Lily Collins Sings 'I Believe In Love' from 'Mirror Mirror'

Lily Collins I Believe in Love from Mirror MirrorI just got home from a midnight screening of Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror and am working on the review and will have it online by about midday Friday afternoon, but I wanted to toss up this video of Lily Collins singing "I Believe In Love" which plays during the film's end credits.

As many have already pointed out, this is just one example of what you can expect from the film, which isn't remotely as ridiculous as the marketing would lead you to believe it will be. It may be a bit off the wall and it has its share of goofy moments, but for the most part it's actually quite good, but more on that a little later.

Just below is the scene that plays in the film and below that I've added what is referred to as the "Evil Queen Mix", which seems to just be a little bit faster than the one in the video.

Oh, and it was also interesting to see Tarsem once again went with the Turkish dervish visual with a brief overhead shot of Collins as captured in the image above, just as he did in The Fall.

  • Driver

    It´s kind of weird for them to release a clip like this as a music video,it spoils the whole thing, even if we all know the snow white story. But it´s a really catchy song, glad you post it.

  • zlaja

    I love it. Although I find the other Snow White movie more interesting, this one looks visually beautiful but also too kiddie perhaps. I'll watch it.

  • Alex Roggio

    I still don't understand why they casted such average-looking to ugly women in the main roles. Julia Roberts? Snow White and the Huntsman casted CHARLIZE THERON. Now that's a woman who should be competing for "Fairest of them all", not Julia freaking Roberts.

    • Elizbeth

      you are a dick.

      • Alex Roggio

        Call me what you want, but considering this is Snow White where the story is completely based on the idea that these two are the most beautiful people in the land, I imagined they would have casted much more beautiful women.

        • Anna

          You're stupid.

    • Josh

      I think Lily Collins is up there in Farthest of Them all... When she turned around in that blue shirt I melted in my seat.