye and/or Black Widow [Timmy]
    • 95 percent for The Avengers on RT [Alex Thomas]
    • 14 years until a Documentary is nominated for Best Picture [Sean]
  • 49:18-51:49 - [Listener Question] What is, in your opinion, the main purpose of film reviews and what should people do of them? [Darth Agnan]
  • 51:50-56:02 - [Listener Question] What is the best film festival out there? [Kyle Coley]
  • 56:03-58:06 - [Listener Question] With the Cannes talk and Laremy's Battleship in Ireland quandary, I realized that I've never seen a movie in another country. Are there any notable differences in the moviegoing experience abroad compared to the US? [Timmy]
  • 58:07-59:27 - [Listener Question] Subtitles vs dubbing when watching foreign movies. Where do you stand? [the colleague]
  • 59:28-1:02:34 - #Good Tweets - Laremy's egotistical Twitter thing
  • 1:02:35-1:12:35 - Brad has a little story
  • 1:12:36-1:14:04 - Closing
  • 1:14:05-1:22:00 - Epilogue (yeah, it's a long one)

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  • http://cineenuruguay.blogspot.com Driver

    70% on Rotten Tomatoes for "Dark Shadows"
    120 million budget for "Catching Fire" (78 million was the budget for the first one)
    3 cumulative oscar wins for Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender

  • kyle coley

    Thanks for answering my questions!
    over/under 85% on RT for TED
    Over/Under .5 best actor wins for tom hardy.

    Will Lincoln be Steven Spielberg return to our good graces.
    what is the best trailer you guys have ever seen?

  • Austin G.

    For Over/Under:
    $350 million domestic gross for Avengers

    -What do you think will be the biggest box office bomb of the summer?
    -What do you think will be the biggest surprise of the summer?

  • http://hypable.com Jeremy Baril

    Over/Under - 0.5 - Times a foreign language film wins Best Picture. Ever.

  • John Debono

    Why do people think the Averngers is going to top The Dark Knight or Harry Potter's opening? Yes, Iron Man was popular but Iron Man 2 was not well recieved and Thor, Captian America and The Hulk were respectable but not fantastic. Are we setting ourselves up for another example of the internet overhyping a film?

    • G-Man

      I agree. The Avengers will have a very solid opening weekend obviously, but I would predict closer to $130 million than $150+ million. Just don't think that many casual movie fans are super pumped for it. Even in 3D, don't think it will beat Hunger Games opening.

  • http://talesofthegeeklanterncorps.blogspot.com/ Brian

    Question for Friday:

    As critics, How many films have you seen in a row (or almost in a row) at a movie theater? Being kind of selfish in asking this as I'm going to be attending AMC's Ultimate Marvel Marathon next week (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and ending with a mid-night showing of The Avengers.)


    -20 years before a film adapted from a comic book or video game wins a Best Picture Oscar

  • Snicket


    What software are you using to edit your podcast? I have noticed the volume dips as well. I know its inconvenient but I never recommend using the software's own brain to match audio levels. It's always better to go through clip by clip and put the peaks around the same level yourself. Depending on the software you want to be peaking around 14 db, again, it's dependent on what software you use.

    It also sounds like you have sharp drops in your levels when you switch from clip to clip, I assume you are using a 2 to 4 frame dissolve to avoid the audio "pops". You may want to extend those dissolves to 6 or 10 frames, or you could just match the ambient levels better and not dissolve at all. But I always like to use a few frame dissolve just as a safety net.

    Onto questions:

    Out of Iron Man 3, Thor 2, or Capt. America 2, which has the most box office potential? Also, how long do you see the individual Avengers films going on?

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Actually there is no editing like that, just two WAV forms and peaks seem to match up entirely, especially on this episode. And I have a headset mic, not sure what Laremy is doing on his end.

      • Snicket

        I am thinking then that your mics have some sort of noise cancellation feature enabled? That would explain the jumps in audio that matching the levels would not fix. It would also explain the ambient noise dropout.

        Beyond that I'm not sure what the problem could be...

  • jake_w

    If Ang Lee's "The Hulk" had been released this year instead of in 2003, do you think the public would still have the same reaction to it?

    Do you think it's overkill making all of these Avengers precursor movies, making the Avengers, making sequels to all of the precursor films, and the inevitability of more spin-offs (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury) and Avengers 2?

    If you were locked in a room and were forced to watch either The Room, Jack & Jill, Gigli, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, or Battlefield Earth, which one would it be and why

    .5 cumulative Oscar wins between Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner
    15 years until a comedy wins Best Picture
    .5 chances of a Star Wars movie being made within the next twenty-five years without the direct involvement of George Lucas
    10 games the Denver Broncos next season win with Peyton Manning at quarterback
    .5 chances of a Hawkeye spin-off
    .5 cumulative Oscar wins between Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

  • TJ

    -What one film review that caused you the most grief and time writing?
    -Best theater to see a movie at in Seattle? I know you have discussed this before but I'm taking a road trip there in a few weeks and was just curious.

    - 2.5 years until we see a Hulk sequel
    - 8 years until digital film is an official mandate with all movie companies
    - B- CinemaScore for The Raven

  • adu

    That's quite a story Brad....made me realize I don't know my wife's cell number!

  • G-Man

    Nice podcast, guys. Laremy, did you watch any movies on the plane?


    You are offered $1 million if you can select a movie to show to a random person (let's say any US citizen age 12 and up) and that person likes the movie. What movie do you choose?

    Do you guys look up facts about movies on IMDB while watching at home? If so, do you think interruption hurts (or potentially helps) your enjoyment of a film?

    Does it annoy you guys how much footage is shown these days before movies are released or am I the only one? Before I saw Project X, the theater had a 5 minute extended red band trailer of all the best jokes from 21 Jump Street that was shoved down my throat. I would have rather just waited for the movie.

