2013 Toronto Film Festival

Podcast: 2013 Toronto Film Festival Preview with Special Guests

A little send off before we head to Toronto

Rope of Silicon PodcastWelcome to our 2013 Toronto Film Festival preview where Laremy and I are joined by Emma and Aurelien from CinemaTeaser.com and Kevin from The Playlist. We discuss the films we're most looking forward to seeing, our hectic schedules, early buzz and the films we're not exactly looking forward to seeing and some we will unfortunately have to miss.

On top of that Laremy and I answer a few listener questions, play some games, talk about the new DVD and Blu-ray releases and I have a great story for you to close out this episode. Hope you enjoy.

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  • 00:00-00:57 - Introduction
  • 00:58-3:03 - Show notes
  • 3:04-4:28 - [Listener Question] I'm curious as to why you thought "A Farewell To Arms" couldn't be made into a film? I don't quite see any big deal over the ending... sure it's depressing, what's wrong with that? Also, Hemingway's blunt style is perfect for novel to screen translation. [IngmartheBergman]
  • 4:29-10:19 - New DVDs and Blu-rays
  • 10:20 -59:24 - 2013 Toronto Film Festival preview with guests Emma and Aurelien from CinemaTeaser.com and Kevin from The Playlist
  • 59:25-1:02:27 - [Listener Question] First, I want to say that I'm not trying to tell anyone what movie they should or shouldn't see, but, I would definitely recommend that anyone see any film that has won the Palme d'Or because historically that award has always gone to some very interesting choices, but I must say that I was rather taken aback by Laremy's comments about 'Blue is the Warmest Color', especially when he dismissed the film, though perhaps jokingly, on just the image of two girls kissing because, as a gay person, that to me reeked of homophobia. What if a gay person dismissed 'Silver Linings Playbook' because it was about two straight people falling in love who kiss at the end? Again, we live in a country where we're free to see whatever movie we want or like whatever we want, but being dismissive of a same-sex relationship just because it's same-sex came off to me as a little disheartening. [marlonwallace]
  • 1:02:28-1:18:29 - [Listener Question] Speaking of homophobia, I also wanted to take issue with Laremy's anticipation of 'Ender's Game'. He anticipates this film more than 'Gravity'? I know he has both films in his Box Office Draft and I'm curious to see how both those sci-fi movies do, though I have a prediction. 'Gravity' will probably be more critically acclaimed over 'Ender's Game' but 'Ender's Game' will probably make more money. 'Ender's Game' looks like 'Star Wars' meets 'The Hunger Games' and, obviously, a movie like 'Ender's Game' which is about the military and war will succeed over 'Gravity', a film that's about loneliness and the human condition because we're obviously a country that values fighting and killing over love and compassion, which is why we'll probably be at war with Syria next week. But, if it wasn't in Laremy's draft, and you had to choose one over the other, which movie would you prefer to see succeed the most and why: 'Ender's Game' or 'Gravity'? [marlonwallace]
  • 1:18:30-1:22:20 - Over / Under
    • 1.5 movies Brad sees at TIFF that are in his Top Ten Movies of 2013 [Alex]
    • 3 more films where Henry Cavill plays Superman [andyluvsfilms]
    • 2.5 years until Daniel Day-Lewis goes back to acting [bcf26]
    • 5 Best Picture nominees this year earn more than $100 million at box office [Gautam]
  • 1:22:21-1:26:32 - Buy or Sell
    • Nicolas Cage gets another Oscar nom in his lifetime [Ben Kelly]
    • November 2015 will be the highest grossing November ever… primarily because of small movies like Ant-Man, Bond 24, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 and Finding Dory [bcf26]
    • Either 12 Years A Slave or Gravity gets an A+ from Brad. [Gautam]
    • Chiwetel Ejiofor wins Best Actor Oscar this year for 12 Years a Slave [Gautam]
  • 1:26:33-1:33:14 - Playing the Percentages
    • % chance 12 Years A Slave is nominated for Best Picture [Aidan Khan]
    • % of movies that Brad or Laremy see at TIFF that they will dislike [Ben Kelly]
    • % chance Brad and/or Laremy remember Getaway within 1 and 1/2 weeks [Hudsucker]
    • % chance the only positive reviewer for Getaway on RT gave it a positive review on purpose just to be contrarian [Nardog]
    • % chance a post-credits scene in "Riddick" [Stephen Brownlee]
  • 1:33:15-1:35:10 - #GoodTweets
  • 1:35:11-1:46:43 - Closing (plus a mid-stream story from Brad's weekend)

