Monsters Fight in New 'Godzilla' Clip

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... flying THING!

Godzilla monsters fight clip
Photo: Warner Bros.

There are a bunch of new clips from Godzilla (WB; 5/16) online and I didn't really watch any of them. I just saw this one with the big fella lurching out of the water to mean mug some incoming pterodactyl-like creature and thought I'd share it. After all, if people like this movie, the effects will be the cherry on top of whatever tasty treat Gareth Edwards has put together, because if that's no good who cares about the cherry?

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  • JN Films

    Thanks Brad, now I want a sundae.

  • andyluvsfilms

    The word is Floyd Mayweather wants to take them both on, he was quoted as saying "I'll knock them back to the motherf#cking stone age"

    • JN Films


  • Paul Hennen

    Pterodactyl type thing is probably a new version of Mothra...or else it is just a pterodacytl...which worries me a bit cause Godzilla is supposed to be an alien not a dinosaur.

  • Kieran

    So they're just spoiling everything now, right?

    • Preston

      You never know with trailers now a day! That is the upside still think its going to be bad ass in a I Max theater!

  • phil5150

    This made me a kid, I remember godzilla fighting a similar looking foe. I just can't recall the name.

  • Brockabye

    This monster looks more like Rodan than Mothra to me. Though it could be a combo of both or neither depending on how this version is approaching things. I wonder if Godzilla will be the protagonist used to fight off these other monsters/kaiju or if he will simply be one of them.