Latest MPAA Ratings: BULLETIN NO: 2096

Here are the new MPAA ratings from BULLETIN NO: 2096.

Betty Anne Waters
Rated R For language and some violent images.
Rated PG-13 For some intense thematic material.
Release Date: January 22, 2010
The Dolphin - Story Of A Dreamer
Rated PG For some mild scary action and brief rude humor.
Rated R For strong bloody violence, disturbing sadistic content, graphic sexuality, nudity and language.
Rated R For drug content, pervasive language and brief nudity.
Rated PG For language and some thematic material.
Rated PG-13 For some thematic material and brief violent content.
Release Date: TBA 2010
Good Intentions
Rated PG-13 For sexual content, language and brief partial nudity.
Happy Tears
Rated R For language, drug use, and some sexual content including brief nudity.
Man Maid
Rated R For some sexual references and language.
Rated R For strong drug content, alcohol abuse, language, sexual material, brief nudity and some violence - all involving teens.
The Wildest Dream
Rated PG For thematic elements involving hardships of climbing, and some historical smoking images.
Rated PG-13 For some thematic elements, language including some sexual references, alcohol abuse and smoking.
Release Date: TBA 2010
XIII: The Conspiracy
Rated R For violence.
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  • EnglishGavz

    Only a PG for Dolphin- Story of a Dreamer, darn, disapointing I've been looking forward to that film for months now.

  • JM

    Boring. :D

  • Vince

    If "The Winning Season" is a sort of parody of the inspirational underdog sports drama, I'm totally in.

    Even if it's an unintentional parody of those types of films (like how "2012" is to disaster movies), I'm still in. I'm a sucker for those movies, plus: Sam Rockwell. Need I say more?

  • AJ

    whqat the hell is ghardships of climbing suppose to mean

  • Justin Casey

    still no avatar this is really weird i figured it would have been rated by now i mean new moon was rated like 3 months ago

  • Matt

    Is Twelve a ripoff of or a lame-ass prequel to Thirteen?

    I half expected the MPAA to give Creation an R or NC-17 just because of their history of absurd conservative bias.

    Avatar isn't rated yet. It'll be PG-13, I am certain. It will also probably suck, based on all the official promotional material I've seen. The visuals are not even any better than most of the more recent Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 games.

  • The Check Spot

    So, creation has some intense thematic material. Um, how do you make thematic material intense? "Man, usually I can handle thematic material, but man, Darwin's thematic material, that motherf**ker was intense. Had to leave the theater to take a breath and relax. Glad there wasn't any smoking in it, because I'd be out here smoking. Thank you, MPAA."

  • aj

    is betty anne water the hilary swank movie?
    and is twelve the one joel shumaucher did?