Directed By Anatole Litvak

Drama / 20th Century Fox / Dec 13, 1956
Ingrid Bergman gives one of her memorable, haunting, and haunted performances as an amnesiac chosen by a White Russian general (Yul Brynner) in 1928 to play the part of Anastasia, the long-rumored but missing survivor of the Bolsheviks' murderous attack on the czar's family. The twist is that Bergman's mystery woman seems to know more about the lost Anastasia than she is told. Based on the play by Marcelle Maurette and Guy Bolton, this film--directed by Anatole Litvak (Out of the Fog)--really does get under one's skin, not least of all because of its intriguing story but even more because of the strong chemistry between Bergman and Brynner.

The cast includes Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes, Akim Tamiroff and Martita Hunt.

Anastasia won 1 Oscar at the
1957 Academy Awards