Directed By Randal Kleiser

PGComedyDramaRomance / ABC Family / Jan 21, 2007 (TV)

Jenny (Bynes), an eighteen year-old girl who is ecstatic when she finds that her favorite rock star, Jason (Carmack), is a guest at the tropical resort where she is working for the summer. When they are both thrown overboard during a cruise, Jenny is even more thrilled to find herself stranded on a remote beach, alone with Jason. Jenny soon learns that they are actually just down the beach from the resort - but Jenny keeps the truth from Jason so that she will have a chance to win him over. Things get even more complicated when Jenny's rival Alexis pretends to be shipwrecked too, and they must compete for Jason's affections.

The cast includes Amanda Bynes, Chris Carmack, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Jonathan Bennett, Joey Kern, Fred Willard, Connor Matheus, Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin and Alfonso Ribeiro.