Plot for Pixar's 'Finding Dory' Affected by 'Blackfish' Documentary and New Voice Cast Announced

findingdoryI get the feeling I'm going to be posting a lot of one-off Disney-related stories over the next several hours as they D23 Expo continues and this time around the focus is on Andrew Stanton's Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory.

To begin, the "Los Angeles Times" is reporting that after director Gabriela Cowperthwaite screened her new documentary Blackfish, which takes a look at the mistreatment of sea animals in water parks such as Sea World, Pixar decided to change the ending to Finding Dory.

The Cove director, Louie Psihoyos, told the newspaper the following:

At the end of the movie, some marine mammals are sent to an aquatic park/rehab facility -- a SeaWorld-type environment. After seeing Blackfish, they retooled the film so that the sea creatures now have the choice to leave that marine park. They told Gabriela they didn't want to look back on this film in 50 years and have it be their Song of the South.

Cowperthwaite was also quoted, confirming the screening for Pixar took place and that they were "impacted", but she adds, "Whether Blackfish affects their creative decisions, I can't say."

In addition to this some new cast members have been announced including Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton as Charlie and Jenny, parents to Ellen DeGeneeres's titular Dory and Ty Burrell will voice a beluga whale named Bailey, described by Slashfilm as the comedic sidekick in the film.

The site also reports some new plot details saying a traumatic event sets off Dory's "homing instinct". So as she goes off on some kind of search for her family, Nemo and Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) are looking for her.

Finding Dory is currently slated for a November 25, 2015 release.

  • Ryguy815

    I'm extremely excited for this! The plot sounds really good and I love the new cast! Pixar better not screw this up like they screwed up Toy Story 2, Cars 2, and Monsters University though.

    • ILDC

      I take it you liked Toy Story 3?

      • Ryguy815

        Yeah, I loved it!

        • Ryguy815

          I personally hated both Toy Story and Toy Story 2. I just found them to be really stupid and boring.

      • lalecture

        Toy Story 3 was 'one of' the funniest movies I watched in 2010! Way better than 1 and 2.. Although TS3 would be nothing without the set up of the first ones.

    • Hudsucker

      Toy Story 2 was great.

      • andyluvsfilms

        Yeah, Toy Story 2 was my favourite too, the Jessie character was so well written.

        • Paul Hennen

          Toy Story 2 was amazing. For one thing, it had a plot with the entire backstory of where Woody really comes from, Jessie, The Prospector (who has multiple personality disorder), the other buzz, Zerg, etc. A guy looking for Woody as an antique..c'mon people, this way better than some stupid kid mistreating toys.
          The fact 1 was even such a hit suprises me to this day, the fact that pulled out 2 and 3 from this shocks me.

  • andyluvsfilms

    hmmm i am very surprised that a goliath like Disney would change any part of a film because of a little seen documentary. Good publicity for Blackfish though

    • Aleonardis

      I wouldn't say little seen. It's probably the most talked about Doc of the year.

      • andyluvsfilms

        I meant in comparison to a Disney film. Docs are up there as my favourite genre but unfortunately more people will pay to see a Saw sequel than they will Blackfish.

      • lalecture

        Well then, ill be sure to make my way down to the artsie film house to catch Blackfish before it leaves.thanks for the tip.

  • Liam Fogarty

    Really bad feeling about this one, heavily doubtful this'll be quality and this news doesn't really add any sort of confidence to my gut instincts.

  • SmartFilm

    No surprise that they'll be shoe-horning in a message, not that I have high hopes for this movie. On another note, if you haven't seen Blackfish, make sure you to, it's as heartbreaking as it is entertaining.

  • austinjoel

    I loved Finding Nemo and although I'm not super excited about this sequel I will surely see this with the hopes that it can duplicate the success of the Toy Story movies and be just as good as the original

  • Ducard

    I'm very tempted to drive 110 miles to L.A. to see "Blackfish".
    I applaud Stanton for the change. I could not have seen "Finding Dory" with that first ending.

    • lalecture

      Whoa! A true film lover. Go for it.

  • Aleonardis

    At least this sounds like they're normal mode of story telling. Something very simple, meaning a whole lot more in the grand scheme of things. Lets hope this is a Toy Story 3 and not a Cars 2/Monsters U.

  • Chris

    I'd love to see Pixar intertwine an anti-Sea World message into the film. Possibly even make it the center of the story. Just like how Wall-E tackled global warming.

  • Corbin

    I'm really looking forward to this, I just hope that it isn't bad.

  • Shaun Heenan

    After seeing Blackfish, it sort of seems like a bad idea to include Seaworld style park in the movie at all.