Nolan's Done, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is Here... What's Next for Batman?

Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises
Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises
Photo: Warner Bros.

NOTE: It should be obvious, but this story contains spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises.

Over the weekend a conversation began to brew regarding the excitement and/or lack thereof for more superhero movies in my posting of the teaser trailers for Zack Snyder's Superman feature, Man of Steel. The statement that got it all started came from someone asking, "Will audiences EVER tire of watching the same damn thing again and again and again and again?" Another followed up by another asking, "Am I the only one tried of the superhero genre craze?! Can it just go away already?!"

For them, this conversation may not be up their alley, but for me, I think Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises elevated the genre above what we traditionally think of when the word "superhero" is tossed around.

Take a couple of comments from my review of The Dark Knight Rises for example. One asking me to compare the film to The Avengers, another asking about a specific portion of my review writing, "Why is it a good thing that Selina Kyle is not referred to as Catwoman? Is it really anymore weird than calling someone Batman or the Joker in the Nolan grounded universe?"

As for the comparison to The Avengers... there is none. Tonally, visually, thematically... entirely different.

As for the other question, YES! One thousand times, yes there is a difference! The fact Selina Kyle is never referred to as Catwoman goes to everything that makes Nolan's Batman trilogy so great, and why Warner Bros. should consider continuing where Nolan left off rather than rebooting the franchise in a few years.

Why is it a good thing Selina Kyle was never referred to as Catwoman? Because she's Selina Kyle. She has a name, and we get to know her as Selina. Had she been referred to as anything else you lose that bit of reality. She loses that piece of her that was human... sort of like... I don't know, Bruce Wayne when he became Batman. Her identity as a struggling citizen of Gotham would have been lost in a story that is already focusing on a character searching for his identity and Nolan was right to keep her as a character the audience could connect with... after all, she is the film's closest representative of the 99%.

As for wondering if there is any difference between calling her Catwoman and referring to Heath Ledger's character from The Dark Knight as The Joker. YES! again. Catwoman and The Joker, in fact, have nothing in common. What do we know about The Joker? Nothing. He's a psychotic madman that wants to watch the world burn. Yet, as he says in The Dark Knight, he and Batman aren't so different. To the citizens of Gotham, both are men with no name. Why do they do what they do? It's inexplicable. It's what makes The Joker that much scarier and Batman that much more confusing to the citizens.

Why would someone dress as a bat, protect the city from evil and yet never reveal his identity? It goes against everything we're used to in society and it's the number one reason we so easily accept Gotham's response to the belief Batman killed Harvey Dent. We as an audience know better, but we can see how a society would easily believe a masked vigilante killed the only beacon of hope they'd seen in a human in some time.

Nolan maintained this level of humanity throughout his Batman franchise, doing everything he could to keep his characters grounded in reality, with heroes and villains that embody both the light and the dark side of the soul. Not many superhero franchises have managed to do that if any. I'd argue The Avengers has done its best given what they're working with -- Tony Stark revealing himself to be Iron Man and the entire team becoming visible to the world in the Avengers finale. They lose a bit of that with the alien aspect, leaving Nolan's Batman as a unique vision in a genre where heroes and villains are infrequently presented without special powers, barring a few lackluster exceptions.

Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul, Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Heath Ledger as The Joker, Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate and Tom Hardy as Bane
Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul, Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Heath Ledger as The Joker, Cillian Murphy as Jonathan Crane, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate and Tom Hardy as Bane
Photo: Warner Bros.

Batman may have gadgets and the technology in the films is certainly accelerated, but no one can fly; Bane isn't a giant, radioactive monster; Ra's al Ghul taught deception and theatricality as opposed to magic and mysticism; Jonathan Crane developed a toxin; Talia al Ghul was someone's daughter; and The Joker... well, there is no explaining him, but he is just as much an exploration into the human mind as any of them. His power came from his faith in humanity, a faith in the ugliness of humanity, a faith that soon backfired showing humans are more than what he believed them to be.

Now, Nolan has left the franchise. Where has he left us?

In the eyes of Gotham, Batman is dead, but Wayne did not destroy the legacy of this hero. He left behind a savior for Gotham and a way for someone to pick up where he left off should a director be so bold and daring as to attempt to follow in his footsteps.

