NEW VIDEO: 'Potter 6' Featurette, 'Bandslam' Trailer and 'Burning Plain' Int'l Trailer

I hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day, and if you have a few minutes to kill along the way I have added a few videos recently that I didn't feature in any posts so I figured I would do another triple vid update like the last one.

This time around we start with an international trailer for Guillermo Arriaga's (Babel, 21 Grams, Amores perros) The Burning Plain thanks to a heads up from Awards Daily. Arriaga scripted the three films you see next to his name, but this time he steps behind the camera for a film that shot out of the gate at last year's Venice Film Festival only to fizzle shortly thereafter and still is without distribution as a result.

The film stars Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger and Joaquim de Almeida and weaves together two storylines taking place in the past and present. Basinger plays Gina, the mother of Theron's character as seen in childhood. Theron will play Sylvia, who tries to find common ground with her parents after a turbulent childhood. The two narratives eventually converge.

Check out the international trailer directly below.

Next comes Bandslam, which stars Vanessa Hudgens and will be released by Summit on August 14. As expected, the film is just some musical mumbo-jumbo stereotypical hoo ha, but I am sure it will strike a cord with the younger "American Idol" fanatics out there.

Below is the first trailer.

Finally is a new featurette for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince featuring new footage, interviews and the what not of muggles, wizards and snitches. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters on July 15. You can click here for our gallery of 72 images and much more.

  • Chika

    Love the look and sound of Bandslam. I think Gaelan is a natural. Will be checking it out. It's the type of feel good movie to end the summer with. It helps that the music sounds good from the clip.

  • Patricia

    "the film is just some musical mumbo-jumbo stereotypical hoo ha" Too funny! But so accurate. This is not exactly Cannes material, just pure crap. And Vanessa is supposed to be in Sucker Punch. Oh my. She's not exactly up to Abbie Cornish's abilities. In fact her talent is about up to the talent of a high school musical, I mean put on by a genuine high school student body.

    "The Burning Plain" lost me somewhere in the time shifts. They need a better trailer than this one. But it looks interesting.

    Harry Potter, bleh.

  • Gophers Attack!

    Can't wait for HBP. And Bandslam looks a little better than the awfulness I predicted for it.

  • Viral

    The Burning plain looks like it could be a great drama, but the trailer left me wondering who was who and what the hell was going on.

    Didnt bother with bandslam

    Harry Potter looks amazing, the music the visuals everything looks beyond STUNNING... i think this has the potential to do more than any harry potter film. i have grown up reading harry potter and though the Prisoner of Azkaban might have been the best book of the series This movie could potentially top all the others. in this dumbledore is not overtly theatrical and there is a sense of foreboding which is what one feels reading the books... you know something bad is just around the corner... and for once this movie will end how it should... with a sense of loss... i cannot wait for this movie to release!!!

  • Chika

    Well, Patricia, you're obviously entitled to your opinion.

    However, I don't think the intention was to make a movie worthy of Cannes. This is a regular teen movie. Any up and coming actress needs to build up a resume and develop their talent. It's the same for a lot of 'Cannes worthy' and 'Oscar worthy' performers. Their early films could be described as 'just pure crap' yet through determination, good choice of roles and hardwork, they are where they are.

    I thought Twilight was 'pure crap' full of 'crap acting' but even I know better than to judge the actors based on just that, though it makes me gag. For all I know, in five years time, they could be in a 'Cannes worthy' movie. Same goes for Vanessa, she's just 20, time is on her side and I guess with her being cast in Sucker Punch and being pursued for Dead at 17, there are directors and producers out there that believe in developing talent rather than recycling hyped up artists.

    It's no big deal though, it's good to air our opinions and let them be judged by time and events.

  • Patricia

    @Chika: Love your moniker, kinda of a combination of the Spanish nickname, chica, and the English, chick.

    "...there are directors and producers out there that believe in developing talent rather than recycling hyped up artists."

    I'm all for developing talent. But do you look at these clips and see any development in Vanessa? There is alot of as yet unrecognized talent out there. It would be a huge mistake to think that young talent is only coming up through the Disney studios.

    I believe the casting of Hudgens is an example of "recycling hyped up artists." But, believe me, I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

  • Chika


    Well, you must have had a higher opinion of the HSM series than I did. Anything is an improvement on those, they were a step back from the potential she showed as a child in Thunderbirds.

    Fair enough, though, I too would love you to be proved wrong, not at all for an 'I told you so' but because I really believe Vanessa has potential with the right material. She's just got to earn the recognition.

    As I completely detest Disney and all it stands for, my last thought would be that much talent comes through them. what potential I see in Vanessa, I derive from her non-Disney gigs.

    Anyhow, This is not about Vanessa or solely about bandslam so enough about her.