Martin Scorsese's Storyboards from the 'Taxi Driver' Finale

There are two Tumblr blogs you should make sure and follow just for a solid daily dose of movie nostalgia, one is Old Hollywood and the other is This Must be the Place. Today's little nugget comes from Old Hollywood where they featured the below look at some of Martin Scorsese's storyboards for the final shootout scene in his iconic 1976 film Taxi Driver.

I have added the actual scene to the bottom of this post along with the short epilogue that follows, which, I guess could open up for discussion your thoughts on whether or not those last few minutes of the film are a fantasy sequence or meant to be taken as real. My vote is for fantasy all the way, but I think that only comes down to a matter of what you believe since there is no real way of telling.

Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver Storyboards Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver Storyboards

  • jeffrey mehlman

    The ending of TAXI DRIVER should not be open to opinion whether it's fantasy ofr not. The whole movie moves towards the inevitable ending that that Travis acts on.

  • Nick

    Thanks a lot for Tumblr recommendations, I was already following Old Hollywood but saw TMBTP only now.