'Twilight' Stars Continue to Make Interesting Statements

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I apologize for all the Twilight posts recently, but I am finding the fans around the film far more interesting than I ever could have imagined. Even if the film turns out to be a dud, it has at least brought me something to chew on. Oh, and before I go on I would like to give a big dose of credit to HijiNKS Ensue for the above web comic, check out their site here.

At the bottom of this post is a video of Robert Pattinson's most recent appearance in front of thousands of screaming Twilight fans in Orland Park, Illinois where he admits it doesn't matter what he says, "I could be mumbling to myself - it doesn't make a difference." The Chicago news station asked John Ardizzone of the Northwestern Family Institute about the obsession and he said it wasn't an unhealthy phenomenon for teen girls, but he does add one caveat:

I think the unhealthy part of that could be if a parent gets caught up in the same drama.

Uh oh, TwilightMOMS, is he talking about you?

I have also been surprised by a couple of the comments made by the two stars of the film as Pattinson recently came to realize the "Twilight" series "was [like] a book that wasn't supposed to be published... ['Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer]'s completely mad and she's in love with her own fictional creation."

Kristen Stewart took it up a notch in an interview with MSN when asked about obsessed fans near the set while they were filming in Portland, Oregon:

"I just didn't pay attention," Stewart recalls. "I was like, 'You guys are celebrating something that has not come true yet. So, you are really retarded and have nothing to do with this creative process and I really don't want to hear you celebrate in front of me. Get out of here! It's my responsibility!'"

"You can go online and it's very intangible. I mean, who knows how many of these girls there are? It's probably just the same five girls going on every message board and gabbing on about it," Stewart says. "But to have literally, like, a room of over 5,000 people screaming at you makes you want to cry. It's not like, 'Oh, this is so great.' I think it's literally like an instinct. To have that sort of energy forced at you? You start to wither."

I saw Stewart at the Twilight panel for this year's Comic Con and she was visibly put-off by the situation as a room of 6,000 screaming girls couldn't care less about a word that was said and only seemed to care they were finally seeing the people that were going to bring their fantasy favorites to life.

The MSN article does bring up one scary scenario when they ask Stewart if she has been confronted by a hometown stalker. Luckily nothing has happened on that front yet, but let's say fans don't take to her portrayal of Bella - it could really get scary if that were the case. If I were Stewart's handler I would tell her to talk nice about the masses so as to not make any unnecessary waves.

Twilight hits theaters on November 21.

  • Em

    I'm a fan and I even think that the over load of screaming is too much!
    And I agree with kristen, sets stalking is retarded. It's OK to admire and be a fan but doing it on the job its just ANNOYING!. And Its like don't they have other things to do than do that.
    Let the people do the job, and the fans and screaming is DISTRACTING!
    As for me, I'm an internal screamer; i don't scream out loud!

  • mayra

    Wow. seriously? i was actually begining to like Kristen Stewart A LOT after an interview with the LA times..ithink but now i'm not so sure. you dont just call fans retarded! sure it's probably distracting and annoying and i know she's young but she must know that the fans are who are making this movie what it is not her acting skills. She's a really good actress but this movie would be NOTHING without the fans.
    After thinking about it, yeah it's silly to go to set and be distracting BUT as an actress she should know not to insult the fans. I know a lot of people who are boycotting her just because of this comment, and they won't even say her name until she apologizes. I know that's probably not going to do anything but that just shows how much that comment about "retarded" hurt some fans.

  • mayra

    i know this is my second comment but i read it again and she could have just said "it's retarded" but to say "you are retarded" is just awful

  • aerinpegadrak

    Wow, the stars of the movie don't even like the author or the fans. Perhaps Summit is starting to realize that these aren't the people they should have been relying on to market their film...

  • aerinpegadrak

    And is it just me, or is the dude in the still flipping off the camera? Because it totally looks like he's giving a furtive little bird there.

  • Sherein

    I can definitely understand why Kristen Stewart is getting so annoyed. I mean, you can love the book and be excited for the movie and all but for her to have to fear for her safety? Jesus, this makes me almost not want to see the movie and I've been pretty psyched for awhile now. I feel fucking nauseous.

  • onepissedoffan

    dude there all ungrateful bastards the fans make them famous and to even hate the auther whom help establish this movie is even worse and I really hate kirsten she's always complaing and pissing on the fans even calling them retarded in an INTERVIEW! For god's sakes i'm so upset i'm so not even seeing the movie i hope it blows and all ther fame goes down the toilet, i'll just stick to the books bad choice of characters stephenie!

