Latest MPAA Ratings: BULLETIN NO: 2093

Here are the new MPAA ratings from BULLETIN NO: 2093.

Acts Of Violence
Rated R For strong bloody violence, torture, a brutal rape, language and some drug use.
America The Beautiful: Edited Edition
Rated PG-13 For mature thematic material, sexual content, disturbing medical images, and language.
Rated R For bloody violence throughout, strong sexuality, nudity, drug content and pervasive language.
Release Date: March 5, 2010
City Island
Rated PG-13 For sexual content, smoking and language.
Cold Storage
Rated R For some violence, disturbing images and language.
Cool Dog
Rated PG For some mild rude humor, action and brief bullying.
Rated R For language and brief sexuality.
Release Date: TBA 2010
The Deported
Rated PG-13 For rude humor and language.
Rated R For strong bloody violence and language.
Release Date: January 29, 2010
Flicka 2
Rated PG For some reckless behavior.
Rated R For some strong sexuality, drug use, and language.
Release Date: TBA 2010
Haunted Echoes
Rated R For violent content and brief sexuality.
Jack Goes Boating
Rated R For language, drug use and some sexual content.
Rated PG For thematic material, some violence, sensuality and mild language.
Release Date: January 8, 2010
Live Music
Rated G
The Prince and Me 4: The Elephant Adventure
Rated PG For some mild threatening action.
Rated PG-13 For intense sequences of violence and action.
Release Date: May 28, 2010
Universal Soldier: Regeneration
Rated R For pervasive strong brutal violence and some language.
Wild Grass
Rated PG For some thematic material, language and brief smoking.
The Yellow Handkerchief
Rated PG-13 For sexual content, some violence, language and thematic elements.
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  • Bram

    It's fairly early for a summer movie to get a rating. Edge of Darkness sounds even better now.

  • Martian Army

    Thank God Prince of Persia is PG-13, and not anything lower. I don't think I ever really thought it would get a PG, but you always have to worry. It might actually turn out good now.

    And seeing Edge of Darkness and Brooklyn's Finest both getting strong R's gets me pumped for both of those.

  • AJ

    im glad the prince of persia is PG-13 but im surprised edge of darkness didn't get harder rating. since the departed had a lot of f-bombs and was given pervasive language because of that and all edge of darkness got was an R rating and its from the same writer who by the way writ my favorite movie that is the Departed

  • Raichu

    Whoa! Prince of Persia which is due May 2010 has already been screened to the MPAA? I wonder if that's already the finished film with post-production work (vfx, etc..) completed.

  • m1

    Brooklyn's Finest got delayed? Hmmm....

  • Vince

    So much for "The Last Song" being Miley's big "mature" film, with a PG rating like that, I doubt it'll have much more sting than the average Hannah Montana episode.

    Also, why is there a "The Prince and Me 4"? Why?

    Finally, I thought the new Universal Soldier movie was just released/made with the title "A New Beginning"? Confusing, much.

  • j_kad

    i too was wondering how they already rated Prince of Persia... I loved the Sands of Time game, but there's not a great history of video game to movie translations so I'm not holding out too much hope here...

  • Raheem

    - AJ
    Are you serious what were expecting Edge Of Darkness to get an NC-17 Rating you should be happy this film has gotten An hard and I MEAN A HARDER R RATING FOR STRONG BLOODY VIOLENCE AND LANGUAGE. what more do you what and the NC-17 RATING IS THE MOST HARD ADULT RATING IN THE MPAA AND LAST but not least just beacause the film has so many f-bombs like the departed doesn't mean it needs to say Pervasive Language.................. dude

  • Eli

    @Martian Army: Completely agree on Edge of Darkness and Brooklyn's Finest.

    And yeah, how the hell is Prince of Persia ALREADY rated?

  • AJ

    i meant like hard as in more cotent like R for graphic violence strong language drug content and some sex cotent and yeah i wouldnt of been surprised they gave it an nc-17 it was pretty graphic in its script

  • Bustray

    Greenberg looks hilarious.