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Fall 2013 Box-Office Draft
Brad vs. Laremy

Laremy's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
GravityOct 5   
Ender's GameNov 2   
Inside Llewyn DavisDec 7   
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugDec 14   
The Monuments MenDec 19   
Anchorman: The Legend ContinuesDec 21   
Walking with DinosaursDec 21   
Jack RyanDec 26   
The Secret Life of Walter MittyDec 26   
August: Osage CountyDec 26   
47 RoninDec 26   
Brad's Picks
MovieDateBudgetBox-OfficeCurrent Total
Insidious: Chapter 2Sep 13   
Battle of the YearSep 13   
Machete KillsOct 12   
Jackass Presents: Bad GrandpaOct 25   
Last VegasNov 2   
Thor: The Dark WorldNov 9   
The Wolf of Wall StreetNov 16   
The Hunger Games: Catching FireNov 23   
FrozenNov 28   
Saving Mr. BanksDec 14   
American HustleDec 14   

The Fall 2013 Movie Box-Office Draft competition involved both Brad and Laremy "drafting" ten films each in hopes of scoring the largest net total by taking a film's worldwide gross subtracting two-and-a-half-times the reported budget. The film must be released in September through December 2013. The draft took place on August 20, 2013 during the RopeofSilicon Podcast which you can listen to right here.

Listed above is all the most recent data as of this post. Budgetary information is not necessarily accurate and will most likely not be accurate until closer to or after each film's release.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

    As you get older has your feelings about movie violence altered? I would have loved Django Unchained and Kick Ass 2 when i was in my teens/twenties but post-forty i'm finding some of the scenes cruel and unnecessary [andyluvsfilms]

    Do you have a favourite movie soundtrack? Mine is from The Fountain, to me its a work of genius [andyluvsfilms]

    Buy Or Sell -Christophe Waltz now gets the roles previously offered to Hugo Weaving #SimilarStyle [andyluvsfilms] The Zero Theorem ends up fresh on RT, currently 50% [andyluvsfilms]

    Over/Under -Transformers 4 exceeds $1b worldwiiide. Transformers 3 did $1.1b [andyluvsfilm] The Zero Theorem is Terry Gilliam's best earner. 12 Monkeys did $168m WW [andyluvsfilms]

    Dems -% Chance B&L is nominated for a Podcast Award [andyluvsfilms] % Chance Brad buys the new Union J album thanks their product placement in Kick Ass 2 [andyluvsfilms]

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/seanfast/ Sean Fast

      I see that with my dad a lot (in regards to your first question). He always would show me movies when I was a kid, I got my love for film from him. He used to enjoy ultraviolent movies like those from the 80s and 90s, and I remember enjoying them with him. But lately (I'm almost 30 and he's almost 60 now) I notice he cringes a lot more during violent stuff like Django, and seems turned off or disturbed by it.

      • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Stephen/ Stephen

        I think it's a great question and I would love to hear that discussed.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/rti03/ Tiago Rti

    3.5 years till Tarantino´s next movie.[Tiago Rti]
    30 years till a Foreign Director wins Best Director at the Oscar directing a foreign language movie..[Tiago Rti]
    0.5 more movies for Jack Nicholson..[Tiago Rti]
    20 years until an actor beats or equals Katharine Hepburn 4 wins at the Oscars for acting.[Tiago Rti]

    Playing the Percentages
    % chance Ben Affleck gets nominated for Best Director in Live by Night(his next movie).[Tiago Rti]
    % chance a documentary is ever nominated for Best Picture.[Tiago Rti]
    % anybody over 89 years old wins an Academy Award for Acting.[Tiago Rti]
    % chance Robert De Niro last nomination at the Oscars was the one for Silver Linings Playbook.[Tiago Rti]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Adu/ Adu


    With the conclusion of TIFF, Brad has his top 10 of 2013 locked!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/juanperezcarlos/ Carlos

    Buy or Sell:
    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be the Highest Grossing Movie of The Year over Iron Man 3. [Carlos]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/juanperezcarlos/ Carlos


    % Benedict Cumberbatch gets 0 noms at the Oscars. [Carlos]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Corbin/ Corbin

    I now realize that it's entirely possible for the 200th episode to be on my birthday.