  • kae

    i don't think its rude AT ALL.
    i mean if you were under so much pressure
    already, knowing how big this movie is and you don't want
    to disapoint fans, and to have people around you filming constantly
    screaming and putting you under MORE pressure, i would so get annoyed.

    i mean, i am a diehard twilight fan, and i can totally reason with what
    she's saying.

  • neodreamer

    hey, for those that take this too seriously..check this out...

    saw this on an interview....i think everyone is hating her for no reason.


    not sure if this works

  • Melanie Cullen

    Kristen confronted ppl about this and said it WAS NOT TRUE!!! She never said this and was really upset they published this. This site sucks and puts trash words in ppls mouths. I doubt ANYTHING on this site is true.

  • stephanie

    i just finished the last book saw the movie and im love it is such a great hopeless romantic and i will wait for more to come

  • Lauren

    I saw this on myyearbook and I was like really? She said this? And I didn't really believe the person on myyearbook so I went on google and typed it. After reading a few sites that said the same thing I was like wow. But after I started thinking about it, being ambushed by tons of girls would get on my nerves too. I mean everyone that had seen her get ambushed all the time would know that she would have to blow up some time and it's probably a good thing she did. I would blow up too. She is only human. And after I saw the video of her apologizing, I was like that's nice. She was apologizing when she probably didn't need to. So I agree with Kristen, plus the movie wasn't even out yet. So nobody knew if it was going to be good or not. So I think everyone should probably disregaurd this. I know it wasn't nice to say at the moment but if you think about it, everyone would probably get annoyed by people in your face all the time. GO KRISTEN!!! You are a great actress and keep doing what you do. And I am really glad that she said this isn't true.

  • Emily

    I know Kristen, and I have for a long time. (I discussed my name on purpose for that reason.) If she is not your personal friend she is stand offish and I can honestly say everything she has said sounds just like her. I do agree though, being her friend, that she should be a lot nicer to these Twilight fans who have paid lots of money to help support her. Her portrayl of Bella, is extremely like herself in real life to see and hear some of the things she has done does upset me a bit for the fans. I can also understand her concern about safety and such, but just like another has commented....best advice for her is to say nice things and you will be and feel a lot safer. Possibly thank the fans for being so supportive and loving, be like Robert and take time off the set and talk to them, take pictures with them and they will go away. I would love for my agent to get me into the next call for Twilight, I should have gone the first time huh ladies? LOL. I would dish you all out a bunch of hugs, autographs, photos etc. and never call you names or insult you.

  • patti

    yes, im sure kristin portrayed herself in the movie, because she certainly wasnt bella swan. as awful as her acting is, it suprises me that she is actually quite worse in person/interviews. they need to find a new actress for the part of bella. kristin is just awful and ruined twilight. there's still time people, go get a new girl...PLEASE!

  • Ellitoria

    @patti: I wouldn't get a new star. You know why? Because you people are criticizing based on her reaction to thousands of fans(how would you feel if you were suddenly boxed in by thousands of people?) As far as I'm concerned, she portrays the angsty moron Bella Swan perfectly. She also says it's okay to admire and crap like that, but I agree with her, because screaming fans are retarded. The characters aren't even real, so get a life. Get a hobby. Get something to do other than bother people and ruin their life because of a little criticism that you're too wimpy to handle.

  • Kaddy ;)

    I'm sorry but Twilight was no good- they changed WAY too much so the movie ended up not being as good as it should've been. I'm pretty sure that most of the people (like 99%) of the people who said that they liked Kristen as Bella read the books after the movie, so you really wouldn't know how Bella was supposed to be like. One of the major reasons it sucked big-time was Kristen. Bella wasn't supposed to be so boring and serious and sullen (etc) throughout the movie, but guess what, Kristen made that possible! Kristen seems like she can act well in other movies but Twilight was one she bombed horribly. And I've tried (very hard) to like Kristen so I can hopefully enjoy the movie more and to see it at the high standard that it should be placed at, but it is very difficult to like a cocky person like her. She just seems like a full-of-herself b****. (Please excuse my very poor choice of words). She thinks so high of herself which is a very unattractive quality to have and she tries to think of herself as an "intelligent" person-also annoying. It's good that she thinks of herself as "intellectual and educated" (<she can just say "smart" for God's sake) because she is probably the only one who thinks that of herself. Another thing that makes her a "nuisance"(<means annoying, but I'm pretty sure Kristen would prefer "nuisance") is her use of, not big, but "enormously gigantic words"(another way to prove she is a very "intellectual person"? possibly)even though 50% of the time she'll use them incorrectly.
    "Oh, but she's sooooooooooooo great and anyone who thinks otherwise is totally wrong about her." One word for any bimbo who believes this or anything close: B*L*S*I*. Anyone with half a brain can figure out what I'm saying is true. "Oh, but you're just jealous." Answer: Haha! Don't be so absurd!(<Kristen worthy word) I, myself, am just plain annoyed by this very bane idiot and I'm sure anyone else that is smart enough to realize that is too.

