Directed By Catherine Hardwicke

RDrama / Fox Searchlight Pictures / Aug 29, 2003

"Thirteen" follows the transformation of Tracy (Woods), who starts junior high as a promising student but quickly joins the hyper-sexualized, popular clique lead by Evie (Reed). Tracy remakes herself by trading her pigtails and teddy bears for low-rider jeans and body piercings. She loses the closeness she had with her mother (Hunter), fails her classes and starts stealing and doing drugs, despite her hatred of her mother's ex-addict boyfriend (Sisto). But, Tracy is still "Thirteen" and caught in a whirlwind of emotion where everything she does, says and wants matters in a huge way. And she still has her whole life in front of her.

The cast includes Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, Nikki Reed, Jeremy Sisto, Deborah Unger, Brady Corbet, Sarah Clarke, Cynthia Ettinger, Mo and Vanessa Hudgens.