Latest MPAA Ratings: BULLETIN NO: 2125

Before we get started, some of you have asked in the comments why I don't add some ratings to these bulletins even though a trailer or the official site may list them. Well, that's because these are the official MPAA bulletins as distributed by the MPAA each week so I present them exactly as I receive them so as not to cause for any confusion or mistakes. That's why I didn't have Jonah Hex listed until this week, why Dinner for Schmucks is on today's bulletin and wasn't on last week's and why The Expendables is still not included even though the official site says it has an R rating for strong action and bloody violence throughout and for some language. Basically, it's just a way to remain consistent and accurate. That said, let's take a look at today's ratings...

Beautiful Islands
Rated PG For some violent images involving animals, brief nudity, language and smoking.
Beauty And The Beast
Rated R For violent content.
Rated PG-13 For sequences of crude and sexual content, some partial nudity and language.
Release Date: July 30, 2010
Rated PG-13 For battle sequences and some disturbing images.
Release Date: February 25, 2011
Rated R For language.
Rated PG-13 For intense sequences of violence and action, disturbing images and sexual content.
Release Date: June 18, 2010
The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride
Rated R For violence, sexual content, language and some drug use.
Rated PG-13 For sexual material, language and some drug content.
Release Date: October 8, 2010
Rated R For some language.
Release Date: December 11, 2009
Rated PG-13 For intense sequences of violence and action.
Release Date: July 23, 2010
Stay Cool
Rated PG-13 For sexual content, language including some drug references, and for some underage drinking.
Step Away From The Stone
Rated PG-13 For thematic elements involving substance abuse.
Stomp The Yard: Homecoming
Rated PG-13 For some violence, sensuality and language.
What Would Jesus Do?
Rated PG For some thematic elements
Rated PG-13 For violence, some sexual content and brief strong language.
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  • Ooze33

    This is beginning to get ridiculous on The Last Airbender. It's slightly over 2 weeks away and still no rating!

    I must say I was expecting an R for Jonah Hex. Ah well.

    • JM

      Not as ridiculous as Jonah Hex, which waited until now, just three days before its release.

    • Ooze33

      According to Frank Marshall on his Twitter account, The Last Airbender's been rated PG. That's fine, but I wonder what for? Probably fantasy violence and something else.

  • Abrahim M

    So relieved that The Expendables did not get watered down. But in all honesty, I was hoping for something a little more epic a la Rambo's rating. But the "strong action" part is pretty cool.

  • Joker

    I expect The Last Airbender to be PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence, some suggestive content, and mild language. I wanted Jonah Hex to be R for strong violence, disturbing images, graphic nudity and sexuality, and some strong language. Salt's rating is a little surprising. I thought it would be PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sexuality, language, and mild nudity. I wish The Expandables was PG-13.

    • meh

      Just what kind of "suggestive content" or "mild language" were you expecting in The Last Airbender? It's just going to be mild fantasy violence.

      • Joker

        Mild? have you seen how dark and violent the trailers are?

  • Just Myself

    No doubt in my mind that The Last Airbender will be PG. It *could* be PG-13, but I find it highly doubtful considering this is a Nickelodeon production and will be aimed at younger kids / families.

    Then again, look at Transformers or G.I. Joe....

  • m1

    That PG-13 rating for 'Salt' is an EXTREME joke.

  • Ana

    I thought Eagle Of The Ninth was a September release - when did that change?

  • DCN

    It seems the Jonah Hex delay occurred because they were having trouble getting a PG-13.

  • Matt F.

    Predators, and The Last Airbender are cutting it REAL close...

  • CJ

    I wish The Expandables wasn't PG-13 which Is Not. Thank God It's R All the Way