'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and 'Shame' Lead This Week's New DVD and Blu-ray Releases

This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: April 17, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol on DVD Blu-ray today
It makes me a little sad I don't really care whether I own Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol or not. It had a few moments I enjoyed, but the film overall was good enough for a one time watch and that's about it. And this is coming from someone that enjoys watching all three of the previous Mission films. Speaking of which, you know you could just buy the first three on Blu-ray for $29.49 and skip the fourth altogether. If I didn't already own the Blu-ray trilogy that's what I would do. And if you wanted to do that, just click here and do it. I support you 100%.

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Shame on DVD Blu-ray today
I've watched it twice and it is a great movie, but not exactly one that needs to be part of a home movie collection. Steve McQueen's films just don't scream out for you to watch them again, at least not on an entertainment level, though I would be willing to bet this thing looks immaculate in high definition. It was one of the overlooked visual gems of last year.

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The Divide
The Divide on DVD Blu-ray today
Directed by Xavier Gens (Hitman), The Divide centers on nine New York high rise apartment dwellers that have to rush to the basement to survive the apocalypse. Problem is, once there, they become trapped and descend into madness. I saw a brief trailer for this one and it looks like it may be a bit too interested in shocking the audience rather than telling a story. Anyone seen it and care to recommend?

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  • skroegerj

    I watched 'The Divide' and didn't think it was all that.

  • http://fortheloveofmovies.wordpress.com Abe M

    The Divide was OK. I still love Gens' Frontier(s) but The Divide wasn't nearly as good. It had some interesting visual designs and mysterious elements, but the decent into madness kind of dragged a bit. Its got some shocking moments and all in all, Its not a waste of time and worth a watch if you enjoy the genre.

  • adu

    I definitely would not recommend The Divide...it was pretty bad on all fronts as far as I am concerned.