    Now before I'm done here, I'd like to do two things:

    First off, if you disagree and feel "so insulted yourself even though you should be because you're not the "insultee", please reply because I'd like to write back to you as well.

    Second of all, we're going to play the TRANSLATE WHAT KRISTEN STEWART IS SAYING GAME (also reply back to see if you're correct, and I'll have more so we'll have more fun!

    "My body waste needs-"blink blink blink(For anyone who doesn't know: she blinks a lot for no apparent reason in the movie-maybe to enhance its greatness!...not)-"to make a passage through my anal canal literally speaking, not metaphorically."


    "I need to communicate"-twitch (for anyone who doesn't know, twitching is another thing she's good at-and is also a major WEERY of drugs)-"desperately through my celluar device."

    Have fun

  • giggles

    I am a fan and i also live in portland and i am imbarrassed for that. i can imagine stalkers though. i am a teen and i think that the cast shouldnt have to deal with that. i agree with kristen. rob has to deal with so much just cause he plays edward cullen. the taxi thing was so freakin not needed.

  • Just A Note

    I think that Kristen Stewart and all of the Twilight stars should be appreciative of their fans. Even the screaming teenage girls - who I agree are probably quite annoying. But with those fans- those movies, those books, and those actors are NOTHING. Kristen Stewart would still be starring in less than memorable "Lifetime" movies. And yes- I recall "Panic Room" in which she laid around in a partial diabetic coma for the majority of the movie. (Need I say more?) Robert Pattinson would just be the kid that died in Harry Potter. Rather than putting them down, complaining, and offending (calling them "retarded"? Really Ms. Stewart.....very uncalled for. No matter how "cool" you're trying to play it - there is a better, more educated way to express your feelings on the matter.) they should be saying THANK YOU to their fans.....and actually MEANING IT! These stars are being VERY WELL paid....out of the pockets of these so-called "retarded" fans. I adore the Twilight series. And was very much looking forward to New Moon. But after reading this......I don't know that I will go see any more of the films. I am only one person and won't make much of a difference. But if fans are such an inconvenience to these actors, then I will do my best not to add to their "hardships".

  • Just A Note

    CORRECTION: I'm sorry....I meant to say "WITHOUT THOSE FANS those movies, those books, and those actors are NOTHING.

  • Lyrically

    I think Kristen is the retarded one.. which actor/actress calls their fans retarded? It's not like her acting is that fantastic, IMO she can't act at all. I watched the movie before reading the book and I HATED it. Kristen Stewart killed the entire movie for me. I couldn't connect with her character at all - she was so serious and unemotional all the time, and kept shaking her head and blinking continuously for no reason.

    There are many other more beautiful and talented actresses out there, Kristen should be thankful that she got the part at all and should be grateful to the fans out there because she doesn't deserve the main role as Bella. She is absolutely awful!

  • http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Between-Shadow-and-Light/L-L-Brunk/e/9781413791969 Brunk

    Twilight, (the novels) were perfect for this generation in some major ways, but this doesn't say much about this generation. Statistics are higher than ever on illiteracy in America, frankly most teenagers can hardly read, nor do they care to. This book struck a chord with so many tween females because of the significant lack of father figures and real men in America today (My theory), hence a lack of young teenage boys who know how to treat their girl friends (as something more than an object of lust). Edward is not the best example in many ways, but I don’t need to elaborate on that right now. (Edward is a vampire, and there is no such thing as the likes of him.) The teenagers don’t read much but they’re reading this series for better or worse, many ways for better. Maybe some of these silly girls will actually have a little more self respect, and as delusional as it may be, (Comparing any man to the fictional Edward), maybe they will wait a little longer for the right guy before they get too intimate with someone who doesn’t even begin to know how to satisfy them, or cares to. We need more fathers being fathers, and men being men. We need more parents stepping up and handling their responsibilities, and placing their children before themselves…and maybe learning to read so that they can read to their children something other than just Twilight. I hope the next generation matures more than this one and mine. I’ll do my best to bring balance in the lives of my children and my family, and I hope others do the same.
    Twilight is good, for the standards of today (sad actually), but the books are not great. Let’s have a little pride in ourselves and self respect, and start reading something else now, so we don’t look back on this time in history and feel to embarrassed.

