Strangers with Candy

Directed By Paul Dinello

RComedy / THINKFilm / Jun 28, 2006

Strangers with Candy is the tale of Jerri Blank, a 47 year old ex-con, junky whore who decides to return home after 32 years as a runaway. Upon arrival she discovers her earlier disappearance has caused her father to slip into a self-induced coma. Moved by guilt, Jerri decides to turn her life around picking it up exactly where she left off, as a high school freshman, in hopes of jarring her father from his eternal slumber. She’s going to start her life over, only this time she’s going to do the wrong things the right way.

Once reenrolled in high school, and seeking to find that special thing that will erase 32 years of debauchery, Jerri stumbles on the school sponsored state science fair. Convinced that winning the fair will resurrect her father, she signs up and expects an easy stroll down the road to victory, but finds the path is fraught with the many adolescent problems and temptations that plague all teenagers, but especially this 47 year old former boozer, user, and loser.

The cast includes Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Sedaris, Allison Janney, Ian Holm, Justin Theroux, Dan Hedaya, Joseph Cross, Kristen Johnston, Chandra Wilson, Alexis Dziena and Stephen Colbert.