Interestingly (perhaps only to me), Nolan left the franchise exactly where I theorized he might back in February 2011. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't go by the name Dick Grayson in The Dark Knight Rises, late in the film we realize he is Robin, or at least some variation of the character and it looks as if he may be ready to pick up the Batman mantle.

In DC's "Nightwing" comic series, following Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Grayson became the new Batman. I'm not a comic book reader, but a trip over to Wikipedia reveals a plethora of information featuring Grayson as the new Batman, and while the story has changed there are surely enough themes and storylines to explore and maintain that level of reality Nolan started.

The question now lay with Warner Bros. Where do they want to take the character?

  • Kai Sacco

    As much as I would love to see a Nightwing or Selina Kyle spinoff with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway, I think that they should just leave Nolan's Batman universe alone; let it rest in peace. I know I've said it a thousand times, but I believe the right direction would be to adapt "Batman Beyond" into a live action feature. Possibly have Michael Keaton as the retired Bruce Wayne or Clint Eastwood. But if a Nolan spinoff does happen, I'll give it my support all the way. God willing the right cast and crew is assembled.

  • The Bioscopist

    Brad, I think the comparisons people are drawing between The Avengers and TDKR is related to the end scenes - [SPOILER] - involving the removal of a nuclear bomb away from a city, except Batman doesn't go for shwarma afterwards. At least that's the only similarity I can see.

  • Colin

    Give em 5 to 6 years. Let a flavor of the month director reboot it. Make it more mainstream and kid friendly and it makes the exact same amount if not more than what the Nolan franchise made. That's probably what should've been done the second time around.

    • Memo

      "Make it more mainstream and kid friendly..." And that my friend was called Batman Forever.

    • Dee

      colin, they were going to have a 2 film and then a 3rd! I am so happy and glad they did! We needed them all! I have been a fan before you. Nolan did it best , so did Christian!! You should not of commented!!

  • Criterion10

    I personally feel that Warner Bros. should just leave Nolan's Batman trilogy as it is, not reinvent the character and not continue where it ended. I am one of those people tired of the superhero genre; the only superhero films I can say I really liked are Nolan's films because he managed to do something different and interesting with them. They are by no means perfect, but they are wildly entertaining and certainly an original take on the caped crusader. Warner Bros. would be doing a disservice by doing anything more to Batman. But, it's been shown how much of a success superhero films are financially for the studios, so I'm sure that we'll never see the end of them.

  • Matt

    Great read. Thanks Brad.

  • maja

    Great article Brad. There is an interesting conversation to be hand regarding if Warners would be taking a bigger risk restarting this franchise or continuing it from where Nolan left it.

    If they continue where they left it, the first question is if can they maintain the same cast. If they can then there's a real risk that they could be destroying the legacy of the first three Nolan films by making a fourth film that is just not up to the same standards. Sure, you will say they won't care about the quality as long as it pulls in the money, but if it's not up to the same quality then a 5th one will not reach the same financial levels. The other risk is that no good established director will take on a film that has already established all the characters and it's world...established directors will have too large of an ego and want to start from fresh and create their own vision and world. The solution could be to find a young up and coming director like James Cameron did with Aliens (possibly Nolan's brother) but this is a massive risk considering the budgets involved and the impact it could have on the continued franchise.

    If they start from fresh then I assume this would mean going down the Spiderman route of starting again from the origin story which will attract the same conversation as Amazing Spiderman - is it too soon? Furthermore there will be talk that can it live up to the high standard which Nolan set for Batman Begins. Will it be able to seperate itself enough from that trilogy to start a brand new franchise? That will be incredibly difficult to do especially since I believe that Warners will continue with the whole 'dark' feel to these.

    So either way it will be interesting to see what Warners do. Personally I hope that they just don't make another Batman movies for 10-15 years but we both know that with the financial gains at stake that will never happen.

  • Good Grief

    The Batman universe is huge and has so many different paths for directors/producers to go down. While I love the idea of "Batman Beyond" getting a movie (or move series), I'd love to see someone dark direct something like "The Dark Knight Returns."
    Someone like, say, Fincher telling the story of a 55 year old Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement, I would genuinely like to see.
    However, if we're going to base all future films on Nolan's fantastic trilogy then yes, we should let his brother take a crack at it. It's seems a surefire way of keeping fans happy without besmirching the prior three films.

