MGM Sets November 2012 Release Date for 'James Bond 23'


MGM has officially set a November 9, 2012 release date for James Bond 23 with Sam Mendes (Road to Perdition) set to direct and Daniel Craig set to return as 007. The movie is set to go into production later this year from a script penned by by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

This isn't as much a surprise as it is a confirmation of previous rumors following MGM receiving court approval for its pre-packaged bankruptcy plan back in early December when MGM Co-Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cooper said, "Today's ruling is an important milestone for MGM... By dramatically reducing MGM's debt load and providing MGM with access to new capital, the reorganization plan the Court confirmed today will enable MGM to emerge from this process with a solid financial foundation and will position MGM to be a successful studio going forward."

The question remains as to who will actually release the film with Sony and Paramount shaping up as the leading contenders.

Around the same time Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace composer David Arnold told Film Music Magazine, "We only just got the news that we're back on." Kate Winslet was even quoted as confirming her estranged husband, Sam Mendes, would indeed be directing.

As far as the storyline, that's unknown, but there were also early reports saying Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has already had many meetings over casting with Mendes including a visit to the play "Deathtrap" twice to see Simon Russell Beale, apparently an old friend of Mendes's, perform.

I'm sure we'll here plenty more soon enough.

  • Stiggy

    If there's any justice, 007 will put an end to this stupid vampire craze once and for all! Who's with me on this?

  • RG


  • Ricky

    am i the only person who thinks the name "bond 23" would be a cool title?

    • ckybltz

      I totally agree. Itll never happen though, as Im sure itll have a rather awful title like the last one.

      I'm hesitantly optimistic about this one, though. I loved Casino Royale(actually re-watching it while I type this), but I thought Quantum of Solace was absolutely and totally...mediocre. I left the theater with a very "meh" feeling.

      I'm a HUGE fan of Road to Perdition and Jarhead, so hopefully itll be at least half as great as those films.

  • MajorFIlmFan

    Never seen a Bond movie, but I DEFFINATLY wanna see this one!

  • adu

    I dont know if many people have realized this yet or not...2012 is going to be the biggest year for blockbusters ever!...the lineup is sick...I think it will be th highest grossing year for Hollywood ever.

  • JM

    Glad to see Sam Mendes is still attached.

  • Leandro Dubost

    Thank God it's official!!

    I never doubted this movie would happen, but seeing it being announced is great!

    Now for the nice part: the rumors of who's going to be the next Bond Girl!

  • randy

    heres a good plot.. 007 has to kill all the twilight characters

    • Jezza

      That's one hell of a good idea for a plot! Quantum of Solace may have been a step down for 007, but in a time when big dumb tentpoles like the Transformers films and 2012 exist, Quantum looks spectacular.

      • Leandro Dubost

        That's the magic of the Bond movies: they're never really bad! You can look at all the 22 that we have, none of them can be considered BAD movies.

        Bad Bond movies? Sure!
        I don't like Diamonds Are Forever or Moonraker or Die Another Day. They are my least favorite of all.

        But when the 'bad movie' parameter is Transformers or Twilight, oh my, don't Die Another Day suddenly becomes worth of your time?

  • Brian

    Hopefully the new one will be a lot better than "quantum of silence".

    • Kieran Fraser

      I personally liked Quantum of Solace more then Casino.

  • Kieran Fraser

    I'm More excited to see if they release the remaining bonds on BLu-Ray(Preferably as single editions)then this. I REALLY want The Living Daylights,The Spy WHo Loved me and Goldeneye to come out. Having said all this I'm also excited for the next bond.

    • Brad Brevet

      No kidding, when are they going to release those?

      • Kieran Fraser

        HOPEFULLY with the new bond coming out they release the remaining ones BUT what I hope they DON'T DO is Release all of them as a big box set and don't release anymore single ones. it would be a waste of my money cause I already own 7 of the originals on Blu-Ray.