    • http://www.film.com/author/laremy-legel Laremy Legel

      When's the bday?

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/TheLastEquivocationofBrist/ TheLastEquivocationofBrist

    That story was a laugh riot Brad, so random haha. Thanks for sharing. Every time I watch 40 Year Old Virgin I think "Why hasn't Romany Malco been in more movies?" Maybe the selfies keep him too busy.

  • http://www.theuncool.com Greg Mariotti

    True story. As you know I am listening to the old pods and keeping up with the new ones as well. Up to number 120 now. My wife walks into the room and says "I'm so sick of hearing those two guys, if I ever see them at a screening in Seattle, I'm gonna walk up and punch them in the face. #Just saying". I got a kick out of that and thought you guys might too. Thanks

    • http://www.film.com/author/laremy-legel Laremy Legel

      I'm both alarmed and flattered. Tell her I'll buy her something to make up for my overarching annoying nature, that's gotten me out of most problems with friends & fam so far. #JustSaid

      • http://www.theuncool.com Greg Mariotti

        be flattered. she just hit her breaking point with my podcast obsession. I've got a little something something for you that I think you'll like Laremy. Shoot me an email (via http://www.theuncool.com)

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Hudsucker/ Hudsucker

    0.5 Oscar nominations for Ender's Game [Hudsucker]
    1.5 Oscar nominations for Alfonso Cuaron this year [Hudsucker]
    0.5 more positive reviews for the Getaway posted on RT [Hudsucker]
    Christopher Nolan has a rotten film within the next 7 years [Hudsucker]
    Dem' Percentages
    % chance for antoher Mst3k film [Hudsucker]
    % on RT for Snowpiercer [Hudsucker]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/RV/ Roland

    $200 million domestically for Divergent [Roland]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Nardog/ Nardog

    Buy or Sell:
    Miyazaki's announcement of retirement hurts The Wind Rises' chance to win a prize at Venice [Nardog]

    Playing the Percentages:
    % chance The Wind Rises gets a limited release this year to qualify for the Oscars [Nardog]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Nardog/ Nardog

    By the way Parkland already got DVD/Blu-ray release date in November. Surreal.

  • http://www.twitter.com/marlonwallace marlonwallace

    My apologies to Laremy! I don't think he's homophobic. I simply wanted clarification as to his reason why he initially dismissed 'Blue is the Warmest Color.' I know you guys don't watch trailers or read too much about movies before going into them, so I just was unsure on what exactly Laremy was pre-judging the movie for, if not merely for its sexuality.

    Also, I perhaps worded my question about 'Ender's Game' wrongly. I agree with you guys reluctantly about separating art from the artist's personal life, and I certainly did NOT want to have a discussion about Orson Scott Card. I DID want to discuss the subject matter of the movie, as opposed to the subject matter in 'Gravity'. The former looks like a children's movie, not only a movie about children but for children, geared toward the 'Star Wars' and 'Hunger Games' crowd, as opposed to 'Gravity', which looks like a movie for adults, geared toward the '2001: A Space Odyssey' or 'Moon' crowd, but I wanted you guys to discuss what YOU think the demographic for both movies is or what the tone for both is, or what the possible message is?

  • Aidan Khan

    .5 Oscar nominations for The Fifth Estate [Aidan Khan]

    • Aidan Khan

      Playing The Percentages:
      % chance Rush is nominated for Best Picture [Aidan Khan]

  • Neil

    New commenter here, love the site and the podcast!

