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New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Banner, Score Samples, IMAX Footage Info and More

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The Dark Knight Rises banner
Photo: Warner Bros.

We're less than a month away from the July 20 release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises and little bits of news related to the film are crawling out of the woodwork as today I have a new banner (which you already saw directly above), additional snippets from Hans Zimmer's score (which you can listen to at the bottom of this post) and a few other nuggets along the way.

To begin, cinematographer Wally Pfister has revealed there will be, at a minimum, 60 minutes of IMAX footage in the new film, which is said to run two hours and 45 minutes.

Speaking at the Campus MovieFest, Pfister also noted that of those 165 minutes approximately 100 of them involve close-quarter combat scenes, chase sequences, aerial battles, street warfare, and more.

Next there's word there may be a new trailer for the film playing in front of The Amazing Spider-Man which hits next week.

And finally, directly below you can see a billboard for the film in Hollywood (via /film) featuring a 3D hole made into the Dark Knight logo and finally, courtesy of Batman-News we have some additional samples from the film's score. Best part about all of this... it's spoiler free.

Dark Knight Rises billboard

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  • adu

    Great soundtrack...can't wait to be blown away by this movie in IMAX!

  • Chris138

    I saw a new TV spot tonight as well. Someone uploaded it on YouTube already for anyone who's interested:

  • Criterion10

    Love the new banner, love the 60 mins of IMAX footage... I'm hoping for this to be good, I'm not a Nolan/Dark Knight fanboy and so I'll be judging this film fairly and based on its own merits.

  • J

    The banner is fan made, not official.

  • Mr-Mercury

    I can't believe there are people doubting Nolan's ability to break the curse of the trilogy. "The fire rises"!

  • adu

    Brad, I was hoping you guys could talk about when you both will be attending TDKR screening; you know, in expectation of the Batman month which begins in 2 days ;)