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Listen: Quentin Tarantino Supplies Commentary for Full 'Django Unchained' Soundtrack

Also listen to Frank Ocean's 'Wiseman', an original song that didn't make the film

Django Unchained SoundtrackOnce again Quentin Tarantino's new film is making waves not only for the film itself, but for the film's music and now you can listen to the soundtrack for Django Unchained accompanied by Tarantino's commentary.

On December 14, Tarantino took part in what was called "Quentin Tarantino Unleashed" on the Sirius/XM radio show Little Steven's Underground Garage and provided a track-by-track commentary that is now available to listen to online directly below.

Stories include how Rick Ross' "100 Black Coffins" became one of the first original songs in a Tarantino film and also the story of how John Legend wrote "Who Did That To You?" without reading the script and sending the song over on an audio cassette of all things. The soundtrack is available now to purchase through Amazon and can be ordered right here.

You can also listen to the one original track Tarantino couldn't fit into the film, Frank Ocean's "Wiseman". Tarantino said Ocean's song was "beautiful", but "It just didn't fit in. He wrote it, one, because he liked the idea of the movie and particularly because he likes my movies and the way I use music in my movies. So I could have used it in an innocuous way, but that's not what he wanted. I thought it would be disrespectful just so I could have it and just so I could put it on the soundtrack. But it's a beautiful song. I'm sure it's going to be a big hit for him."

Listen to that song directly below.

Also, The Playlist has listed 14 of the songs from the film that were not included on the soundtrack as well as samples where available. Artists include Ennio Morricone, Luis Bacalov and Grace Collins as well as RZA's "Ode to Django (The D is Silent)", which is exclusively available on the iTunes release of the soundtrack.

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  • AS

    I highly recommend people actually buy the physical copy. The artwork is really cool.

    • Aleonardis

      From what I can surmise from your writing and thoughts on Django lately, it seems you didn't like it as much as you were expecting. Which sucks. Anyway. Did you feel that his use of music just wasn't up to par with his other films? Like in Django, the songs don't hit on the right beat or something. It's uneven.

      • AS

        Well, since my review will be up tomorrow I'd rather wait and discuss it then. But I definitely liked the soundtrack. There are some really good tracks on there (most notably the "Django" theme) but I don't think it's one of his best soundtracks. It's still way better than your average movie soundtrack though; that goes without saying.

        • Aleonardis

          Yea the music itself is amazing, the implementation is probably his worst.

  • JayRam

    I really enjoy both Rian Johnson and Tarantino doing these commentaries for us to listen to. Maybe this will catch on and more filmmakers will do the same with their own movies.

  • rogerio Silvestre

    Anthony Hamilton wrote a beautiful song called "FREEDOM" for this film, and Tarantino did not say anything about it! What a sad thing! :(

  • adu

    Loved Wiseman

  • hurricane

    RZA's the man, despite his directoral debut...
    Wu-Tang Forever

  • Alexis

    I have tried to listen to the commentary several times now and there's always a certain point where it cuts off. And then I have to start it over since there's no way to begin from a different point. Is there any way to just buy this and download it instead of streaming it?