Blue Sky

Directed By Tony Richardson

PG-13DramaRomance / Orion Pictures / Sep 16, 1994
Jessica Lange deserves three cheers for her performance as an army wife in the early 1960s. Sensuous and unpredictable, Lange bridles at the restrictions in her life and is constantly seeking attention. Tommy Lee Jones is the nuclear engineer who adores her, but is just as passionate toward his career. Lange and Jones sizzle in spite of a weak plot tangent concerning the military cover-up of nuclear testing in the Nevada desert. The love story is everything as it bursts with undercurrents of passion, regret, sorrow, and joy. Lange's sexy, high-strung performance earned her an Oscar. It was director Tony Richardson's last film. --Rochelle O'Gorman

The cast includes Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Lange and Chris O'Donnell.

Blue Sky won 1 Oscar at the
1995 Academy Awards