Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction

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RCrimeMysteryThriller /  / Mar 31, 2006

In the erotic thriller Basic Instinct 2, after re-locating from San Francisco to London, best-selling crime novelist Catherine Trammel (Sharon Stone) once again finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

Dr. Andrew Glass (David Morrissey) a respected London criminal psychiatrist is brought in by Scotland Yard detective DCI Washburn (David Thewlis) to perform a psychiatric profile and evaluation of Trammel following the mysterious death of a top sports star. Physically drawn to her and mentally intrigued by Trammel, Glass is quickly sucked into her web of lies and seduction. The professional boundaries between the two are obliterated when she uncovers his basic instincts and a deadly battle of wits ensues, climaxing with Glass facing a choice that will change both their lives forever.

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