    Over / Under:

    9 - Movies Lindsay Lohan headlines for the rest of her career

    1.5 - Years before Netflix drops or sells its physical DVD/blu ray business

    1% - Percent of US theater moviegoers that stick around for the credits (excluding Marvel)

  • Chris

    Hey I just realized that I don't recall you guys mentioning what made Laremy laugh for hard while watching The Lucky One.

    • http://www.film.com/author/laremy-legel Laremy Legel

      I can clear that up. We were nearing the end of the movie and I leaned over and said to Brad that it reminded me of The Notebook (or something of the like) and he whispered back "It reminds me of The Ring."

      Evidently, he was talking about a scene involving a photo, but I thought he meant it was the secret film that killed you if you watched it. So that slayed me for the next five minutes and I left the theater with tears flowing due to laughing too hard.

      He might recall it a bit different, but that's my version.

  • Hank

    1)Chances of best picture noms for TDKR, Avengers, and Prometheus.

    2) chance of lead or supporting acting noms for TDKR and Prometheus.

  • the colleague

    Excellent stories, guys. The wi-fi thing is a #goodtweet waiting to happen. :-)

    A couple of over/unders.

    - 2.5 box office weekend #1 spots for The Avengers
    - 4.5 years before the relese of a movie produced by Amazon Studios

  • Sean Fast

    Aw, I asked like 4 questions and you didn't use ANY of them!

    Here they are again for next time:

    Question: I'm pretty sure studios send out screener episodes of tv shows prerelease (like the Game of Thrones ones you left behind in the theater) as a courtesy to critics. If I'm understanding the system correctly, they basically give them a few episodes, enough to get a feel for the show, so they can write up a review and that review will coincide with the airing of the series. But it seems so many blogs I follow now all do weekly recap articles (like you do now for Game of Thrones), detailing each episode. Are the screener copies sent out for this intention as well? Do the bloggers from sites like yours, Pajiba.com, etc. just given these advanced episodes so they can write up individual recaps ahead of time?

    As a bonus question: with so many recap articles being written by people who have advance knowledge of the series's path, do you think they ever cheat and pretend to see themes or upcoming machinations of the characters when in reality they're not smart enough to figure it out, they just happened to have seen 3 episodes into the future?

    Question: Dustin Rowles (proprietor of fellow movie site Pajiba.com) posted a pretty detailed behind the scenes article about ad revenue and what it takes to maintain the site.
    Here's the link:
    Any chance you could spend a few minutes going into what it takes to keep yours up and running (financially)? You don't need to get into all the specific financials, but just enough background to inform someone like me how you can manage to pay the bills (mortgage/rent, utilities, food, etc.) if this is your only job. Thanks

    Am I the only one that noticed in the new version of the Five Year Engagement trailer, when the little girl shoots the crossbow into Emily Blunt's leg, she now proclaims, "I'm Katniss!" instead of what she says in the original trailer, which is "I'm Pocahontas!"? I'm assuming this is due to the success of Hunger Games that occurred well after the release of the original trailer, but I can't recall ever seeing a trailer post-edited like that before. Can you?

  • Andrew

    The only dips in volume i hear is when (I'm assuming) you are moving away from the mic. and its not often. next time i notice it i'll note the time and put it in a comment.

  • Criterion10

    Recent previews of The Hobbit have been screened. As this has been shot in 48 fps, as opposed to the standard 24 fps, do you think that this film may mark a change for the industry standard?

    Also, do you think that digital projection and 3-D are just a phase that will eventually burn out, or that they are here to stay?

  • http://www.lucky9studios.com Ivan Kander


    I wrote the whole review about the audio inconsistency on iTunes.

    To explain, you're almost always quieter than Laremy. When I raise you up on my car stereo to make you the right level, Laremy is then way too loud. This problem is especially noticeable in my car (where I do most of my podcast listening as I sit in insufferable traffic).

    I popped the latest podcast episode into Adobe Audition and my suspicions are confirmed--Laremy is consistently peaking, whereas, you are not.

    I realize that this isn't the biggest deal int the world, but I'm just trying to make the world a better place. It's the least I can do. ;-)

    Keep up the great work!


    • Sean Fast

      I normally listen on headphones but when I do listen through my car stereo I have the same issue. I turn it up loud enough to hear Brad and Laremy is super loud...

  • Darth Agnan

    I think this might be my favourite podcast yet. Brad, you're really good at telling stories. I was hooked!
    Glad you didn't get burnt in the shower.

    Listener question:

    - While it may be interesting/entertaning to us, do you think it is right for a director (like Gilliam) to openly criticize the work of another (like Spielberg)?

  • Chris

    Question: What are your thoughts of the recent news that Regal Entertainment may allow texting during movies in the future? Have they sunk to a new low?

    10 years until a video game based movie becomes fresh on rotten tomatoes
    60%- tomato rating for Savages

  • Timmy

    Nice work as always fellas! Keep the stories coming.

    I still encounter a good deal of clapping after movies, especially during the opening weekend of big blockbusters like Iron Man 2 and the Hunger Games. There was even a smattering of applause after John Carter. When a filmmaker is not in attendance, I see it as a self-congratulatory "Look at me - I liked this thing that I paid $10 to see"

    Those anti-smoking ads are not just a Canadian thing - I saw them during almost every game of the Bruins series.

    What factors make the studios push back movie release dates? I remember sitting through trailers for both this weekend's Safe and the upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt bike messenger movie last year. And do you go into screenings of such movies expecting them to be terrible?

    2 rounds of the NFL draft you will watch this weekend
    2.5 years until theater chains offer texting and non-texting screenings of movies