Marc Webb Teases New 'Spider-Man 2' Suit

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 eyes
Photo: Columbia Pictures

I'm not entirely sure what all is going on in the following just released video, but the intent seems to be to give you tease you with the new suit Spider-Man will have in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as you get brief flashes of production on the upcoming film along with the image you see above.

Director Marc Webb tweeted the link to the video out along with the hashtag "#thebettertoseeyouwith" which he spoke about previously on Twitter telling one follower to expect "Bigger eyes" and "Gnarly web shooters." Whatever that means.

With its big eyes and gnarly web shooters, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is targeting a May 2, 2014.

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  • V

    Lol. Will Peter Parker be rocking leather jackets and riding motorbikes? With Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy sporting BIG hair and having a dance-off to "Love is A Battlefield"?

  • theJackal

    Okay, directors and studios have got to stop with the 10 second sneak peeks and 15 second teasers to teasers. When they have a 2 minute featurette or actual teaser, let us know.

    Thems the facts

    • V

      This is done for the die hard fans who love getting a peek at this kind of stuff. Big eyes for Spider-Man is a popular redesign element among the fanboy community, hence the sneak.