Buzz Builds for 'Lone Survivor' as a New Trailer is Released

Lone Survivor movie trailer
Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor
Photo: Universal Pictures

A few days ago Universal sent over a packet with a promotional booklet inside with all the critical quotes you're about to see in this new Lone Survivor trailer. The one that probably stands out the most comes from Grantland's Bill Simmons declaring it "The most extraordinary war film since Saving Private Ryan." Universal must have been running to print t-shirts with the quote as they put together their marketing package for the upcoming December 27 release.

The film is directed by Peter Berg (The Kingdom) and tells the story of four Navy SEALs on an ill-fated covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative who are ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. It's based on The New York Times bestseller and stars Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana.

The December 27 release will be a limited one with the film going wide on Friday, January 10, 2014.

When I think of Simmons I don't think of your typical movie trailer "quote whore" so when he says something such as that quote above it makes me take notice. I am really looking forward to seeing what Berg and his team have put together with this one.

  • AS

    *wipes forehead* I'm relieved. For a second there I was worried that this was going to be some sort of jingoistic tribute to the inherent goodness and nobility of the US military and yet another Hollywood film vilifying Muslims and portraying them all as terrorists.... oh wait.

    • Jamie

      I hear ya! Don't you think it's about time that Hollywood came up with a way to portray the Taliban without using the Muslim go-to?!? What about some hard core Christian Talibanians (sp?), or maybe even a Hasidic Jew crew?

      I'll probably still see this though cause Tim Riggins is dreamy.

      • AS

        So funny I almost forgot to laugh.

    • Travis

      While I disagree with you on the subject of displaying soldiers as noble (I use this generally, as I know and probably agree with your counter arguments), I think this is one film I agree with you on, AS. Just seems like pure scapegoating and twisted morals to me

  • Tom

    Hmm, I'm pretty sure The Thin Red Line already beat this to the the punch.

  • Max

    This film is gonna rock. I can feel it.

    • Anna

      Taylor Kitsch presence is definetly reassuring! Good box office is guaranteed.

      • Max

        I don't judge a film based on its box office receipts. Michael Bay taught me that. What I mean is that it's going to be really good. Quite possibly one of the best films of the year if the early buzz holds up.

        • Anna

          Oh, I know that. I was just joking.

          This movie just looks bad, in my opinion of course. Not my type of cinema...

  • literatebrit

    Maybe this movie will test and see if Taylor Kitsch is actual box office poison...If you think about it most of the movies he's been in have not done that well.

  • Andre Rivas

    The only caveat to the Simmons quote is that I believe he is friendly with Peter Berg. But still, really looking forward to this one.

  • dslacker

    Peter Berg - Friday Night Lights. That's all I need to know to say I'll see it.

  • PJ Edwards

    Dont think it'll be major player but it being only war film, it will stand out in techs

  • Travis

    Call me AS, but it still seriously bothers me that these trailers seem to show the movie as saying "If they had just killed children, they would have succeeded and would still be alive." I can't be the only one bothered by this...right?

    • Max

      Either way, their mission was compromised. Whether they killed them or not, they would've had to abandon the mission. They might have had a little extra time to put some distance between them and the Taliban, but the villagers would've noticed they were gone for too long and realize something was up.

      • Jimmy Diamies

        Come on... Let's not act like that decision didn't make a difference. Whether or not it is portrayed properly in the movie or the book, without exaggeration it decided their lives

        • Max

          What part of my that post made you think I'm saying it didn't make a difference? I'm just trying to get people to realize that they couldn't just kill the goat herders and continue on with their mission.

          • Jimmy Diamies

            Almost a year later, stumbled upon these replies, and while completely unnecessary to comment again at this point in time I felt compelled to do so. I believe they could have carried out the mission if they would have killed the herders. According to Lutrell the main reason they didn't like that option was because the liberal media would have found out and crucified them. They would have went to prison and that is the real travesty. Marcus Lutrell believes that had they killed those men his brothers would be alive today.

    • Jimmy Diamies

      What part are you bothered by? The fact that the goat herders are portrayed as children or the fact that killing may have saved the SEALS lives during a war mission?

      • Travis

        I am not opposed to the US military, and while I don't agree with many of their missions or wars, I understand some of them and admire the nobility of the SEALS. I am not the anti-US military type that often hates these movies. However, what bothers me is that the trailer is portraying the killing of children as something morally acceptable. This could be misleading, this could be wrong, but it bothers me that this seems to be a message passed as ok if it means we get to kill another possible terrorist

  • Thomas Hines

    Haha some people's ignorance amazes me! This isn't one of those loosley "based on a true story" deals. This is a real story. Marcus Letrell went through hell and lived to tell the story. Probably the reason that Taliban are portrayed as Muslims is because the Taliban IS a Muslim organization. Plain and simple Jamie. Don't be ignorant girl. Ignorant people are more likely to be fooled.
    Travis, I don't think the trailer is communicating that at all. It's communicating that sometimes the right decision, the moral decision, doesn't always lead to preferred consequences.

    • Jamie

      Ohhhh. Thanks for clearing that up T!

      PS..I'm a 100% hetro male. I just have one of those boy/girl names. One of those boy/girl names and a totally normal, healthy, manly crush on how Tim Riggins looks.

  • Guest

    I didn't realize a sports columnist is such an authority on movies.