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New International Trailer for Pedro Almodovar's 'I'm So Excited'

Includes a first look at the Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas cameos

Penelope Cruz in I'm So Excited
Penelope Cruz in I'm So Excited
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

A new international trailer for Pedro Almodovar's upcoming 30,000 mile high-comedy I'm So Excited has arrived and yes it's in Spanish without any subtitles, but it would seem just watching it gives you a pretty good idea of the vibe in store even if you can't understand what they're saying.

The film was already acquired by Sony Pictures Classics and opens on March 8 in Spain while a domestic date has not yet been announced.

The story follows a group of people who are on the verge of a disaster with the whole film set entirely on a plane. The ensemble comedy is written and directed by Almodovar and the cast includes Javier Camara, Cecilia Roth, Lola Duenas, Raul Arevalo, Carlos Areces, Antonio de la Torre, Hugo Silva, Willy Toledo, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Blanca Suarez, Jose Luis Torrijo, José María Yazpik, Laya Martí with special collaborations from Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Paz Vega.

Check out the new trailer directly below and you can check out the earlier, subtitled teaser trailer here.

[RTVE via The Playlist]

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  • Driver

    I like Almodovar and I thought his last film was excellent, but this doesn't look good at all. Not a single joke made me chuckle.

    I trust Almodovar so I'll probably watch it, but I hope its got better material on the actual movie, cause I do like the set up.

    I hate translated titles. Except for the song playing on the background, "I´m So Exited" doesn't make much seance.