Podcast: The Oscar Race, 'The Devil Inside', Film Criticism Dying (Again) and Listener Questions

We cross the threshold into a 101-minute podcast

Rope of Silicon PodcastMan, we asked for your questions and you delivered and we did our best to answer them all, which as a result may not be the best thing to do since this latest episode of the podcast is LOOONG! How long? Try over 101 minutes long. Yeah, I can't handle that much of Laremy let alone myself. So, we apologize for the length and we will do our very best to get it back to closer to that hour-long range next week.

However, as for this week's topics, obviously you guys provided more than enough for us to discuss and a certain gentleman by the name of Gabriel won this week's best topic when he asked "If you each had to pick 5 films that aren't in the National Film Registry that should be on next year's list, what would they be and why?" Granted we didn't necessarily answer the question as asked, but I really liked the topic, though it was certainly not easy to choose. And so Gabriel will be taking home the "The Art of The Adventures of Tintin" book and Gabriel, I have sent you an email so just reply with your address and we'll have that out to you soon.

Other topics included my brief comments on The Devil Inside, film criticism, a look at the Oscar race, primarily where Bridesmaids stands after a sudden surge, a discussion on Jeremy Renner's recent rise to action stardom and several of your topics from "Can movie theaters be saved?" to guilty pleasures, "Who should take over for David Fincher if he doesn't come back for The Girl Who Played with Fire?" and much more.

It's a loaded episode and, again, I apologize for the length, but I hope you're able to find some enjoyment.

As for next Tuesday, we will be taking topic suggestions in the comments below and the one we determine to be the best will win a copy of "Making of the Motion Picture: War Horse" and four War Horse coffee mugs. So ask your questions below and I hope you enjoy today's episode.

As always, I have broken down this episode on a minute-by-minute basis if you would like to skip ahead and below I have featured the information on how to download the podcast, find us on iTunes or merely just listen in your browser.

  • 00:00-5:52 - Introduction and "The Book of Mormon"
  • 5:53-11:52 - The Devil Inside review
  • 11:53-25:29 - Is film criticism dying... again?
  • 25:30-34:50 - The Oscars, the trailer and Bridesmaids
  • 34:51-38:11 - Kathryn Bigelow's next movie (more info), Jeremy Renner and Benedict Cumberbatch is the Star Trek 2 villain
  • 38:12-44:15 - Not one of Brad or Laremy's top ten movies were in the top 20 at the domestic box-office
  • 44:16-46:03 - HBO refusing to sell DVDs to Netflix
  • 46:04-1:28:00 - Listener Topics
    • "If you had an unlimited budget and total creative freedom, what movie would you remake?"
    • "Who do you think is a good fit for Girl Who Played With Fire if Fincher walks?"
    • "Can movie theaters be saved? If so how?"
    • "Movie going horror stories."
    • "What movies have we walked out of?"
    • "Dream director pairing?"
    • "If you each had to pick 5 films that aren't in the National Film Registry that should be on next year's list, what would they be and why?"
    • "Guilty pleasures/the dreadful films you love to see again and again"
    • "Do people only see films because of the names attached, and when is it a sign that someone who is currently a big star (Taylor Launter, for example) is beginning to lose his momentum?"
    • "Generally when I notice a film has three or more Oscar winners/nominees in the cast, the more disappointing a film seems to be."
    • "If someone put a gun to your head and asked you to say your three favorite movies, what would you say?"
  • 1:28:01-1:38:11 - Closing and Critics Choice Awards
  • 1:38:12-1:41:54 - Epilogue

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  • Rach

    There have been tons of sequels recently and there will b many more. the movies that are coming out tend to be pretty formulaic. why can't anyone (or very few people) write a good, original script anymore? Also if you were studio executives what would you look for in a screenplay?

  • Winchester

    When was Taylor Lautner ever a genuine star in the first place? Just how far has the criteria for 'star' been eroded?

  • darnoc

    yes joy of joys my topic made the podcast

    so heres one for next week

    what great british comedy films have you seen and loved that DO NOT involve members of Monty Python?

    had u ever seen the Ealing comedies of the 40s 50s or the cheeky double entendre laden Carry On films

    or is americas view of british comedy simply python, gervais and are you being served on PBS

  • Snicket

    Thanks for tackling my questions about Fincher and Dragoon Tattoo. Here is the interview where Fincher says he wants to shoot back to back. He calls the two books "one story" but still promotes the idea of filming them back to back.


    Still doesn't sound like he wants/needs to come back.

    A question for next week, I love films that are under the radar and the talent behind them, so for 2012 what are some actors and actresses that you think are in line for a break out year?

  • Robert

    My question for next week:
    If you had the power to change the results of ANY Academy Award ceremony, which film would you have as Best Picture? Which Actor winner would you change?

    • Robert

      Let me rephrase it:
      If you had the power to change the results of ANY Academy Award ceremony, which film would you have as Best Picture? And if you could subsitute any film nominated in any category, which one and why?

      • Robert

        Or: What is your initial reaction towards a remake, sequel or prequel and how does that opinion change over time?

  • kyle coley

    yay you included my question! thanks guys! cant to listen to it

  • kyle coley


  • kyle coley

    heres my question for next week, Best director in the past 100 years?

  • Alex Thomas

    On War Horse - still can see it missing Best Picture nom at Academy.

