Miniatures, Storyboards and More from Behind the Scenes of 'GoldenEye'

Derek Meddings creating the miniature satellite bunker set for GoldenEye
Derek Meddings creating the miniature satellite bunker set for GoldenEye

Above is a shot of the late Derek Meddings (miniature effects supervisor) using flour and cat litter to create the Severnaya satellite bunker miniature set from the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye and below are several more shots from behind-the-scenes and the film's set courtesy of Larry Wright on Twitter, but that shot above and the storyboard below of the skydive sequence from the film's opening are the main reason I wanted to post the rest.

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Included is the storyboard mentioned, some behind the shot looks at the camera rigs used on Bond's Aston Martin and the Ferrari used during the chase sequence, a promotional shot of the late Desmond Llewelyn as Q with his assortment of gadgets, another of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan together on the Leavesden set, a shot of the underground satellite bunker set and director of photography Phil Meheux and crew at work.


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  • G-Man

    Interesting stuff. Movie was good - video game was amazing.

  • Winchester

    Always love seeing behind the scenes model shots and miniatures from the days before CGI was developed. As much as CGI allows things to be done that other techniques can't always do I still miss seeing great physical modelwork sometimes, even though it hasn't died out totally.

    Goldeneye is OK but it's dated very poorly I feel, for a film even from the 90's. Brosnan was actually pretty good in the part, but in fairness he didn't get the best films in his run.

  • DArtagnan

    I love GoldenEye. One of my favourite Bond films. It's also the only good film they gave Brosnan in my opinion, which is a shame as he was a decent Bond.

  • robotsrule

    Goldeneye was a pretty good one. But I never took to Brosnan's Bond or his installments in the series. Each have their elements and moments that I like and contribute to the Bond legacy but most of it was fairly forgettable 90's techno action stuff that hasn't aged very well. None of the scores are particularly good in those films. I think the one thing they've got going for them are the pre title sequences. All pretty good except for Die Another Day which I have a difficult time finding something positive to say.

  • Chris138

    This movie is really dated but I do hold a soft spot for it. And the video game, of course, is a classic in its own right.