Basic Instinct

Directed By Paul Verhoeven

RCrimeMysteryThriller / Columbia Pictures / Mar 20, 1992

This steamy thriller to end all steamy thrillers stars Michael Douglas as Nick, a boozy San Francisco police detective who finds himself drawn to the prime suspect in a murder case--manipulative, sexually uninhibited novelist Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone). Catherine's latest book features a murder uncannily similar to the one Nick is investigating, and as the pair engage in a mating dance of dangerous one-upmanship, more murders occur, all described in her current work, about a boozy cop in love with a killer. Nick's psychiatrist (Jeanne Tripplehorn), and cop partner (George Dzundza) are both worried about him, and Catherine’s jealous lesbian lover (Leilani Sarelle) may be trying to kill him, but Nick is just too turned on to care.

The cast includes Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Wayne Knight, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jack McGee, Mitch Pileggi and James Rebhorn.