    As a side note, am I the only person that thought Selina Kyle brought nothing to "The Dark Knight Rises?" I found her almost tedious and **SPOILER** as for the demise of Bane? REALLY!?

    • Winchester

      No, you are not.

      I didn't think Hathaway or the Kyle character brought that much to the film and I'd go so far as to say were it not for the final scene she would barely need to be in the film at all. I felt she looked a little too polished to really represent the 99% or be shaped by Gotham's decline.

      As to the next step, it seems like it could be more interesting to try going forward instead of going back to the same origin work down the line.

    • AS

      You're 100% correct. Catwoman had nothing to do in this film and only added to the films many flaws. This film, in conjunction with Batman Begins, solidifies my feeling that Nolan didn't really bring THAT much to genre. I think people need to stop, take a breath, and re-evaluate the first and last film. Once you get past the "dark" tone, both films are fairly by-the-numbers. TDK was just an aberration. Anyway, I'm happy that Nolan's done with all of this. As far as reboots are concerned? They can reboot the hell out of Batman, I don't care, I won't be watching.

    • Amulya

      *SPOILER* Well it seemed like that would be the only way to really kill Bane, blow him up with some cannons haha

  • Dale mckussic

    Nolan should return in 2017 with the dark knight returns

  • Bruce Wayne

    It is the movie which is not the same as the comic books. But if DC hopes to make a Justice League movie and an eventual shared universe to compete with Marvel then you cannot use Nolan's version of Batman after this latest movie. The 8 year gap, the lack of development for Robin, the extremely uncharacteristic notion that Bruce Wayne would ever quit being Batman is laughable if you are to be faithful to the character. So all things being said, Nolan's Batman is its own version of the character in a more realistic world that does not translate well working with other superheroes which is what DC wants to and needs to do to even compete with Marvel going forward. Having said that, this doesn't mean the new reboot has to be campy or even like the first bat movies. It just needs to be faithful to the comic book which in itself is very good and translates well into film. Plus there are so many better characters in Batman's rogues gallery that were not used and much much MUCH more interesting than Bane or Ra's Al Ghul that absolutely need to be in film, like the Black Mask for instance. And now the court of the owls. Now that would make a great Batman film. The thing is, Batman does not need an origin story, just a soft reboot where it is already established he's been around for a while and faced most of his rogues gallery.

  • Cory Prinkey

    Great read just thought I'd point out the fact that in the list of villains Nolan used in his batman universe, two face or harvey dent was forgotten.

  • jake

    although I know you prefaced this by saying there would be spoilers -- i kinda wish that you didn't give away joseph gordon Levitt's character -- it was one of the true genuine surprises but hey, I guess that's why I am glad I went to see it before anyone can spoil it.

  • Matt

    Interesting if we get an older Bruce coming back to avenge Blakes death - as Bruce would hold himself responsible for letting him die wearing the mask (allow JGL his turn as Batman in Justice League so it's not gone in vein). Gotham is falling yet again having lost and unmasked it's vigilante; which in turns protects Wayne manor from pilaging the batcave. Bruce has no fortune to get all the amazing gadgets, so he has to go about it old school, he's older and more fragile, and he has no alter ego which punishes him even more by becoming the batman - which is his arc anyhow, Bruce should have no escape from his fate. Not Nolans Gotham as it would be older, allows for Bale to be replaced, and no reboot (yet). All it takes is the right script and a director with a vision for the script.

  • Hamza Zain

    I think the idea behind John Blake was not a completely new look at the character, but rather a combination of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, the first and last Robin's. Dick was an orphan and wise cracking, and honestly, as Nightwing looked a lot like Gordon-Levitt. Also, Grayson would moonlight as a police officer during his time as Nightwing.

    Tim Drake was the first Robin to actually figure out that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Then there is the similarities in the names John Blake and Tim Drake.

    This leads me to hoping they don't continue the Batman franchise with Gordon-Levitt as Batman. When Grayson took over as Batman, he had been raised as Robin and Bruce gave him the same League of Shadows training that he had. Half the entertainment of Grayson as Batman is his own hesitancy to taking over as Batman and trying to fill the shoes of Bruce, who was his mentor.

