Watch: International Trailer for 'On the Road'

On the Road International Trailer
Photo: Sundance Selects

One film I immediately forgot about when the whole "to do" over Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, was Walter Salles's On the Road. Whether people want to make a case for Stewart being a quality actress or not, the first thing you think about when you hear her name or Pattinson's is the Twilight franchise and second her rabid fanbase. So, when the following international trailer arrived for On the Road, I thought to myself, Oh yeah, even Sundance Selects can't be too happy about the potential loss of KStew fans that have turned their back on their beloved actress for her cheating ways.

Of course, this film's number one target audience is hardly the drooling fans of the Twilight franchise and, as we all know, scandal only makes these actors even more prolific, even when it's as trumped up as this one was, timed perfectly with the DVD and Blu-ray announcement of Snow White and the Huntsman. But hey, if that's what you have to do to gain attention nowadays go for it.

As for On the Road, I saw it at Cannes and wasn't exactly a fan (read my review here), my tagline being, "Well made, well acted, tedious, redundant and empty."

I've never read Jack Keroac's novel, which may have put me at a disadvantage in this case as I feel those that have a prior connection to the characters may be more likely to take more out of the film. I did, however, theorize over possible alternate interpretations of the film in search of taking something more out of it, but in the end still remain a bit limp on the whole experience.

Sundance Selects has yet to announce a Fall release date for the film, but you can watch the international trailer below, and as I said, you can read my review right here.

  • Not a game

    I value this site, always have.

    But I am kind of shocked you think this "scandal/whatever" is trumped up Brad. It's likely Sanders will lose his directorship of SWATH - his first feature - and the battering Stewart is taking in the press is no walk in the park (deserved or not.)

    But more importantly, Pattinson doesn't play that game. He would not be party to a fake event in order to hype his film. That has never been him , nor will it ever be.

    BTW, your review of OTR was great.

    • Brad Brevet

      Something has never sat well with me regarding the whole situation and I don't think Sanders had anything to do with it and I actually believe it had more to do with Stewart's "people" than her or Pattinson.

  • Not a game

    I, too, wonder about the timing of it all and, yes, there is "something" strange about this hoopla.

    Of course, we'll never know for sure if it's contrived or not as those kind of "conversations" never come to light.

    But it can't be denied, that there are a hell of a lot of PR-heavy stories being fed into 'helfpul' sites right now, at a very timely juncture.

    I hope Pattinson hasn't become suckered into that game. It's the fastest way to lose one's joy and potential for growth in creativity - not to mention, integrity.

    Nice talking to you Brad.

    • kimberlesk

      Well said, regarding Pattinson. As for her, she sucks the life out of everything she's involved in. I would be happy to never read her name next to his again. I think they are both looking forward to being paroled for their time served in the Twilight/Robsten prison and it's vicious fandom.

  • The Jackal

    Kirsten Stewart was solid in Into the Wild (though only a bit part), The Runaways & Snow White - she's no Meryl Streep or Viola Davis, or Natalie Portman, but given the right role in a film that doesnt have "Twilight" in the title, she'll do just fine. As for the snafu regarding Mr. Pattinson, I could give a shit.

    Thems the facts