The Red Riding Trilogy

Directed By Julian Jarrold, James Marsh & Anand Tucker

DramaThriller / IFC Films / Feb 5, 2010 (Limited)

A neo-noir epic based on horrific, factual events and adapted from David Peace's series of novels revolving around the manhunt for the "Yorkshire Ripper," a serial killer who terrorized northwest England in the 1970's and 1980's.

Red Riding: 1974 (Julian Jarrold) centers on a rookie journalist, Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) whose investigation of a series of child abductions leads him to suspect that there’s a terrifying connection between the perpetrators and the upper echelons of Yorkshire power. (105 min.)

Red Riding: 1980 (James Marsh) finds the police and the public still baffled that the killer remains at large. A veteran police official, Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine), is called in from Manchester to take over the investigation, but his new theories about the case only incite growing opposition to his involvement. (96 min.)

Red Riding: 1983 (Anand Tucker) starts with the kidnapping of another young girl. Detective Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey) notices a number of powerful similarities to the abduction cases he had investigated back in the '70s—and for which a man was convicted and sentenced. Meanwhile, a reluctant local solicitor, John Piggott (Mark Addy), decides to take up the condemned man's cause. (104 min.)

The cast includes Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, Paddy Considine, Rebecca Hall, Peter Mullan, David Morrissey, Mark Addy, Eddie Marsan, John Henshaw and Michelle Dockery.