    • MWHollywood85

      I disagree. I think it would be fascinating to see JGL as Batman without having being mentored by Bruce. It would be interesting to see his character struggle with not only his past and his anger, but taking on becoming Batman lacking the training that Bruce had; basically having to be self taught. I would like to see how he deals with the responsibility of being Batman by himself.
      I don't think they can go the opposite direction and get into Schumacher camp territory and you can't go back to an origin story. That would mean leaving the Nolan universe intact. There are enough villains in the canon to sustain another 3 picture arc; Riddler, Penguin, Freeze, Victor Zsasz, Roman Sionis etc. But would the franchise succeed without Bruce Wayne, Wayne Manor, Wayne Enterprises, Alfred and the typical mythos? Also, Joker could not be included. How does a Batman franchise exist without his most famous nemesis?

  • AJ

    I pretty heavily disagree... Nolan's take never really worked for me, falling into some kind of "uncanny valley" where the efforts to make it "real" only emphasized how ridiculous other elements were. I haven't found any of his Bat movies particularly well plotted, and it's hampered by going for a "real" tone and then trying to still pull off comic-book levels of suspension of disbelief in order for the plotline to unfold. Add the sheer bizarreness of a guy dressed like a Bat showing up in a police interrogation room and I'm confronted with the mental image of him casually walking through the hallways of the police HQ and taking a left at the coffee machine.

    The only result my mind could accept was that these characters (and their toys) completely stop existing between scenes, never arriving nor leaving unless shown to do so. The situations presented just completely fall apart if one tries to imagine otherwise.

  • Khaira

    Its human nature that something once considered new & " fresh " gradually falls out of favor with the consumers/ audience...the only way to succeed is to keep it relevant to the times and to keep adapting.... that's the main reason behind the longevity of Batman as a character in the comics...the movies came much later....

    As much as a small section of audience thinks that Nolan's take didnt work for them, the truth is he did inject life into the character by making him relevant to our times....the plot points might have been thin occasionally & some characters might have been weak but overall the trilogy can be seen as a triumph...But that tone steeped in realism seems to be causing audience fatigue now...and its good Nolan recognizes it....

    However, this was Nolan's Bat-Universe and as much as i enjoyed visiting it, as a comic book fan and from a visual stand point, Tim Burton brought a lot more flair and atmosphere to the criminally underrated " Batman Returns "....

    Personally i believe Batman as a character and with his colourful rogues gallery still holds great potential but with an approach that could be a marriage of the gothic visuals of Burton's versions ( schumacher's doesent work for Bat ) and the grit of Nolan's trilogy...THAT would be a challenge and one i would want a talented film-maker to take head on....

  • Seiko

    Nolan's films were good but anyone truly believing Batman killed Harvey Dent was quite silly, and the way he was killed was even more ridicoulous. Otherwise all was played pretty well, I hope they do open up the batman world to accept more wilder villians, if not there is always place for The Riddler and The Penquin (especially the later who was super-trashed in the awful batman Returns) in a 4th film. If Bale drops Levitt would certainly be a good replacement.

  • Jaskee

    I think they should continue the story they were approaching at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. It might be tough to follow up this trilogy, but that's what I would prefer. There are so many characters that they could still use.

  • The Jackal

    I think Warner Bros should get to work on a "Batman: Nightwing" film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. Jim Gordon is still around, Bruce is off in Europe somewhere, hell, even Alfred is still kicking around. They could explore the aftermath of Bane's reign of Terror and there are certainly new villains to introduce: The Riddler, The Penguin, Harley Quinn, just to name a few.

    Just hire Jonathan Nolan to write the script, release a couple of Nightwing films in 2014 & 2017 - then introduce a new Batman film in 2018. Or, they could do Nightwing in 2014, Justice League (with new Batman) in 2017 and new Batman in 2018. Either way, no new Batman for awhile.

