New 'Up In the Air' Clip Focuses on Anna Kendrick

A couple of people that have seen Jason Reitman's Up In the Air have told me they think Anna Kendrick has just as much a chance, if not a better chance, than Vera Farmiga to walk away from the film with an Oscar nomination. While Farmiga is obviously the bigger name, Kendrick has burst on the scene following her small amount of screen time in last year's Twilight and today we get a nice little peek at her opposite George Clooney in a new clip.

Check out the clip below and for more information on Up In the Air click here and for my continuous updates on the Oscar race click here.

Up In the Air hits limited theaters on December 4 and expands throughout the month, going wide on Christmas Day.

  • Dan Tralder

    I don't know... sure, Anna does well in scenes like this one, but I can't agree with the people who think she has as much shot as Vera Farmiga. I think Vera is above the 'bubble line', although barely, and I think Anna is certainly below it.

    But we'll see!

  • pearl

    am happy for anna,she is a great actress, its always good for new fresh face to achieve recognition,if you have watched "rocket science",you can see that she can act even in that low budget indie film,she is entertaining,it would be a treat for a new face to win instead of the usual suspects that prove that victory is limited to a certain club,anna kendrick should be nominated and if possible should win.