Pacino Eyes Lead Role in Adaptation of Gladwell's 'Blink'

The Hollywood Reporter has a story regarding a film I am purely interested in only because Stephen Gaghan is aboard as writer and director. Gaghan penned the script for Traffic and wrote and directed Syriana in 2005, two films that don't necessarily lend perfectly to what it sounds like will be attempted with the filmed adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell's nonfiction bestseller "Blink", but at the same time it makes the proposition that much more interesting.

First off, Gaghan's script will center on the relationship between an older man and the twenty something son he was never close to. The two reconnect early on in the pic, and the boy, an idealistic drifter who's teaching in a downtown New York school, and the father, a finance type living in Connecticut, must navigate their new relationship.

THR's Steven Zeitchik describes the rest of the story as "Scent of a Woman with a finance-y twist" as the son has that "blink" thing going, and can size up people and situations on a dime. The father character spots this, and both wants to help the boy find himself and use him to make some dough on Wall Street. Sounds a little bit like Rain Man if you ask me, just taking place on Wall Street instead of in Vegas. Oh, and without the autism.

Lined up for the role as the father is Al Pacino, who is currently in talks for the part, and Zeitchik says there is a surprising "tween appeal" surrounding the role of the son, which immediately makes me think we are talking about Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson.

Word is the script is ready to go and a few pieces need to slide into place as the film will be shopped around the Cannes Film Festival this May and should things work out it will go into production this fall.

  • sjk

    I think the role of the son would be great for Zac. What an honor for him to work with Al Pacino and to show his versatility in acting. Somebody tell Zac's people!!!

  • hannah

    Zac as a NY teacher. Hilarious. Pattinson's tied to Memoirs and then the new Jackman film at the end of the year followed by Bel Ami so it cant be him. This Pacino film sounds so boring so I hope Pattinson stays well clear of it.

  • helen

    They need a short runt to play Pacino's son so Efron would fit. Pattinson's too good looking and tall to play a relative of Pacino's. The film will bomb.

  • Jamie

    I'm amused at the butthurt Pattinson fans besmirching the movie since it appears it can't be Pattinson's role. Pattinson too good looking... ha, that's a joke, to say nothing of his questionable skills in acting.

    Obviously I don't know if it is a good story but Gaghan is an Oscar-winning writer. I'd rather a different director but Gaghan's directing skills seem to be improving with each outing (and maybe the plot will be at little easier to direct than Syriana).

    But the biggest thing is, working with Pacino (whether he is past his prime or not) is a good opportunity for anyone be it Rob or Zac or even Shia if that is what Zeitchik thinks tween appeal means.

  • Alex

    too good looking? hahahaahahaha

  • Chika

    I'm with Jamie. Once you start talking down a movie with a legend like Al pacino when Rob Pattinson is yet to prove himself acting wise, you lose all credibility.

    Anyhow, I hope Zac gets the role since Rob is 'too good' for the role. Zac has latent talent and potential that his people are trying to drown with hearthrob romantic roles.

    I believe under that pretty face is a real guy's guy that can show more talent than the tear-jerker cougar/tween targeted roles allow him to. He needs to start reaching out to a male audience as well, and this role would be great for him as he can stretch himself and more importantly be challenged by working beside Al Pacino.

    He showed real potential in hosting SNL and had good reviews from MAOW, something Rob is yet to achieve going by the reviews of Little Ashes. Not to talk down Rob, he and Zac are yet to prove themselves, he has the advantage of looking more manly than Zac but at least going by their individual movies and performances outside of their franchise, Zac has had better critical response so for Rob's fans to try to build him up into what he is not and talk down Zac is disingenuos.

    Zac is certainly not up to all his hype and is trying to navigate his heartthrob status but he'll get there in the end not just because the talent is there but the humility and likeability.