  • Roxy

    I so agree that Kristen Stewart is an lousy actress. She really ruined the character of Bella. I didn't get the feeling from the movie that she was passionately in love with Edward. Her "acting" is so wooden and monotone; completely unbelievable. The only other movie I've seen her in was Zathura (bad movie) and she was a nasty, one-dimentional little bitch in that one too. Her best scenes were when she was frozen.

    Anyway, in Twilight, they screwed up the whole love story with bad dialog, poor direction and choppy editing. ~sigh~ I was hoping for so much more. And I have a sick feeling (based on the trailers) that Stewart's acting in New Moon hasn't improved much, if at all. Too bad.

    So she's this sub-standard actress cast in a really bad but successful movie. It shoots her to fame and then she acts rude and put-upon in interviews. She shouldn't do interviews; she's lousy at it.

    In fact, the best one in interviews I've seen is Taylor Lautner. He may be the youngest but he comes across well-spoken, poised, polite, confident, appreciative and seems to be having fun with all of this fame and good fortune. The other two need to remember to enjoy this time; it won't last. (PS: I think Robert is more overwhelmed but he seems to be taking his cue from little-miss-ungrateful-snot, Stewart. Get a grip Rob -just be your sweet self)

  • mx

    if she ever did say that,then i don't blame her..some twilight fans r extremely worrying in the way they carry themselves..
    as for Rob,he was spot on about his observation of stephenie meyer's 'writing' just her wet dream shamelessly published..

  • crazygirl15

    I'm really not a twilight fan, when people say to me how great it is I always come back with the usual rebuttals- its sexist, promotes abusive relationships, absolutely terrible writing-and I think kristen's a really bad actress ( everyone who says "but she was great in so and so film", she's the same in every film! so she might do well in one film because the shy, hostile, awkward teenager type was the character sort that she was supposed to play but she could do awful in another film where thats just too one sided, dull and not what should happen. thats why she's so bad, not because everything she's in is dreadful-Adventureland was good and Into the Wild was amazing- but because she's so onesided which is the complete worst thing that any actor can be.) but it was just plain rude to call fans retarded because not for one second does she have the right to delude herself that its her acting thats made the movies so successful. It probably is annoying but she's constantly being rude in interviews and complaining about the press-fans-paparazzi problems with her "I hate life" "I don't care" attitude when this is most likely going to be the biggest point in her career and she should stop and be polite and appreciate where Twilight has put her, because at the moment she just looks "up herself". Sure, say fans can be over enthusiastic at times-anybody famous can understand that-but don't say retarded, thats just a bit out of order, and she can be as rebellious and different as she likes-thats cool-but don't be rude about it-thats just uncool.
    There's a thing about life and being a successful celebrity that she needs to learn; you can't be little bit successful and famous- if you can invite photographers to put you on the cover of Teen Vogue one day then you can't complain about paparazzi intrusion the next day. You can't just have a bit of it-no ones life is perfect

  • emily

    what kristen said was totally uncalled for and was very horrible she wouldnt be getting the wages if it wasnt for us so i think she needs to rethink caling us retarded and just to let you now i dont screammm about twilight im just a fan

  • zen

    Just an all around nasty girl. So jaded and cynical. They say it's the little things that matter and to enjoy every minute in life for one never knows when it will be your last,you can tell this girl is filled with venom and ill will. I'm not even religious like at all but i'll make an exception and say "i'm going to pray for you"

  • Marnie

    Heeeeey all of u can't u leave kristen alone couse she never hurt any one or dident mean to any way she a cool gal and if u hate her big deal. um when eveer u see rob and all that on t.v don't get carried away couse that means u r a crazy twilight fan like me so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont say that twilight fans r retrted couse there not okay,robert pattinson might be the hottest man but that's okay to scremm about so leave kristen alone for now .

  • Natasha

    You are a famous this is what happens. You were paid MILLIONS to act in a movie. I am a theatre actor and honestly my job is not that difficult or crucial to society. Think about all of the soldiers, social workers, doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters... ETC people who actually do something could never touch your salary and you want to bitch about screaming fans. Get over it.

  • Mr. Sleeper

    I have to be honest I think anyone who buys this has to be ret**ded. Doesn't anyone think that maybe just maybe this was taken of context or misunderstood. I mean really just because MSN said it means it must true? Like the media has never taken anything out of context.