Foreign Language Oscar Contenders

Best Foreign Language Oscar Contenders

I have not yet taken a look at the Foreign Language contenders for the 2015 Oscars so I have left the list of the 76 movies submitted for consideration at the 2014 Oscar awards below until we get closer to the end of the year.

Afghanistan to France

Georgia to Morocco

  • Shaun Heenan

    Of those submitted so far I've only seen Child's Pose, and I really hated it. It wasn't even the best Romanian movie I saw that day.

    • Shaun Heenan

      As of today's update I've seen six of these:
      The Rocket
      Child's Pose
      Eat Sleep Die

      I think Wadjda is easily the best of those.

  • Bri

    Update Brad Please!

  • andyluvsfilms

    I haven't seen any of these, i'm so out the loop.

  • topyxyz

    There's a critically acclaimed movie called "On The Job" from the Philippines to be released by Well Go USA on the 27th.

  • LegenDaryl

    I hope the Philippines will be chosen this time- Shortlist includes great films like OTJ: ON THE JOB (dir. Erik Matti)/ THY WOMB (dir. Brillante Mendoza)/ EKSTRA (dir. Jeffrey Jeturian)/ BOSES (dir. Ellen Ongkeko Marfil) and some possible candidates- TRANSIT (dir. Hannah Espia)/ and SANA DATI (dir. Jerrold Tarog) :-)

    • LegenDaryl

      and TRANSIT was chosen! Will be rooting for this film! :-)

  • Anna

    Brazil chose "O som ao Redor" (Neighboring sounds).
    Excellent choice and excellent movie. As a brazilian I'm very happy with this and I think we migh have a shot.

  • Adu

    I'm excited to see Pakistan's entry; nice to see the film industry there trying to gain some form of momentum.

  • Nardog

    Belatedly learned the premise of An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker. Man, this has to be a real contender.

  • Mana

    "Blue is the Warmest Color"
    "Instructions Not Included"

  • printh

    interesting to note that 3 films are in the foreign language of pilipino/tagalog which is the language of the philippines.