    Snowpiercer gets more Oscar noms than Gravity [Neil]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/AmericanNoir/ AmericanNoir

    Listener Question:
    I just saw the trailer for Ender's Game and I've got to say I'm currently less than enthusiastic about this film but it brought up a interesting question I'd like you guys to discuss. Have either of you ever watched a film and it was so disappointing/terrible that it made you like the source material less? I know Laremy is anticipating this film and I hope the trailer is just trying to bring in the masses but the film seems to have largely missed the point if the trailer is to be believed. The only one I can think of is I Am Legend off the top of my head. [AmericanNoir]

    2.5 Oscar Noms for Prisoners [AmericanNoir]
    8 years before "Geek Culture" stops cornering the market on large budget movies [AmericanNoir]

    Playing the Percentages:
    % chance Steven Soderbergh's "comeback film" will be his highest regarded film among critics [AmericanNoir]
    % chance David Fincher ever receives an oscar win [AmericanNoir]

    Would you rather...(difficult second viewing addition)
    Shame or 12 Years a Slave [AmericanNoir}
    Valhalla Rising or Only God Forgives [AmericanNoir]
    Schindler's List or The Pianist
    Alien 3 or The Terminator 3

    Last little comment:
    Brad, when you were rubbing that fact that you got to go to TIFF in Emma's face I felt like screaming in my cubicle. I just want to point out that most (if not all) of your listeners also aren't going to TIFF. You're a dick. A lovable dick I can't stop listening to for four hours a week in said cubicle. Hope you fellas are enjoying yourselves while Emma and I are green with envy.

  • Ryan M

    Buy or Sell:
    The Best Picture winner of 2013 was played at TIFF [Ryan M]
    Carey Mulligan beating Meryl Streep and Oprah this year for Best Supporting Actress this year [Ryan M]
    Warren Beatty ever directing another film [Ryan M]
    M Night Shamalan will ever Direct a movie with a FRESH RT rating [Ryan M]
    Jennifer Lawrence becoming the Meryl Streep of her generation [Ryan M]

    1.5 Oscar nominations for Matthew McConaughey this year [Ryan M]
    400 Million Domestic for Thor: The Dark World [Ryan M]
    3 Acting Oscar Nominations for the cast of 12 Years A Slave [Ryan M]

    Play the Percentages:
    % chance that Brad and Laremy have the same choice when it comes to their number 1 film of 2013 [Ryan M]
    % chance of an Uncharted movie [Ryan M]
    % Annette Bening ever wins an Oscar
    % chance Insidious Chapter 2 is the last James Wan horror movie for a
    while [Ryan M]

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/drew/ drew

    Question for the next podcast (hopefully you'll see it, I didn't know where else to post it)

    How do you guys stay energized during TIFF or any other festival, especially when you have 4-5 movie days? (Drew)

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

    Hey brad, I've been waiting for the big 200th episode of the podcast. I hope you guys make it tomorrow. I'm assuming you have something special planned!

  • http://letterboxd.com/gman/ G-Man

    Welcome back, guys! Thought this would be fun:

    Watch This - Watch That (TIFF 2012 vs. TIFF 2013) -

    Silver Linings Playbook vs. 12 Years A Slave
    Argo vs. Prisoners
    Spring Breakers vs. Don Jon
    Cloud Atlas vs. Gravity
    The Sessions vs. Dallas Buyers Club
    Hyde Park on Hudson vs. The Fifth Estate
    Perks of Being a Wallflower vs. Philomena
    End of Watch vs. Rush
    The Impossible vs. August: Osage County
    Amour vs. Blue Is The Warmest Color
    Looper vs. Dom Hemingway
    The Place Beyond The Pines vs. Under The Skin

  • Chris Neilson

    Buy or Sell:
    12 Years A Slave makes Bard and Laremys Top 10 Movies of 2013 [Chris]
    Playing The Percentages:
    % chance Citizen Kane is the best movie ever not to win Best Picture [Chris]

  • Alex Sopher

    Buy or Sell:
    Either Brad or Laremy will watch Sleepy Hallow [Alex]
    4 Oscar wins for 12 Years A Slave [Alex]

  • http://letterboxd.com/gman/ G-Man

    What are your guys' thoughts on the cell phone fiasco at TIFF? How, in general, do you feel about cell phones being allowed during screenings there?