Make Your Own Superbad McLovin ID

For anyone that has seen Superbad over the weekend, and based on it's Friday estimate of $12.1 million I am assuming a few of you did, you probably all want your own Hawaii fake McLovin ID. Well, here is your chance. I am not sure where this originated from, but all you need to do is click on the mini-McLovin ID below for the larger version and after that, copy the image, add it to your image program, slap your own photo in there, laminate that bitch and enjoy...

If you still don't know who McLovin is then click here to get in the know.

  • bridgette_000

    i am mclovin. hahahahahahahaha. i love superbad. it was f**king amazing!

  • p0llit093

    I am Mclongin.............LMFAOOOO!!!! i love dis movie!

  • jruiz0990

    gotta get on it look preaty awesome freakin awsomness

  • alyssaj3989

    I don't understand how to put an image in the ID... Help?


    How the f**k do i put my photo in this?

  • curtX


  • ilovegrindhouse

    Superbad was funny. I'd like to be in a movie like this!

  • gordii07

    how do i make the id???????

  • nxtashaa


    Hi, If you wanna know how to put your photo on the McLOVIN ID,
    What you do is:

    1: Open two Paints.
    2: Copy and Paste the ID in one of them.
    3: In the other, Open the picture that you want to put on it.
    4: Copy and past the picture on the McLOVIN ID.
    5: Resize the picture so it fits in the square, and there you go!
    You have a picture! :]


  • moustafa

    that's so funny an i like 2 have one 2 lol

  • tarastanek88

    wicka wicka yeeeeaaaah. hahahahahahahaha

  • HayleeSoFinee

    why isnt it working

  • junior

    mcLOVIN rules like superbad

  • b-ritney

    ummm this is super sweet buuut how do u make 1??
    does anybody no??

  • trystim

    Me and my friends just bought some McLovin Fake ID Card from a seller Master.ID on Ebay. These cards are the best, they are Just Like The Real Thing!! same size and same plastic as a credit card. Anyways just letting you know.

    I AM McLovin !!

    my friends are buying ordering more this Halloween, great conversation piece i must tell you!
    If he has no auctions running, just contact him and he will answer very quickly.

  • McLovin ID

    moustafa said: that's so funny an i like 2 have one 2 lol

    i was just passing through when i stumbled on this topic and made an account.

    I would tell you to forget about the online fake mclovin id maker. You should get the real ones like i did a few months ago. These are the ultimate joke ids! SOOO jokes! =)) Me and my boyfriend we use these in bars all the time (we are over 21) and get laughs from all the employees and people.

    Anyways this online store sells them, i think its really cool.

    They even let you send a picture for them to customize it! here are some pictures of the cards i bought..



  • Milly Walshe`

    This movie is BadASS i LOVE it <3 but this isnt the same card from the movie cuz the one on the movie's signature says mcloving lol cuz he spelt it wrong... but this is still AWSOME!!!!

  • moustafa

    You are correct but they have both versions, i just liked this one better.

  • madison osborn

    i love superbad!!its so funny..i want to make the id thing but i dont know how will anyone help me??

  • Naomi

    hahah hell yeah mclovin rocks!

  • Reuben

    OMG! If You Guys don't know how to put your own photo on it you are the dumbest people i've ever met ... I Got a D- In Computing and i even know how to do it ..... Chodally Shame On Yous

  • victor mejias

    @McLovin ID: HOLY CRAP!!!!! i want one of those!!! do u know if they can send it to another country??? (im from costa rica BTW)

  • Garrett

    @victor mejias: You have to make it yourself on your computer.

  • victor mejias

    mmm... well... i wanted a "real" one... XD

  • victor mejias

    @Garrett: mmm… well… i wanted a "real" one… XD

  • http://none Robert
  • The Real Mclovin

    Please people I'm the real Mclovin. Even people at school call me Mclovin. I look and act just like him

  • Dave

    I need the back to the id can anyone help me out

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