New 'Riddick' Trailer, Poster and Pictures

Vin Diesel in Riddick
Photo: Universal Pictures

Universal has premiered a brand new Riddick trailer along with the film's first poster and a selection of new pictures.

The film marks the newest chapter in the Riddick franchise, which began with Pitch Black in 200 and appears to be leaning more that direction than 2004's Chronicles of Riddick. Once again David Twohy is at the helm with Vin Diesel in the title role.

I can't remember how the last film ended, but I feel as if it ended with a more upbeat note than it sounds like this one begins, with Riddick stranded on a sun-scorched planet where he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators where his only way off is to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. Action ensues...

Riddick hits theaters on September 6.

I have included the trailer, poster and the remaining new pictures directly below.

Riddick poster riddick-pictures-24 riddick-pictures-22 Riddick
  • Tom

    Actually looks like it might be decent. Some of the CG looks a bit iffy though.

  • Hello Kitty

    I loved Pitch Black so I'm hoping Riddick is just as cheesy. Great to see Karl Urban back, so I take it that this means it's a sequel to CoR. Glad to see Twohy back in the driver's seat.

  • Corbin

    This looks so much like a September film...

  • Ryguy815

    This actually looks pretty good. I will probably be renting it.

  • The Jackal

    For the first half of that trailer, I was about to post something about how they will never be able to make a decent Riddick film; however, the last half of the trailer made up for it. This might actually be a solid action flick - maybe even a bit scary. I'm intrigued.

    Thems the facts

  • andyluvsfilms

    meh! Pitch Black is still awesome though

  • Tyler Robertson

    So....they took the merc idea from the second movie and combined it with the first movie...I love for Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick...but this just looks like a rehash of both of those movies.

  • autinytim

    Have to agree, nothing in the trailer says original to me. Not that I won't see it but just looks like a rehash of Pitch Black with bigger monsters and trained killers instead of civilians fighting against them, but maybe there is an underlying story which moves the overall plot forward a little that they just dont give away in the trailer.

  • maja

    This is one franchise that I've simply never really been interested in. I think I've seen Pitch Black once but honestly can't remember a thing about it.