More On 'JP4'

Scooper drops a note on the Jurassic Park 4 status.

After our article yesterday on Dr. Jack Horner revealing his involvement in Jurassic Park 4 word comes in from 'Doc' who apparently shares an agent with Bill Monahan, who he reports has already penned a script for the "upcoming" sequel, here is what 'Doc' had to say:

Bill Monahan, who I share an agent with, has already written the script, so I can confirm that it's indeed in the works. As for when and where, no idea - though I know the script returns Sam Neill's character, Vince Vaughan's, Sir Richard Attenborough's and his granddaughter. All the original actors are expected to come back I hear - including Ariana Richards as the grandkid, apparently - and I believe Spielberg's involved in 'some' capacity.

Sounds promising, and even Clint over at is reporting that the fourth film is in pre-production, so who knows we may have a jaunt with the dinos once again after all.

Thanks to 'Doc' for writing in.

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