    On voting for Drive at BFCA - Good work Brad! As you said it's your #1.

  • Bmac

    Great Podcast!!
    Potential topics

    -Are there certains things in a movie that will make you automatically dislike the film aka how brad feels about marion colltiard (sp) in contagion or doesnt matter how bad the film is there is something about that makes you really like it. Kinda how Laremy feels about like crazy.

    - you guys have talked little about how well T.V. is nowadays, which i agree. What films, in the last 10-15 years, do you think would have been good, better, or interesting as T.V show.

  • LumberJACKEDx9x

    I was reading an article that Ebert wrote lately about the declining revenue for movie theatre chains. He cited that currently, "Certified Copy" is 3rd most popular on Netflix Instant Watch and that different, rapidly expanding windows of exhibition are affording viewers access to small, independent films they wouldn't have otherwise known about. I've had several people mention to me films like "Enter the Void," "Bronson," and "Meek's Cutoff" like they had unearthed some unknown gem and were ecstatic to spread the word to their friends. Maybe this is a tad optimistic on my part, but are audiences becoming more privy to the agendas of the all-powerful, consumer-centric studios? Is the public's movie-going palette becoming more diverse and perceptive? If smaller films like "The Descendants" were given the same advertising campaigns and theatre counts as your standard tentpole/franchise, would they yield similar results? Or are huge, 100 million opening weekend successes contingent upon action, explosions, robot/werewolves/vampire/manbearpigs and gratuitous titty shots? Did you feel like you're own movie interests expanded because of Netflix and VOD premieres or were many lesser known films already available to you because of your badass jobs?

    Also, while the writing in "The Tree of Life" did feel preachy and didactic at times, talk to any conservative, full-blown Christian and they'll tell you all those words are the sermon itself. Some of these people think Malick was trying to use the film as an evangelism piece and don't accept criticism of the work because it is "true."

    Lastly, why has it taken the cinema world so long to conjure up two hunky buffets of manliness to talk movies on the Internet for our listening pleasure? You just can't get these kind of playful, homo-erotic vibes anywhere else...for free.

    Just kidding...looking for a giggle. Really cool that you guys are giving away stuff, not something you have to do, but the last thing I want to look at when I grab the remote off the coffee table is freaking Joey.

  • http://moviesfilmsmotionpictures.com Joker

    If you could be any one movie character, who would it be and why?

    While movies are my life, I also watch the occasional TV series (LOST and Breaking Bad are my two favorites). What are your favorite TV shows?

  • http://moviesfilmsmotionpictures.com Joker

    Oh and Punch-Drunk Love is a masterpiece. I love every minute of it.

  • rewster79

    I think it's super awesome that you guys are willing to give away your loot to the listeners --- I know you guys say you don't have use for it, but you could easily sell it on Evil-Bay for extra beer money if you wanted. I know personally though the items you mention are things I would LOVE to add to my "movie room" at home. And as someone who actually really enjoyed War Horse (yeah I said it!), I'm gunning for this next one. Not to play dirty, but if you wanna pick someone who would seriously enjoy your War Horse loot... *raises hand* *cough*

    Okay -- so you guys have made your feelings on War Horse pretty clear, and I definitely see your point. But the reason I personally enjoyed it is for a lot of the reasons you don't. When I buy a ticket to a Spielberg flick (especially with a clear-as-day-I-know-where-this-is-headed synopsis as War Horse), I know I'm buying a ticket to a Cheese platter dripping with sentimentality. I don't want this formula for every movie I sit down to, but in this case I'm ready for a dose of good old fashioned corniness, and we all know Stevey might as well change his last name to Redenbacher. If I bought a ticket to a Fincher film and saw the same result, I'd be disappointed (as I was with Benjamin Button). But in this case, I got what I paid for.

    And that brings me to my question: Let's say we could magically wipe the War Horse slate clean, and you guys have been placed in charge as Executive Producers of the film-to-be. The script you've been handed is exactly as-is the one in theaters now. You can hire any writer you want to rewrite a new draft per your script notes, hire any director you want to helm, and any composer to score. Who would you entrust as your 3 collaborators to turn this project into your vision of the best product?

  • mfan

    For a moment there, that actually sounded like Charles Barkley :)

    • http://www.film.com/author/laremy-legel Laremy Legel

      When I'm just in my living room, off mic, I do decent one. I just get self-conscious once the tape starts and my brain yells "I'm not sure you're sounding like him!"

      But, thanks.

  • Rick

    What's your take on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

  • Roberto925

    Brad can you explain something for me please. Why isn't 50/50 in the position Bridesmaids is in right now, seriously what gives?

  • maja

    If you had to make a list of the five best 2011 films, what would they be and would they match up with the expected Oscar Best Picture nominees? And have they matched up in prior years?

  • Garrett

    What are some of the biggest film disappointments you've ever experienced? Something you were sure you'd enjoy but ended up being let down.

  • http://www.the100review.com Mason Williamson

    Kind of late on getting to listening to this podcast, but I had to clear out some time to listen for nearly two hours.

    Really loved a lot of your guys picks for your favorite films (though I also totally understand how annoying it can be to have people constantly asking what your all-time favorite films are) - Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, Seven, and Before Sunset(that one I have to thank Brad for, as his constant mentioning of it is what motivated me to check it out) are actually all in my top 5, with Magnolia at the very top of the list, so I was glad to hear all of them mentioned.