Gentleman's Agreement

Directed By Elia Kazan

DramaRomance / 20th Century Fox / Nov 11, 1947
Elia Kazan directed this sometimes powerful study of anti-Semitism in nicer circles, based on Laura Z. Hobson's post-World War II novel. Gregory Peck is a hotshot magazine writer who has been blind to the problem; to ferret it out, he passes himself off as Jewish and watches the WASPs squirm. Seen a half-century later, the attitudes seem quaint and dated: Could it really have been like this? Yet the truth of the story comes through, in the wounded dignity of John Garfield, the upright indignation of Peck, and the hidden ways bigotry and hatred can poison relationships. That's particularly true in the Oscar-winning performance of Celeste Holm, who finds more layers than you'd expect in what seems like a stock character.

The cast includes Gregory Peck, Tom Goodman-Hill, John Garfield, Celeste Holm and Anne Revere.

Gentleman's Agreement won 3 Oscars at the
1948 Academy Awards