    Thems the facts

  • Christine

    Such a great read Brad thanks!!!! While i am a little sad that batman is over i really would not want it to be reinvented. Iv long since been a fan of batman but for me Nolan brought to the table a batman, a gotham, a bruce wayne and a world that i really loved. The dark knight series (so i call it to refer to nolans trilogy) was dark and hopeful at the same time. The characters were developed well and its a great different view on batman then what we've seen previously. One of my absolute favorite things about this trilogy was that in the beginning he (bruce wayne) started off trying to inspire something in the people of Gotham as a symbol of hope... and it later grew to him needing batman to prove (possibly to himself) that the people of gotham still had good in themselves. We watched the characters really grow as the story unfolded over the 3 movies and there are still things in it that are up for interpretation. I would not want batman to be re invented, nolan obviously created a caped crusader that a good majority of batman fans fell in love with.. however i don't really see how they would continue with his version of gotham without him. Maybe his brother would bring something to the table that would agree with us fans of the Nolan batman. I for one would be open to a younger similar yet different nolan continuing on with nightwing. But it still wont be Batman. I don't think selina should be interpreted into the furthering of batman i don't think she was a vital part of except for saving him in the end of the movie. It will be interesting to see how warner bros. decides to continue on i will of course give anything they decide a chance but the dark knight trilogy will remain my favorite. Before i end this i should also give some credit to Christian Bale for playing my favorite batman. Morgan freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman for being the characters that bruce and batman needed to "die a hero" instead of living long enough to become the villain.

  • Damian714

    People want a reboot that is kid friendly? I smell Batman Forever and Batman and Robin again and we all know how they turned out. Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy isn't dark and bleak just for the sake of being dark and bleak, that's how Batman's world is. Pick up one of the acclaimed Graphic Novels the trilogy touched on (ie...Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, and No Man's Land) and you'll see.

    As for Nolan's next, I would want him to stay and oversee future DC projects. I like what I'm seeing with the Man of Steel. Hopefully he also gets involved with a certain Amazonian Princess and finally gets it off the ground and into the big screen successfully, and then the JLA could finally be a reality.

  • Ted

    I guess I'll be the first then to throw a name in the hat, Alfonso Cuaron for Batman reboot or so 5yrs from now. He could probably marry Nolan's dark and gritty approach with the gothic flair of Tim Burton.

    I would not want a full blown kid friendly Avengers-type Batman interpretation.

  • Ian

    I think WB has already made their plans abundantly clear, with the announcement of a Justice League project for which they've already lined up writers. It seems obvious at this point that's where they want to go next, and makes it more clear why they so desperately wanted Nolan to produce (and even went as far as to say he was when in fact he isn't). With Nolan involved they could have JGL as the new Batman and it would be seen as a continuation of his universe. Without him, hopefully JGL steps away too and Justice League will be a completely different take, leaving Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy to stand completely on its own.

    And to me, that's the way it should be. Nolan clearly wrapped off Bruce Wayne's story, so just leave it alone. Of course they'll reboot the character, but even bringing Jonah Nolan on to continue things would just be ripe for disaster (Indiana Jones 4 anyone?). Plus, the series has already fallen under the third film curse in my opinion, as TDKR was definitely the weakest film in the series. I'll need to see it a couple more times to decide how I really feel about it, but I do know that this trilogy should stand alone.

  • Astawiery

    Now would be the perfect time for WB to explore the justice league in a similar fashion to The Avengers. We now have a "new batman" that has not had the training to be as strong or successful as Bruce Wayne. So from here, make a story where Blake becomes batman and gets in a little to far over his head and this is where Henry Cavill as Superman comes in to help, or maybe an unknown woman who is later named wonder woman to help and then give her a wonder woman spinoff. This dark knight trilogy could be thought of as the birth of a gritty reality and now make new movies that introduce these heroes because Blake can't handle it on his own.

  • wiggidy


    I apologize if someone already said this, but...

    The most amusing part of this is, back in February 2011, you thought the introduction of Robin would be an automatic franchise-killer that would be included as a kind of booby trap. But now, after Nolan actually did exactly what you thought, you'd rather see the franchise continue with JGL as Robin than as a reboot. And I completely agree with you.

    That's how good Nolan is!

  • jbob

    My hope is they give the next film to Dr George Miller. He should've been the one to film the original Batman instead of Burton. And he should've been allowed to complete the Justice League film.

