Watch: Full Trailer for 'The Master'

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master
Joaquin Phoenix in The Master
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's highly anticipated film The Master has arrived following our first look at the poster earlier this morning.

The film is set to hit theaters on October 12 and features Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd, a man who creates a fringe religion following his return home after witnessing the horrors of WWII and tries to rediscover who he is in post-war America. He soon gains a following, and a young drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) eventually becomes his right-hand man. Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Lena Endre, Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky, Rami Malek and Joshua Close co-star.

Comparisons to Scientology have been made and are quite obvious, but beyond any gossip headlines, this has quickly become one of my most anticipated films and one that surely will be discussed throughout the coming awards season.

Check out the trailer below and if you missed the poster this morning click here to give it a peek, it's a doozy.

  • kyle coley


  • loxmang

    i am completely sold. hopefully joaquin gets some oscar love.

  • Gautam

    After watching the trailer .. it seems .. Phoenix is the lead .. nd i think he's definite IN for best actor !! though i must say ... was not very impressed by the trailer ... considering it was my most awaited movie of the year .... by the looks of it ... the movie is the story of phoenix's charecter nd not ... Todd ...

    • Christian

      I agree w/ you, as far as trailers go. It seemed that by what Brad said this movies supposed to be awesome, but i honestly, didnt get any "wow" factor on my end...
      but who knows i could be wrong, it could end up being goood, as far as theaters go,-ill wait for Netflix or dvd....

      • Colin

        I was blown away by the trailer. It may be that you look for something different in your terms of wow factor.

  • Flo

    Looks amazing!

  • Luke


  • Ilir Hyseni

    Fantastic! Huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson's work. "There Will Be Blood" is one of the best films ever made. Really looking foward seeing "The Master" - and will there be any Oscar nominations for Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams? Yes, no question about it! - will Paul Thomas Anderson land his first Oscar for Directing? Absolutley! (I Hope) So deserving! Best luck to the movie.

  • Pockets O’tool

    Joaquin Phoenix is looking very Daniel Day-Ish.

    This is my most Anticipated Film for the rest of the year!

    • Philip

      More like Fassbender I'd say

  • Harry Fuertes

    I have a feeling this, Les Miserables, The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, Life of Pi, and Django Unchained will be the best films of the year. Artistically beautiful trailer.

  • The Bioscopist

    Man I'm so excited for this film - cant wait to see the reaction of Scientology to it.

  • beautifulm

    Looks great. Phoenix is definitely Lead.

  • Kaitlyn

    bahhhhhhhhh! overwhelmed with excitement.

  • Driver

    Joaquin Phoenix is going for that oscar, and so is this movie

  • Jack

    I don't want to jump the gun, but I'm just feeling great about this. PT Anderson is my favorite filmmaker of all-time, and this just looks perfect. Phoenix is clearly lead like Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights and Hoffman is supporting like Burt Reynolds.

    I just can't stop watching it. Looks like a mixture of all PTA's previous films all in one. Hopefully the one that will deliver him his long overdue Oscar. As far as I'm concerned, the film to watch out this year!

  • Josh

    There's just something about PTA films that are so different from other directors. Just by watching the trailer you pick up that the film is going to be more than some middlebrow "prestige" picture. I'm excited.

  • Ian

    This is looking better and better. And Phoenix is looking more and more like a Best Actor favorite.

  • Connor

    This films looks technically stunning and very politically driven, yet it has a very personal and emotional feel. It reminds me of a mixture of there will be blood and magnolia. If the master is anything like those two movies this could very well be one of the best films of the year, if not the decade.

  • AS

    I don't know, I guess I'm the only one whose not impressed by this trailer. Don't get me wrong, I'm a P.T.A. fan, in fact, There Will Be Blood was not only my favorite film of the decade, it's my second favorite film of all time after The Godfather. This trailer just feels a little too conventional and, dare I say it, dull. I'm searching for some of the darkness and cynicism that I loved so much in TWBB but I just can't find it here. I hope the actual film will be more akin to his pervious work than this trailer makes it out to be.

    "I can't keep doing this one my own..... with these.... people..." Give me more of THAT!

    • Colin

      And that's the problem. You are expecting another There Will be Blood, but Anderson has not always been that cynical or dark. And he doesn't need to be. There's a great sense of hope that lies within films like Boogie Nights and Magnolia. It would be artistically boring to explore the same tone with every film.

      • AS

        It's not that he has to repeat what he does in other films, I just love the lack of sentimentality in that film. That's kinda why I love David Fincher so much. He's never repetitive and but at the same time he doesn't put up with sentimentality.

    • et

      I'm with you. I felt nothing watching this trailer. I'm not expecting darkness or cynicism exactly, just some sort of atmosphere and feeling and this had zip. Anna Karenina, on the other hand, made me cry with how overwhelmingly beautiful it was.

  • Matt

    I know the actor who is in PSH's left in that picture. He's frequent at my workplace.

    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this new film from Paul Thomas Anderson. His movies have always been very well written and directed and this looks no different.

    Now I hope a trailer gets released for Cloud Atlas. I'm currently reading the novel and I'm wondering how some passages will be visualized on the screen. About three months to go and still nothing...

  • Michael V

    "coughs" another Oscar nomination (4th) for Amy Adams "coughs". Joaquin Phoenix (easily) & Phillip Seymour Hoffman (easily as well). PTA is just amazing, one of the best and most original directors out there. Can't wait for this!!

  • Elijah

    SO excited for this, too bad there won't be a 3D re-release. Might make a couple more bucks?

  • Poke

    Looks fantastic. I wonder if Anderson is making a sequence of films (starting with There Will be Blood) about the nature of religion, power and redemption. There is definitely some common themes shared as well as the tone of the picture, music and editing looking very similar. Can't wait in any case

  • ManUp

    There is a constant simmering of doubt in Philip Seymour Hoffman's face, like the realization his character knows the fakeness of what he's preaching. Now that's great acting.

  • Winchester

    I like some of the photography in that trailer, but having watched it a few times there's nothing that blows me away otherwise in it yet. But it also looks interesting and something I would watch.

    Looks like it has the ability to be an Oscar Contender in acting categories at least.

  • Bren

    My most anticipated film of the year. Can't wait. Love the short teasers a little more, but the trailer was pretty effective for me. Some gorgeous shots in there, too.

  • Lewis

    looks tremendous, as with all of PTA's films. looks like joaquin phoenix's 3rd Oscar nod.. and any film w/ philip seymour hoffman. can't wait!