Live. Die. Repeat. Warner Bros. Second Guesses 'Edge of Tomorrow' Title for Blu-ray Release

This morning a reader sent me an email with the Blu-ray box art for Edge of Tomorrow as Warner Home Video has announced a October 17 release for the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt sci-fi feature that premiered this summer to stellar reviews and disappointing box office numbers. They did so because they found the packaging to be hiding a key element... the title.

I wrote more than one article questioning the film's failure, even wondering if the title was the problem, which it now seems WB is considering as well. In fact, they seemed to be considering it only a couple weeks after the film was released as posters starting hitting the internet focusing more on the film's "Live. Die. Repeat." tagline than the actual title. Now, Warner Home Video has all but abandoned the Edge of Tomorrow title altogether.

Just below is the Blu-ray box art for the upcoming release as well as a snapshot of how the film is presented on iTunes, which is under the title Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.

Personally I don't know if changing the title this late in the game is going to do much. If anything I'd think you'd at least want to keep the title and hopefully job the memories of those that may have heard of the film, but ultimately avoided it. By changing the title you remove pretty much all hope for familiarity.

Oh well, we'll see how it all pans out.

live-die-repeat-itunes live-die-repeat-edge-of-tomorrow-bluray
  • Casey Wittner

    They should've stuck with the original title, "All You Need is Kill." At least it's odd enough to get people curious about it, instead of the bland, vaguely sci-fi sounding "Edge of Tomorrow."

    • [A]

      yeah, much better.

      —what's that, "edge of tomorrow"? —it's a movie about 11:59pm

      • Casey Wittner

        "Edge of Tomorrow," or, roughly, "Tonight."

        • Esteban J. Hernandez

          'Tonight, you!'

  • [A]

    well that seems.... pointless

  • Erik

    Awesome movie. Bad title.

  • AlmostFilmCritic

    Cannot wait to brag that I liked LIVE. DIE. REPEAT. back when it was called EDGE OF TOMORROW.

  • Kessler

    Why not just call it "Live Die Repeat"? If you're gonna change the title, then embrace it. Just drop "Edge of Tomorrow" completely.

  • Michael

    Generic titles can be killer it seems. I'm sure that was part of the problem with John Carter.

    Too bad they can't just call it "Good sci-fi movie with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, no trust us, it's actually good"

    • Newbourne

      Tom Cruise is part of the problem. I've asked plenty of people why they don't want to watch Edge of Tomorrow, and they all answer "I just don't like Tom Cruise". Either it's his scientology background, his messiah complex, his crazy interviews, the fact he dumped Nicole Kidman, or god knows what, everyone has a different reason as to why they don't like the guy. You just can't launch a blockbuster with Tom Cruise at the helm.

      • Dtello

        I don't like Tom Cruise much either - but this was a good film.

        • Newbourne

          I'm able to separate Tom Cruise the performer, from Tom Cruise the wack-job. I can't stand him either, but he's a terrific actor.

  • JN Films

    What about 'All You Need is Kill'? That was an awesome title.

  • jaybob

    All that's going to do is confuse people.

  • Ian

    Everything surrounding this movie has been so clusterfucked. I'm still debating seeing it at some point before the end of the year, but things like this just make me think "who cares anymore?"

    • jinjuriki187

      the film is fantastic and well worth watching

    • Drew Sandoval

      You should check it out dude. Obviously the marketing was big misfire, but the movie rocks. Most original and entertaining movie of the summer.

  • Drew Sandoval

    I also would also say that the box art design is awesome. I suddenly have a strong urge to check out that movie again.

  • Bssdds

    Such a shame. This is still my favorite movie of the year. I have been telling all of my friends about it and none of them seemed to believe me or seemed to think it would be any good. I agree with everyone who has said they would have stuck with the original title because it's more memorable in the first place. Oh well I hope people rent this and love it as much as it deserves to be seen and loved.

  • The Jackal

    I'm hoping that over time people will begin to discover this film. It was fantastic. I can't believe it wasn't a smash at the box office. Maybe had it been released more immediately in the wake of Minority Report (2002) and War of the Worlds (2005)? Oh well, at least it got made. Definitely picking this up on Blu-ray.

  • Newbourne

    I thought Edge of Tomorrow was fantastic, and I think the title is fine. "Live Die Repeat" was just much catchier. They probably should have gone with that for the title since most people I talked to recognize the film by that tagline anyway. Then again, all those people that watched trailers and remembered "Live Die Repeat" still didn't go see the movie because they don't like Tom Cruise. Unless they remove Cruise from the marketing material, the film won't be as successful as they want.

  • Winchester

    Live. Die. Repeat is just a catchy tagline (unfortunately too catchy) but 'Edge of Tomorrow' makes more sense within the film's vibe and story.

    It's a pity, the film was great fun (not quite as original as it's been called but still greatly enjoyable) but it does seem a bit late now to alter things. However, maybe it will sell more home market copies that way.

  • andyluvsfilms

    I missed this one on the big screen so really looking forward to catchingup with it, this new title rocks too.

  • Tommy

    Watch. Listen to bits about the title. Repeat.

  • ⌬ Major Omniscient ⌬

    Why not Groundhog's Day in Space?

  • Alexander Meatlog

    View, Be Disappointed, Never Watch Again: All You Need Are Studio Executives.