  • Viral

    as far as i can remember everyone said that a robin could not exist in the Nolan-verse how wrong they were. Nolan introduced a legitimate Robin that the audiences cheered for ( both the times i saw the movie i heard audible cheering for when he reveals his real name)

    to anyone who says Selena/Catwoman added nothing to the movie - i disagree. She was perfect and much needed in the movie. like Rachel in the first two movies she was the motivation that Bruce/Batman needed to continue to "live" if not for her i believe that the conclusion would have been what Alfred feared. plus Anne Hathaway was freaking brilliant as Selena Kyle.

    I like the thought that perhaps Jonathan Nolan could take up Chris's place and since they are known to collaborate closely it could be Chris producing and Jonathan directing.

    as for the whole overkill of the super hero genre - i was one of the few who absolutely hated Avengers except for the fact that it was good for a few laughs. Avengers is what is wrong with the super hero genre - and TDKR for all its supposed flaws is still a much better cinema experience than most. and as for the direction snyder is taking Superman with Nolan writing and producing i have huge hopes for that movie and i have seen Cavil be magnificent in his acting so i am excited for that. i just hope snyder doesnt muck it up like Watchmen.

  • The Jackal

    I think it would be amazing to see Robert Rodriguez do an interpretation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns ala his take on Sin City. Hire Mickey Rourke to play the aging Bruce Wayne, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will appear as The Joker and Chloe Moretz as the new Robin. Any takers? Ah well, dare to dream.

    Thems the facts

  • Mark

    They need to let Jonathan Nolan do a catwoman and robin/night wing series then later down the road say 5-8 yrs do a dark knight returns where Chris Nolan returns and that way you have the new superman established and also in it!! It would be so EPIC and kind of have of be like how marvel did avengers. That would be amazing. Just need to do it soon before Morgan Freeman and Caine get too old or pass . As much as I hate to say it. I'm with you Brad all the way. Sick of reboots. WB has two guys who know what they are doing. Besides I honestly don't think Nolan is done, the way tdkr ended. No way! I hope I am right.

  • Jimmy Diamies

    I hope I don't see another Batman for awhile. I don't think a superhero trilogy will ever touch that one in terms of quality. When Batman does return I hope it's Levitt and carried in the same vein Nolan started. Otherwise do it like The Animated Series and start to incorporate Justice League.

    Was anyone else picturing Heath Ledger's Joker in Crane's role as the judge? I know it's too small of a role for the Joker and would have taken away from the realism but it would have been an awesome cameo!

  • Kimberlesk

    Great post Brad! Thanks -- I just saw the movie and loved reading this. Also to the commenters -- great ideas for the future franchise. I'd love to see a Nightwing movie with JGL or Batman Beyond in live action. I also agree that after those possibilities and a Justice League film, bring back Bruce in The Dark Night Returns with Nolan. Whatever happens, I'm definitely on board and waiting ...

  • Ricky

    Great article Brad. I always thought that after Nolan's trilogy, you could just make the next movie 10 years or so into the future with a recast Batman and a slightly-less-dark Gotham. Now it seems that Nolan has kind of done half the studio's job for the by setting up John Blake. And I love the suggestion of Jonathan Nolan to take over as director.

    For those suggesting a Dark Knight Returns adaption, I got the impression that TDKRises was already a loose adaption of that story.

  • Greg

    Selina and Bruce gotta date right? Nolan could make a straight up romantic comedy set in Gotham. The conflict comes from her thieving and his disapproval. And you get the occasional (new) Batman sighting in the background.

    • Amulya

      hahahahhaha that would be perfect, and original superhero romance comedy movie

  • Roger

    It is unfortunate but a relaunch is inevitable because Warner Brothers is dying to do a Justice League movie and you can't do this with this Batman universe.

    • Amulya

      Can you explain why? I really am not sure

  • Roger

    Also, I don't get this Robin talk. I think it was just a wink to the fans.

  • edel

    I think that that the creator of the lastest three batmans should make a btman and robin

    I once hated BATMAN till i watched these 3 movies does batman and robin ot deserve to be recreated and made so amasing? It should not be the end

    I think that christen bale and johnnathan should get this without question come on dude

    Remake the Batman and Robin and prove that Batman is a great movie :D